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Preeti Das: The Next-Gen Tech Guru

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“In today’s world, it’s important to continually develop new skills, especially in the technology world, while also maintaining a healthy pace.”

Preeti Das (Founder & CEO, Inginetech Solutions)

Preeti Das is a consummate professional who comes with a rich experience of nearly four decades in the business industry, largely technology. At the age of 22, when she found herself inherently entrepreneurial, she decided to actively seek out entrepreneurial tools. Understanding the role of Profit and Loss (PnL) dynamics in a business, she started her corporate career by strategically positioning herself as a branch head in a leading insurance firm and dived into a P&L leadership role.

When she realised that while the insurance sector offered valuable experience, it had limitations in terms of providing extensive learning opportunities, she set out to explore alternative avenues. Her career trajectory led her to diverse opportunities, including working for multiple large organisations worldwide, such as Microsoft, Birlasoft, i-flex, Digispice, Oracle, and ICICI Lombard. In these organisations, she has held executive positions like CEO, Board member, and Executive Vice President. She has lived and worked in the US and UK and has held global positions. She has guided companies to extend beyond their traditional strengths, accelerated revenue growth and high operational efficiencies and helped them grow through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and fostering innovation.

In 38 years of her journey, she has handled multiple due diligences for acquisitions and successfully spearheaded over 7 acquisition processes and their transitions in both India and the United States.

Preeti Das As Advisor For Startups

Currently, Preeti, in Board advisory and Director capacity, works with AI start-ups to formulate and execute growth strategies for them with a focus on innovation. Both organically and inorganically, she assists startups in identifying growth opportunities and strategically evaluating the possibilities for expansion through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. She is passionate about the Next Gen technology and its potential. Her deep industry insights and knack for identifying emerging trends make her an ideal advisor for startups. She provides mentorship on strategic planning, market positioning and more to help them save from potential pitfalls. 

Preeti says, “I’ve noticed that while startups are good at creating technology platforms and software, they struggle with understanding business models and fundamentals. That’s where I help and guide them on business models, marketing, and how to get their products out there. I want to make sure they not only have cool technology but also know how to succeed in the business world.”

She actively participates in different seminars and events as a panellist. She is vocal about the challenges faced by startups and different industries. Preeti commits herself to bridging the gaps in capability, talent, and financial resources.

Helping Companies Rewrite Their Future

Preeti Das The Next-Gen Tech Guru

Preeti Das is the brain behind Inginetech Solutions– a Next-Gen Solution Provider. The insurance industry sits on a pile of Data, with the highest amount of risk-related data lying unused and underleveraged in providing new revenue streams. Unfortunately, the sector lags in both Automation and Innovation. Very few customers remember an insurance company due to the absence of a strong customer experience. That’s where Preeti Das comes in to close all these gaps. “We incorporate emerging technologies like hybrid cloud and AI to elevate experiences, reduce operational costs and accelerate new products and services to the market,” explains the Founder who established Inginetech Solutions in August 2020.

Preeti always believes in learning and growing. What sets her apart is her constant appetite to grow and never say ‘no’ to any opportunity that knocks at her door. Learn more, Do more, Become more has been her success mantra throughout her journey. 

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