Payal Kapoor, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Payal Kapoor: The Interior Design Magnate

“I don’t limit my design philosophy to fleeting design trends, instead create interiors and exteriors with a ‘Timeless’ quality.” Payal Kapoor (Director, VISIONS) Payal Kapoor, a visionary designer with more than three decades of experience in the interior design industry, etched her name in history when she won the turnkey project for the conversion of […]

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VISIONS, Best Interior Designers in India

The Legacy of Quality at VISIONS: Payal Kapoor’s Interior Design Wisdom

“Any project that I start, is first thoroughly conceptualised on a board.” Payal Kapoor (Director, VISIONS)  “I always prefer quality over quantity,” says Payal Kapoor, a stalwart in the interior design industry with more than three decades of experience. Picture entering the corporate arena at a time when women were pushed back by society in […]

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Payal Kapoor | VISIONS

Payal Kapoor: A Creative Genius With Unmatched Artistic Magnificence

“There are times when I am not very enthusiastic about some things, but I work on it by discovering small ways to keep the level of excitement high. Despite the challenges, the show must go on!” Payal Kapoor (Director, VISIONS) Interior designing is not just about decorating the home in a modern way, it is […]

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