Antimicrobial Resistance


The utilization of antimicrobial agents has been prominent for the past several years in the medical sector to offer the proper treatment against dreadful diseases. What is AMR? How can it pose harm to the present human life? Stay tuned to know all about it. WHAT IS AMR? AMR refers to antimicrobial resistance evident in […]

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Diptti Tiiku

Diptii Tiiku: An Idiosyncratic, Spearheading Ridecell With Phenomenal Marketing Ideas And Creative Edge

For decades now, traditional marketing has been replaced with digitized solutions. In parallel, for the longest time, women limited in certain roles have eventually broken the glass ceiling to transform into fierce, focused, and fabulous businesswomen. One such woman, who has revolutionized a historically male-dominated industry of marketing, is Diptii Tiiku, Senior Director of Marketing, […]

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electric cars apple

Electric Cars: Apple to enter in the race

You must have witnessed the wave of electric cars flowing nowadays at a rapid pace. Ever since Elon Musk’s Tesla has made headlines with its achievements with electric cars and advancements in battery technology at a lower cost, it has been appreciated by many people. Electric cars are now anticipated to be the future. The example […]

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How India Is Exporting Its Vaccines To The World

How India is Exporting Its Vaccines To The World?

A year and a month have passed since Wuhan in China first reported the case of covid-19. It has been 10 months since India reported the first case of covid-19. The covid-19 outbreak in India was reported as neglected by various foreign media sources. Many claimed that India is denying the existence of covid-19 and […]

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