Jeddah's Coastal Charms A Guide To The Red Sea Gem!

Jeddah’s Coastal Charms: A Guide To The Red Sea Gem!


Saudi Arabia is a unique country that has amalgamated the old traditions with the modern ones. It sets a beautiful example of how there could be a balance between the old and the new without any problem. Moreover, its rich Middle Eastern culture, cuisine, people, and attractions are another reason for its popularity. 

You might have expected Dubai, Mecca, or even Riyadh to pop first when we speak of Saudi Arabia. However, today’s post will focus on Jeddah, a city with a beautiful coastline and plenty of tourism opportunities. Without further ado, let’s look into what this city has to offer to travelers and explorers. 

A Tourist Guide To Travel In Jeddah

As a newcomer to Jeddah, you will need an excellent guide to travel to this beautiful marine city. Hence, we have compiled a slew of information that one must know before visiting Jeddah.

  • Making Your Way To Jeddah

The most efficient way to enter this charming city is to fly. It would help if you do not worry; the air connectivity in this city has seen rapid-paced development over the years. Hence, you can come down to book any flight to Jeddah. The most prominent one that people employ is Saudi AirlinesBesides, several other ways will help you reach Jeddah. For instance, you can take the sea route as the Red Sea has significant ship traffic. However, traveling via waterways could take time and effort. Hence, it is best to opt for the airways when time is currency.

  • Jeddah and Its Geography

Do you also picture Jeddah as a land of camels and scorching heat? Indeed it has a desert climate geographically, but its maritime location changes the entire climatic game. Despite the heat going above 40°celsius during the summer, the Red Sea coast offers some respite. You will enjoy the breeze and a clear sky, a perfect way to have a plentiful sun-basking session. Moreover, the sea breeze will calm you, escape the heat, and help you enjoy the weather while touring here. The city offers comparatively bearable weather than other Middle Eastern cities in Saudi Arabia. 

  • Trying Out Middle Eastern Cuisine Flavors

Your taste palates will have a blast here as too many non-vegetarian cuisines are cooked with exotic spices and condiments. The kebabs, roasted lambs, curries, and other items will renew your culinary experience. Furthermore, the food items such as Kabsa, Madfoon, or Matazeez are so good that they make you want to visit Jeddah for another visit.

However, those who have a vegetarian or vegan food style can also enjoy the food here. Given the changing face of tourism here, the hospitality sector has become more accommodating of vegetarian and vegan people’s food choices. You can find plenty of restaurants, cafes, and other eateries where you can find vegetarian and vegan food. 

  • Various Tourist Destination Not To Miss Here

With UNESCO’s World Heritage Site tag accolades, Jeddah offers a lot in terms of culture and history tourism. This ancient city has succeeded in setting an example that modernization needs not to discard the old but employ it as a strong base for the future. Hence, you will see a perfect blend of both and might even tickle your inspiration inside. Moreover, there is a fantastic architecture that one will enjoy. The buildings here carry the typical Middle Eastern architectural style that gives you “Arabian Nights” vibes. 

Besides, there are various tourist spots that you must take advantage of. For instance, King Fahd’s fountain. It is one of its kind and the tallest artificial fountain system ever built. The best way to enjoy it is to go there at night. You will enjoy every moment when the water springs high in the air and the various aerial patterns it forms during the fountain play.

Then there is the Fakieh Aquarium, which amuses all kinds of tourists. The adults to Children to all, everybody gets mesmerized by this aquatic zoo heralding incredible marine biodiversity. The aquarium also features “swim with dolphins” sessions for the visitors. Those with a soft spot for dolphins must explore this opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close. 

  • Advice for Tourists

When in Jeddah, it’s important to learn about and respect the local traditions and Islamic law. Here are some ways to show proper courtesy and appreciation during your visit:

  • Dress respectfully: Women in Saudi Arabia are expected to adhere to a strict dress code. Put on comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that prevent skin exposure. Women must also wear a headscarf or hijab at all times.
  • Keep in mind the traditions of the area: Be respectful of how people in the area traditionally do things. It’s best for unmarried couples to avoid public shows of love. Take care of yourself and act appropriately in public.
  • Time for prayer: There are set times for prayer throughout the day in Jeddah, just as there are everywhere else in Saudi Arabia. You should schedule your day properly since many establishments shut down for prayer periods. Find out when prayers are held in the area, or just ask someone.
  • Use caution while taking pictures: If you want to take pictures of anybody, particularly ladies, you should ask their permission first. Photographing is prohibited in many locations, including military bases and government buildings. Don’t ignore the warning signs about not taking pictures in some areas.
  • Abiding by drug and alcohol regulations: There are severe penalties for being caught with any amount of alcohol or narcotics in Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that the use of prohibited drugs has serious legal repercussions.
  • Don’t forget about Ramadan: Show respect for people who may be fasting during your trip if it falls during the fasting month of Ramadan. During the daytime hours, no one is permitted to eat, drink, or smoke in public. It’s possible that several eateries may have reduced hours during this period.


With this guide, nobody can stop you from exploring Jeddah. Also, write all your experiences and click pictures to immortalize your Middle Eastern expedition forever. 

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