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Nevrio Tech: Engineering Software Brilliance with the Latest Tech

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“While the digital world is an always changing horizon, Nevrio Tech is constantly adapting to new trends & technologies.”

-Deepak Tuli (COO, Nevrio Tech)

In the bustling heart of the business world, a revolution was silently unfolding. Businesses were awakening to a profound truth: The power of technology to shape the destiny of the business world. And the very next moment conversations reverberated all over the conference rooms about how to harness the technology to orchestrate success in a world driven by innovation.

In the intricate realm of modern business, companies can attain their goals by leveraging custom software services that are specifically designed to meet their unique needs. That is where Nevrio Tech steps in to help businesses boost their productivity through digital transformation.

The Genesis

Nevrio Tech is a Software Service company that took birth when Deepak Tuli and Aarti Nagpal while working in Fortune 500 companies, identified a gap in the provision of software services for medium and small-sized businesses. To address this issue, they utilised their expertise in software development, immersed themselves in the latest technologies, and began their hunt for a team to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the needs of their target customers.

Headquartered in Zirakpur, Punjab, Nevrio Tech stands tall in delivering strategic IT projects, earning the trust of clients. What once commenced with the vision of two brilliant minds within a confined area has now evolved into an epicentre of excellence. With a reputation for impeccable service, the firm has cemented its position as a trusted and sought-after service provider in the industry.

Deepak, a seasoned leader, oversees the domain of research and development, as well as the seamless operations of the company. Aarti, a formidable force, dons multiple hats, skillfully managing human resources, marketing, and finance departments.

Catering To All Digital Needs

Nevrio Tech skillfully offers services like Mobile App development, Web development, Cloud Services, UI/UX & Graphic Design, AR/VR and Game development. A rapid shift of technology in the Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain domain inspired Nevrio to venture into the same.

In only three years since the company’s establishment, it has acquired 45+ customers in India and 13 more countries overseas. With an impressive retention ratio surpassing 85%, the company has fostered long-lasting relationships with its clients. Among its notable clientele are renowned brands and agencies such as Myntra, Social Panga, Pontus, CreditHive, and Foodle, to name a few. 

“Our core strategy is to deep dive into client’s business needs, understand the shortcomings through constant communication, take ownership and guide businesses to grow. Moreover, our phenomenal customer service, creative, cost-effective & authentic solutions, collaborative work environment, a strong social media presence help us stand out from the rest,” says Deepak. 

Team Nevrians

Just as a symphony is created by the combined sounds of many different instruments, a successful business is created by the collaborative efforts of all its team members. Therefore, the team is provided with an inclusive work environment. A constant encouragement to take ownership and grow as leaders motivates them to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions. Nevrio believes that the importance of a team extends beyond day-to-day operations, thus it provides employees with opportunities to pursue their interests within their domain, thereby fostering high motivation and dedication.

The Next Steps

With its expertise and unwavering dedication, the company envisions helping small and medium-sized businesses digitise and scale and create job opportunities in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. 

“We are here to pave the path towards digital transformation– a journey that would bring amplified productivity and tremendous growth to small and medium-sized enterprises,” mentions Tuli with utter confidence.

Deepak believes “Technology should be available to everyone who wants to use it and also to the ones who want to learn it!”

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