Wearable Technology To Keep Your Health In Check In Office

Wearable Technology To Keep Your Health In Check In Office


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, with a constant stream of smart products entering the market. Now, everything has become smart smartphones and smartwatches to smart TVs. Amid this tech revolution, a new concept is gaining popularity– Wearable Technology. As the name suggests, these are technological devices designed to be worn on the body.

After the pandemic era, there’s a heightened corporate emphasis on well-being. It can achieved with wearable technology helping to maintain health and wellness. Let’s take a quick look at the innovative wearable devices that can promote health and wellness in the workplace. 

  • Smart Watch

Smart Watch, Wearable Technology To Keep Your Health In Check In Office

Although many love to wear analogue watches, the smartwatch has some incredible benefits.  A Smartwatch tracks your vitals like blood oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Some watches have the feature to track your menstrual cycle and irregularities in the heart rhythm.

Furthermore, a smartwatch assists you in managing your time with features like reminders and calendar alerts. What’s better than keeping a check on your health while also staying on top of the schedule?

  • Smart Clothing And Fabrics

E-textiles combine electronics and textiles to create ‘smart’ textile products. Smart clothing monitors vital signs such as heart rate and breathing patterns. In industrial settings, smart clothing takes on an additional role by efficiently tracking worker movements. It also ensures their safety and delivers relevant information about their surrounding environment.

  • Smart Ring

If you don’t want to wear a smartwatch, a smart ring is the perfect alternative. For all those who haven’t heard of smart rings ever before, they have been in the market for over a decade. Smart ring efficiently monitors health and fitness data. Moreover, you can use them for digital payments, access control to spaces like offices and homes, online security, and more.  

  • Smart Belts

How about wearing a belt that helps you lose belly fat, thus keeping your health in check? Yes, the smart belt is a real thing. A smart belt keeps track of your overall health by measuring waist size, steps taken, sitting time and overeating habits. An iconic example of a Smart belt is The WELT by Samsung. It analyses your health data, calculates your daily activity, and gives feedback through an alarm.

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Health Benefits of Wearable Technology 

There was a time when you had to buy different machines to record pulse, heart rate, energy spent, and glucose levels. Now, wearable technology has made things easy for all of us. Wearable technology has made healthcare more accessible and accurate. Given below are some health benefits of the Wearable Technology:

  • Helps Track Temporary Heartbeat Irregularities

Arrhythmias are transient, and most people don’t know when they occur. In case of a slowed or rushed heartbeat, you can become unconscious. Most of the time, you don’t remember what happened, and in these cases, having a wearable device helps record the data. This data helps in getting accurate treatment for the condition.

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  • Helps Track Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate 

People still don’t go for regular check-ups. Therefore, wearing a smartwatch or Fitbit helps keep track of their blood pressure. Tracking and monitoring your blood pressure helps detect the irregularities and get proper treatment.

  • Detects Life-Threatening Arrhythmias

The data from smartwatches and trackers can help you check for irregularities like ventricular tachycardia (fast heartbeat), atrial and ventricular fibrillation, and premature ventricular beats (PVCs). The data stored in these devices helps the doctor recommend a proper treatment. 

  • Helps Track Physical Activity 

Helps Track Physical Activity 

These devices help maintain your overall health and fitness. You can track the number of steps you walked or climbed and the number of calories burned. You can keep reminders for goals like weight loss or maintaining health. The data recorded by the wearable technology gives you signs of any early illness so that you can manage your health.

  • Improves The Quality Of Sleep

Today’s lifestyle has become so stressful that you don’t get enough sleep. When you sleep, wear your smartwatch or Fitbit to record how much you sleep and how often you wake up. The data helps you make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle to get sound sleep.

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Summing Up

Wearable technology like smartwatches, Fitbit, and smart belts helps monitor your health efficiently. There are various metrics which get recorded, like a heartbeat, pulse rate, oxygen level, and the quality of sleep. They help detect irregularities, and the data helps in taking necessary actions to maintain your health.  

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