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The Legacy of Quality at VISIONS: Payal Kapoor’s Interior Design Wisdom

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“Any project that I start, is first thoroughly conceptualised on a board.”

Payal Kapoor (Director, VISIONS) 

“I always prefer quality over quantity,” says Payal Kapoor, a stalwart in the interior design industry with more than three decades of experience. Picture entering the corporate arena at a time when women were pushed back by society in the name of misogynistic stereotypes. Rising against all odds, Payal has emerged triumphant.

Throughout her illustrious career, she has mastered the art of seamlessly managing multiple projects simultaneously. Her unique approach says it all; which involves assigning vertical heads for each team, who would be responsible for overseeing skilled workers below them. To avoid any confusion, a WhatsApp group made by the team facilitates smooth communication and operations. “Daily progress is shared on respective groups with me and my office studio team of architects and designers,” says Ms Kapoor. 

Payal’s firm, VISIONS is renowned for its expertise in handling turnkey projects. To avoid discrepancies, the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is meticulously reviewed in line with the project’s drawings and presentations. Once financial approvals are in place, the team initiates the project.

Selecting Artwork And Decorative Elements

Designs by VISIONS

Payal considers artworks as integral components of her designs. She says, “My mood boards are never bling as I keep the palette extremely muted. Art is the only vibrant element that I choose as my highlight point apart from my decor accents.”  

Her preference leans towards large, vibrant artworks, instead of a cluster of small art or just a few artworks clubbed together on a wall. 

When Smart Technologies Help! 

Automation, Payal believes, has always been an integral part of design and aesthetics. When Team VISIONS details its electrical plan to the clients, it integrates automation with its design aesthetics as lighting plays a very important role in the overall design. The aim is to enhance the client’s convenience by harmonising automation with smart interior and exterior solutions.

Interiors Which Are Timeless

Payal does not restrict her design philosophy to just what is trendy, rather prefers ‘Timeless’ interiors and exteriors to make them stand the test of time. In the Director’s words, “The real mantra is to understand what the client wants without imposing your vision on them.” Understanding the client’s brief, lifestyle, family requirements, budget and timelines is the cornerstone of project success.

Furthermore, in the case of heritage properties, she takes an in-depth understanding of the historical context, adhering to the property’s established style with limited room for modern elements.

Key To A Successful Project

Payal, as an experienced interior designer, strongly emphasises that for any project to be a success, one should get the concept correct on paper, with the flexibility to refine it as needed.

“One should proceed with execution only when clarity is achieved,” Payal emphasises as she signs off. “Rushing into the execution only leads to confusion and uncalled damage, which not only results in disharmony, and substantial wastage of both labour and finances but also a dent on one’s reputation.”

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