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Best Interior Designers In India

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A good interior design is the amalgamation of both style and function. The profession of an interior designer seems fascinating but it is not as easy as it sounds. In the past few years, interior designers in India have unlocked a whole new level of creativity and aesthetic design realms. Creating and designing spaces with a unique fusion of creativity and sustainability, Interior designers in India truly deserve to be appreciated. 

Interior Designer works with the latest design trends while maintaining the highest standards of quality to ensure the flawless execution of residential, commercial and corporate projects. Here is the list of the Best Interior Designers in India, creating world-class interiors with their unique creative flair. 

  • Dearest

Interior design solutions by Dearest

Decorating and designing one’s home is the dream of every homeowner, but the process from design to execution is challenging; there are not many experienced interior designers who can make your dream come true. To help you fulfil your dream, ‘Dearest’ by Prince Francis is the perfect interior design company, as it takes centre stage in designing unique, welcoming, and functional spaces. The company has 12 years of rich experience creating stylish and functional spaces for its customers.

The company’s experienced interior designers and design professionals handle all aspects of the projects using digital tools to make the customers imagine their design concepts.

  • DesignCafe

Shezaan Bhojani & Gita Ramanan founded DesignCafe in 2015. They bring together more than two decades of national and international experience. They have designed more than 10,000 homes and featured in over 30 publications all over the world. Shezaan Bhojani is a seasoned architect and has been part of 500 projects in sectors such as residential, hospitality, and retail before establishing DesignCafe.

DesignCafe provides end-to-end interior solutions based on customer’s unique needs and collaborates to trusted and certified vendors that deliver high-quality work. The firm allocates a senior design manager who supervises the execution of the project. 

  • Ferroart

Interior design solutions by Ferroart

Creating and designing is not simply just making lines and diagrams. It is also about filling with lighting, colours, proportions, and configurations. Ferroart, a leading design firm founded by Sagar Bhadbhade and Leena Bhadbhade, leaves no stone unturned to deliver luxury interiors that create a sense of warmth, define one’s well-being, and create a positive atmosphere. 

The firm has its own cutting-edge manufacturing plant that enables it to offer customised furniture, in-house designing, manufacturing and material selection facilities. The firm has carved a niche by specialising in turnkey interior projects in states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and their neighbouring states. 

  • Glamerhomz

Interior design solutions by Glamerhomz

When Sneha and Jacob Mathews finished renovating their home, many of their friends asked for their expertise in their home renovations. It led to the birth of their interior design firm, Glamerhomz, in 2018. The firm believes in delivering good work and follows a clear set of guiding principles.

The core of these guiding principles is being customer-centric, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, and putting integrity above image. The firm handles every aspect of the project, from conceptualisation to project design and execution. The firm’s dedicated staff manages the in-house expertise on woodwork, false ceiling installation, electrical and plumbing work, colour scheming, granite applications and all the civil work.

  • HIMA

Interior design solutions by HIMA

With a motto to transform spaces with style and substance, Manjunath Nayak established the firm HIMA in 2011 in Bangalore. This interior design firm offers an unmatched combination of interiors, construction, project management consultancy and facility management. The firm also provides unique, stylish, and elegant projects ranging from premium & exclusive apartments to villas and commercial & corporate spaces.

HIMA provides world-class interior design solutions that fabricate the ambience the client desires, whether it’s a living, working, or leisure space. It also provides design and construction facilitation services throughout Karnataka.

  • HomeLane

Srikanth Iyer is the Co-Founder & CEO of HomeLane. The firm is a tech-enabled home interiors brand that provides end-to-end interior services in a personalised and professional way. The company has created a community of over 20,000 customers over the last seven years. The firm provides a 10-year warranty on the material you have chosen for your interiors.

The end-to-end solutions given by the firm include Modular Kitchen, Storage and wardrobe, Crockery Units, Space Saving Furniture, TV units, Study Tables, False Ceiling, Lights, Wallpaper, Wall Paint, Bathroom, Pooja Units, Foyer Designs, Moveable Furniture and Kids Bedroom.

  • Nestopia Interiors

Interior design solutions by Nestopia Interiors

Ritesh Raushan’s Nestopia Interiors is a leading interior design firm in the market. Ritesh allocates a dedicated designer to each project who delivers the entire project from design to delivery. Nestopia’s story began in 2023, and the firm’s mission is to offer top-notch interior design solutions with strict adherence to deadlines.

In any project, the customer is in the driver’s seat, and they have the full authority to increase or decrease the project’s budget. The firm keeps active communication with the customer and follows a 30-day comprehensive design process, allowing the customers to collaborate closely with the designers. The firm is working on a real-time 3D visualiser for clients via a VR aid to enable them to see their future beforehand.


Designs by VISIONS

Payal Kapoor is a stalwart in the industry with over three decades of experience. Her approach is to assign vertical heads for each team who have the responsibility of overseeing skilled workers under them. Payal’s firm, VISIONS, is known for its expertise in handling turnkey projects. Payal considers artwork an integral part of her designs, and her preference is towards large and vibrant works rather than small clusters of art.

The designs made by the firm have a detailed plan that integrates automation with design aesthetics. The goal of the firm is to enhance the client’s convenience by harmonising automation with smart interior and exterior solutions.

  • Rajshree Interiors

Designs by Rajshree Interiors

Shailesh Mane established the firm in Pune in 2007. Rajshree Interiors masters all types of ‘Vastu’ interior design solutions for commercial & residential properties. The firm’s expertise lies in positioning elements to promote health, harmony, and prosperity. The firm specialities lie in providing residential, commercial, hospitality, and lighting interior design solutions.

A senior designer heads and oversees the entire project with the help of two junior designers who handle all the minute details. For each project, the team notifies all the details related to modifications, tasks, timelines, and other project details to the client until the project is completed and the client receives it.

  • Yash Interior and Constructions

Designs by Yash Interior and Constructions

Yash Interior and Constructions began in 2005 as a combination of Diwakar Sharma’s passion and his family business. The firm is a bridge connecting homeowners and business owners with exceptional residential and commercial design solutions. The firm has a success rate of completing 500 projects so far.

Diwakar Sharma is proud of his team of experienced designers, architects, and civil engineers who possess the expertise and creativity to turn ideas into reality. The firm masters whole-house interiors, modular kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, closets, storage, floorings, and restorations. Why is the firm the preferred choice? Because it assures timely delivery and quality checks at every step, is affordable, and provides a five-year warranty.

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