how to manage work with PCOS

PCOS | Managing work with PCOS | Symptoms | Prevention & Tips

Polycystic ovarian disorder or polycystic ovarian Syndrome can become a problem for women who are ambitious and looking out for their career and growth. It is a hormonal disorder that affects a large population of women- 1 in every 5 women. It is a female endocrine disorder and has important implications for female reproduction and […]

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shoulder workouts for women

10 Best Shoulder Workout for Women for a Toned Body

Shoulders enhance the overall structure and appearance of an individual. Something that compliments the whole personality. That is why people who are regular gym-goer, works a lot on sculpting out a fine shoulder shape. Women with a heavy shoulder shape are adamant to have toned shoulders and boost their overall appearance. Whether one wants to […]

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benefits of yoga

What is Yoga? Healthy Benefits of Yoga for Body, Mind, and Soul.

Before we get into yoga and its benefits, it is really important to understand what actually Yoga is and why it is so beneficial for health and the mind. Many people call it an ancient method of training, and others call it a set of difficult poses. Some call it their way to peace and […]

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