Startup of the year 2023 Swipelocal

Swipelocal: Bridging The Gap Between Work and Personal Life

“Swipelocal is committed to offering exclusive local offices to bring a harmonious balance between work and personal life.” Anand Pujari (Managing Director, Swipelocal)                     To build a successful career, people often embark on journeys to different cities or even foreign countries in pursuit of their professional aspirations. However, as time passes, priorities naturally evolve, with family […]

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Startup of the year 2023 ANKR Global

ANKR Global: Your One-Stop Destination for Advisory, Technology and Skill Development

“We don’t just offer advice, we become an integral part of our client’s business.”  Piyush & Rakhi Khandelwal (Co-Founders, ANKR Global) Piyush Khandelwal’s ANKR Global was born in the crucible of unprecedented times. In a mere three years of inception, three main pillars of his firm- ANKR Consulting, ANKR Tech, and ANKR Skill have blossomed […]

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Startup of the year 2023 Jayam SCM

Customised Executive Development: Jayam SCM Consultants’ Success Story

“We thoroughly explore the core of business design of our customers and provide them with tailor-made executive development solutions.” The demand for talent that possesses a deep understanding of supply chain management and core competencies is being felt more and more, post-COVID as well as due to rapid economic recovery across India and the globe. […]

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Startup of the year 2023 Fluodigital

Transforming Data into Marketing Gold with FLUODIGITAL

“I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and committed to making FLUODIGITAL the best marketing agency in the world.”  Rahul K Soni (Co-Founder & Director, FLUODIGITAL) After accumulating years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Rahul Soni realised the need to level up. Having witnessed the tangible benefits of data-driven marketing for businesses, he […]

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Startup of the year 2023 WeAssist

WeAssist by Harikrishnan Ramakrishnan: Transforming the Insurance Claims Landscape

“We are proud to mention that we have assisted in more than 200 Crore in Claims to date.” Harikrishnan Ramakrishnan (Founder & CEO, WeAssist) Do you often feel that insurance is a mysterious territory? Meet Harikrishnan Ramakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Karthika Consulting & Solutions Pvt Ltd, who’s on a mission to change that perception […]

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Dr Vijaykumar Bada, Yashoda Hospital Hitec city

Dr Vijaykumar C. Bada: Championing Gastrointestinal Health

“As a Gastroenterologist, I always patiently listen to all gastro or liver-related issues of my patients.” Dr Vijaykumar C. Bada (Gastroenterologist) The human body is a complex machine, and to function effectively, every component of the machine is required to work in perfect harmony. However, sometimes this harmony gets hindered because of problems in the […]

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Dr Saurabh Bansal, The Clinics

The Clinics: Leading the Way in Super-Specialty Healthcare

“With our state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of specialised treatments, we aim to provide you with the best care possible.” Dr Saurabh Bansal (Founder, The Clinics) Nestled in the heart of Green Park, Delhi, The Clinics by Surgeons House is a renowned super-speciality centre that offers world-class healthcare services. Whether you’re seeking treatment for […]

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Dr Vivek Kumar Pathak, ENTegrity

Bridging the Gap: Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak’s Visionary Approach to Hearing Health

In the realm of audiology, where science meets empathy, Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak stands as a guiding light, pioneering advancements in hearing solutions that have transformed the lives of countless individuals. With a rich legacy as a Senior ENT Consultant at Kailash Hospital Noida and as the Founder of ENTegrity, a trailblazing ENT care organisation, […]

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Dr. Rajesh Dhir, Dharam Hospital

Enhancing Cognitive Vitality through Hearing Health: Insights from Dr. Rajesh Dhir, ENT Surgeon

Meet Dr. Rajesh Dhir, a renowned ENT Surgeon with over 30 years of experience at Dharam Hospital in Chandigarh. Dr. Dhir specialises in geriatric audiology and is well-versed in the profound relationship between hearing health and cognitive well-being among seniors. Dr. Dhir delves into the vital connection between hearing health and holistic wellness and provides […]

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