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“Having the right kind of culture sets the right tone for the quality of output provided”  – Harshil Karia, Co-Founder, Schbang

Every company has a basic need for a variety of marketing resources and tools to ensure its proper functioning. Designing a correct website, front-end development, creating a mobile application, etc are the essential requirements of any company. From an apparel company to a software company, a robust technical backup is usually on demand.

Most of the businesses tend to rent freelancers and assign projects. But, a separate team is required to supervise the tasks also. So, what is often the simplest solution than getting everything done under an equivalent roof? Schbang is a well-known technical agency based in Mumbai that provides marketing solutions for a wide range of audiences.

The founders of this popular technical agency are Harshil Karia, Sohil Karia, and Akshay Gurnani, who established the company in the year 2015. Since then the corporation is trying to supply the simplest advertising solutions to its customers.


Harshil, Sohil, and Akshay started framing the layout of their future business before they had resigned from FoxyMoron, a company cofounded by Harshil Karia. It came as a shock when Harshil stepped down. It had been an unexpected move because till then the media had no information about Schbang. Harshil also said that they chose to not involve the media and it’s the rationale they became successful in launching the merchandise.

When Schbang was launched, it already landed many lucrative clients like BBlunt, Good Knight,, Sequoia Capital, and many more. Harshil was asked many times why they kept themselves shrouded and then he told them about their power move, they were busy creating partnerships with big companies. This proves that Harshil is amazingly smart at marketing and strategizing.


Schbang provides many top-notch services like:

  • Integrated Marketing Solutions: It comprises solutions strategists, designers, and creative strategists. Their aim is to provide clients with holistic marketing solutions. 
  • Digital Content Creation and SEO: It comprises content creators and analysts. They curate creative and engaging content and optimize sites to ensure visibility on the world wide web. 
  • Media Planning and PR: This comprises analysts and buyers. They plan and execute online and offline media strategies basis the creative and business objective of brands. 
  • Video Production and Photography: It’s an in-house production hub of the company that comprises photographers, videographers, producers, directors, editors, and animators who together create some great video content. 
  • Influencer Relationship, Celebrity Management, and PR: It comprises experts who build relationships and work with some of the largest advocates on the internet. 
  • Technology and Design: It comprises UI/UX designers, coders, developers, and web servicing specialists. They strive to elevate the customer experience with the finesse of design and technology.

It also provides other essential services like E-commerce strategy and execution, activation, and events management. The company believes in thinking, planning, and then executing fearlessly. For them, if the client’s business wins, they win.


The co-founders attempt to create a really positive working environment with brimming passion. The founders also are deeply indulged in spreading social awareness in any quite necessary situation. It also promises good quality products which are budget-friendly also. In just 4 years, the Schbang community size has grown not just in terms of consumers but in terms of employees as well. Talking about the current times, a number of the best clients of Schbang include Baskin Robbins, Mattel, Castrol, Saffola, VISA, Pillsbury, Fevicol, Dr. Fixit, Asian Paints, Nivea Men, Philips, JioGarden, Fastrack, Mi Home, Himalaya, Amazon Pay, Amazon Prime, Titan Connected, etc.

One can provide better solutions for his or her customers once they understand them well. This is one among the most strategic rather fundamental rules of Schbang. Since the whole business depends on better marketing on behalf of their customers; they struggle to take care of a real friendship.

The key aspect of the growth of Schbang is that apart from keeping its customers close, Schbang prioritizes technology. Because let’s just admit what’s more important to a corporation than tech is providing IT solutions.

Schbang, originally spelled as Shebang may be a word created within the 17th Century and added to the lexicon of the English language. It typically is employed because of the phrase “The Whole Schbang ”. The Whole Schbang is a testament to the company’s wholeness or completeness of offering.

The guiding motto of the founders is simple, they believe in delivering Solutions for Customer Experiences across Holistic Media for their business to create a bang.

They are headquartered in Mumbai and their first branch office is in Bangalore that serves the southern part of India.


Schbang always believes in putting technology to the best use to reduce mundane tasks for employees which allows them to use time effectively for other creative activities throughout the day. Schbang has developed an indoor functioning tool called Schbang Wiki, which works as a storage for all key information and documentation. This is currently being developed into a full-fledged ERP system, so as the company scales, it will act as a technology backend for the company. Harshil has stated that they have also created an app mainly for internal protocols, tracking for every employee, be it leaves consumed, hours worked, or salary computations.

And for clients, it’s getting used pretty interestingly – both with existing technology and tailor-made technology. And when they say tailor-made, it is absolutely customized based on the infrastructure and exact requirements of the brand – something to track on-ground sales, develop lead generation systems, or even global brand centers.

Coming to interesting innovative use of technology from a hack point, the Schbang team is building Instagram filters, Facebook filters (Barbie – you’ll Be Anything, Baskin Robbins), filter games – such as the one built for Castrol’s recent campaign.

The fact that Schbang is not just a digital or a creative agency to the brand but is considered as a business partner on their side is what gives them an added advantage and makes them stand out in the kind of output they deliver. Schbang has developed to be a popular trusted marketing agency that has been growing consistently.




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