CP Gurnani Ceo & MD Tech Mahindra


Businesses have started redeveloping their digital landscape. However, the changes in the digital landscape are so swift that companies find it challenging to react quickly. Tech Mahindra, founded in 1945, is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies to enable end-to-end digital transformation for global businesses. It shares a vision to deliver best-in-class technology-led business solutions. Tech […]

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Salil Parekh Ceo & MD infosys


Established in 1981 by N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys is an Indian Information Technology and next-generation digital services and consulting company. It helps clients in more than 50 countries to create and execute different strategies for their digital transformation. From a capital of US $250 to $93.6 billion, Infosys has become a big name today. In […]

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“Having the right kind of culture sets the right tone for the quality of output provided”  – Harshil Karia, Co-Founder, Schbang Every company has a basic need for a variety of marketing resources and tools to ensure its proper functioning. Designing a correct website, front-end development, creating a mobile application, etc are the essential requirements […]

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Valuable Tech Skills All Budding Entrepreneurs

Valuable Tech Skills All Budding Entrepreneurs Should Know About In 2022

In the digital age, companies are now booming with the technology revolution and advancement. However, with the technology revolution, it is also crucial to keep up to date with the technologies to better ease out operations, identify business opportunities, and save money. Despite being in a digital era, not every founder is a technical one. […]

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The Future Of Medical Device Industry During The Digital Revolution

Future Of The Medical Device Industry And Technology Trends During The Digital Revolution – 2021   COVID-19 has led us towards a new era for telehealth and remote monitoring. The federal government made telehealth services easier to implement and access during the pandemic, by making optimum use of the technology. The growing trend toward digital […]

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Global Medical Device Market And Impact Of Covid On Market Shares: A Market Overview

There has been a rapid increase in the prevalence of infectious diseases in 2020. The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases has supported the global medical devices market’s growth. The sudden emergence of severe infections such as the novel coronavirus is expected to drive the demand for medical devices globally. The demand for hospital supplies, in-vitro […]

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Building Opportunity In The Midst Of Crisis: Indian Startups Making Millions In The Pandemic

Corona Virus is not only the killer of several innocent lives it has also victimized many businesses. Long-standing businesses in glass corridors to tiny corner retailers behind glass mirrors have shut their doors due to the wake of the pandemic. The year 2020 came out to be a disturbing time to be associated with any […]

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  Financial Technology: The future has arrived

Financial technology, popularly branded as fintech, is an economic industry comprising companies that use technical know-how to make financial services more competent. Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘fintech’ as Computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services. Fundamentally, fintech is used to assist companies, business owners and consumers better […]

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Quale Infotech: Intelligent Automation platform Digitizing BFSI

Siddhartha Singh the CEO of Quale Infotech talked about his company’s contribution to the BFSI sector with The Global Hues. Quale Infotech is a leading end-to-end IT consulting and implementation company with a laser focus on RPA & AI with technological know-how, industry insights, experience, and proprietary methodologies on knowledge management. The company ensures business […]

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All you need to know about Apple | Facts about Apple |

A new business program for independent App developers The world’s most vigorous app marketplace, The App Store launched in 2008 by Apple incorporation, is currently offering 1.8 million apps and visited by half a billion people each week. Apple Inc. launched a new small business program for AppStore. A developer program that will help independent […]

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