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Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World


In the age of rapid urbanisation and escalating environmental concerns, cities are stepping up to redefine the meaning of progress. From renewable energy initiatives to innovative urban planning, a global movement towards sustainability is reshaping the urban landscape. In this quest for a greener future, some sustainable cities are positioning themselves as the perfect place for sustainable living.

Let’s look at the top eight most sustainable cities in the world. Each city represents a unique blend of innovation and community engagement. From the bustling streets of Oslo to the most expensive yet sustainable city Singapore, these cities offer invaluable lessons in sustainable urban development, inspiring hope and setting a precedent for future generations.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

Oslo, the capital city of Norway tops the chart as the most sustainable city in the world. The city was able to reduce carbon emissions and improve its air quality by implementing innovative smart technologies and management systems. Additionally, the city has an impressive waste management system focusing on recycling and minimising waste.

What makes Oslo the most sustainable city?

Oslo’s streets bustle with electric buses and trams, supported by charging station that ensures clean air for its residents. Moreover, the city prioritises walking and cycling over cars and they harness renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity, while modern structures integrate solar panels and green roofs.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

Amsterdam harnesses renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to adhere to sustainability. Its iconic “Windwheel” project combines wind turbines and apartments, generating clean energy while offering innovative living spaces. Amsterdam Smart City is a partnership between the city and its residents. Through collaborative efforts, the residents are integrating smart technologies into their lives.

How do residents integrate smart technologies into their lives?

Amsterdam uses energy-efficient street lighting that adapts to pedestrian movement, reducing energy consumption. There are smart waste bins that optimise collection routes, minimising fuel usage and emissions. Furthermore, districts and urban centres are linked by a network of safe cycle routes and public transport links.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark, Top Eight Most Sustainable Cities In The World

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark.  This city is a mix of modern architecture and culture with sustainable living, royal history and mouthwatering delicacies. Copenhagen has the most ambitious plans for reaching carbon neutrality by 2025. The city has swimmable waterways, more people riding cycles than cars and giant turbines are constant reminders of their goal.

How is Copenhagen achieving Sustainability?

As a visitor or as a person living there, you can explore the city or go from one place to another riding the cycle, as the city boasts 375 km of bike lanes to explore. If you are feeling thirsty, there’s no need to buy a new water bottle, you can use a tap or a public drinking fountain to drink water. Furthermore, the city also has an innovative streetlight system that uses energy-efficient LED lighting and motion sensors that adjust the streetlight based on pedestrian and vehicular activity.


Singapore, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

It is one of the most expensive cities in the world, yet it has the largest rooftop infinity pool, the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals, a centuries-old temple and the best food on the planet. Singapore is also an island with finite resources, a rising population, water scarcity and limited land, which has led to the creation of the ‘Clean and Green’ campaign that aims to achieve sustainability-related goals by 2030.

What makes Singapore a sustainable city?

As an island with finite resources, Singapore is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. However, implementing a new wastewater recycling system allows nearly 40% of the water to be completely reused by its inhabitants. Furthermore, by raising trips on mass public transport and expanding its cycling network, Singapore has reduced congestion and emissions, becoming one of the most carbon-efficient countries in the world.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

Stockholm is the fusion of history and modernity. It prides itself on being an advocate of tolerance and inclusivity. Moreover, the city is a destination for foodies, where they can have food from Michelin-starred restaurants to innovative food trucks that focus on sustainability. Stroll through fantastic parks and gardens, over picturesque bridges connecting the city’s islands and narrow cobblestone streets of the old town.

What makes Stockholm a sustainable city?

Stockholm exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to renewable energy, waste management, and transportation. Hammarby Sjöstad district uses cutting-edge technologies like solar panels and efficient energy systems to reduce its environmental footprint. Furthermore, its innovative waste management system that features automated vacuum waste collection minimises the need for garbage trucks, reducing emissions and traffic congestion.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

It is the major urban centre of Western Canada, focusing on the country’s most populous metropolitan regions. Vancouver is the industrial, commercial, and financial heart of British Columbia, with trade and transportation as the backbone of its economy. Moreover, it is a shining example of a city deeply committed to environmental sustainability.

What are the different sustainable practices that Vancouver follows?

Vancouver sources a significant portion of its electricity from renewable resources such as hydropower to reduce its carbon footprint. Moreover, the city boasts of its extensive network of electric buses and the SkyTrain system. It promotes cycling to reduce carbon emissions and urban planning emphasises the integration of natural beauty and greenery within the bustling urban landscape.

Helsinki, Finland 

Helsinki, Finland, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

Helsinki is the leading seaport and industrial city of Finland and it is a place where urban culture meets coastal nature. Its easy-going Nordic lifestyle and friendly locals are the reason why it is the capital of the happiest country in the world. You can marvel at the city’s world-renowned architecture, design, and museums.

What makes Helsinki a sustainable city?

Helsinki demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through its adoption of smart energy solutions and efficient infrastructure. Moreover, the city has an advanced district heating and cooling network that utilises waste heat and renewable sources to provide sustainable heating and cooling to buildings. The city also encourages sustainable practices among residents by supporting practices such as waste sorting and composting.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland, Top Eight Sustainable Cities In The World

Reykjavik is Iceland’s vibrant capital. 11% of the country is covered in glacial ice and surrounded by water. The land is a plateau with mountain peaks and ice fields, with a coastline marked by fjords, which are deep inlets carved by glaciers. Moreover, the city is a place where you can recharge, restore, and refuel yourselves.

What makes Reykjavik a sustainable city?

Reykjavik runs entirely on renewable energy sources, primarily geothermal and hydropower, thereby showcasing its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. Moreover, the city prioritises sustainable transportation by encouraging cycling, utilising electric buses, and urging residents to opt for eco-friendly travel options to reduce their carbon footprint.

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