The game of poker and its jump to the Internet

The Game of Poker and Its Jump To The Internet

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The history of poker is full of interesting anecdotes and curiosities. There is no relevant data or documents that demonstrate the reason for its existence, or its authorship, its origins are quite confusing, and even so, poker and everything that surrounds it has not stopped evolving over time. Thanks to television and much more to the Internet, it has become a more than usual game for millions of people around the world.

At first, it was the world series that gave it a big push to turn it into an international game 1xBet, so the best players arrived. Great stars began to be born who, year after year, shared out the bracelets and the exorbitant prizes that were played at the tables. It was a game limited to a few, a lucky few who were above the possibilities of others, they were poker gods who moved freely in a perfect world, and few had access to it.

Television arrived, and with it mass broadcasts. This was sowing a kind of seed that led more than one to consider the possibility of sitting at those tables of gods, of being one of those who played the big games in the most famous casinos in Las Vegas. Thus, little by little, participation in live tournaments grew. Let’s say that poker personified the American dream, it was an unbeatable way to become a millionaire and influential. In the four days that a tournament lasts you have the opportunity to become a great millionaire. Sounds good.

With the Internet phenomenon, this game became even more accessible to anyone. With just one click you could sit at a table and enjoy a game. That’s easy. It seemed that the world of poker stars was no longer so exclusive, you no longer needed to have a wad of cash to sit down and play. Now you could even play for free, and get juicy prizes, and if not, ask Chris Moneymaker.

The Moneymaker Effect

In 2003, Chris Moneymaker signed up for a $39 satellite at a well-known online poker room, PokerStars, and won, getting a seat for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), something unthinkable if we take into account that we are talking about a player Beginner with little experience. He was a novice player who had managed to sneak into the temple of poker stars. Apparently, it seemed like he had little to do there, but against all odds, Moneymaker headed to Las Vegas, took his seat and started playing.

Chris made it to the final table, and once there he didn’t stop. He won the prestigious bracelet and the $2,500,000 prize money. It was the first time we had experienced such a story. And it is one of those stories that leave a mark.

This story caused a wave of interest, it was an effect that many dubbed the “Moneymaker effect.” It was a great story in which an amateur sneaked into the paradise of the poker titans and won the bracelet, the most precious prize.

From that moment on, this game seemed more accessible to anyone, we could all be Moneymakers. And in this way, millions of people began to play poker over the Internet in different online rooms around the world. The poker fever began, which is still alive today.

The Boom of Online Poker

The poker boom has reached such a point that many countries have even considered considering this game as a professional sport, since as we already know it is a game in which chance is not enough, but rather you have to perform. a great physical and mental effort, just as happens with chess, for example.

This game has more and more users, perhaps due to its media coverage or the rise of the Internet. The most important online poker rooms have hundreds of thousands of players sitting at their tables every day. There are more and more countries with live poker tournaments, such as the EPT (European Poker Tour), the LAPT (Latin American Poker Tour), the WPT (World Poker Tour), There is no corner of the planet that resists its conquest.

The Internet is without a doubt the meeting point where millions of players share virtual tables every day. Game for some, sport for others, and the way of life for a few.

Tournaments, poker rooms, and their followers are booming, so we are talking about a movement with great growth, and even more so since it has made the leap to the Internet.

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