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Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore: The Marketing Genius

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“We don’t just talk about brands, we help you build one.”

Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore
(Co-Founder & COO,
Marcadors Marketing Pvt Ltd)

“We all have the power to make an impact when we infuse marketing with authenticity and heart,” says Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore who has built Marcadors with her husband Aman, from the ground up through sheer grit and imagination. With a mission to enable brands to make their mark in the digital age by connecting them with their audiences in authentic ways, Shoileyi pours her entire being into making brands memorable. She is a woman who loves to explore new possibilities and solutions. She has an innate curiosity and sense of adventure that allows her to connect with people from all walks of life.

When Entrepreneurial Bug Bit Her

Shoileyi’s journey into entrepreneurship began during her college years. As an inquisitive engineering student, she sought to expand her horizons beyond textbooks. When she became an AIESEC Local Chapter Team Leader at IIT Kharagpur, it opened before her eyes vast possibilities beyond academics. As she indulged herself in the process of organising events, recruiting members, and supporting startups, it unveiled the power of taking initiative and thinking on a grand scale.

Afterwards, she established an Entrepreneurship Cell under NEN at her college, with her batchmate and now husband Aman. Shoileyi shares, “To see those passionate founders turn ideas into reality through relentless hustle and innovation completely inspired me. Despite roadblocks and many sleepless nights, the excitement and thrill of bringing concepts to life was addictive.” The groundwork laid during those college days set the stage for their entrepreneurial venture– Marcadors Marketing Pvt. Ltd in January 2022. 

“As any business faces its fair share of challenges, Marcadors faced them too. In the initial days, convincing brands about the value of branding and marketing and generating those first few clients all while staying completely bootstrapped was a tough row to hoe. However, along with Aman, I combated this hurdle by delivering excellent work for early adopters and leveraging referrals to gradually expand Marcadors’ clientele.” explains Shoileyi. “Cash flows and hiring the right talent were also significant hurdles that we overcame through perseverance and calculated risk-taking.”

Delivering End-to-end Branding & Marketing Services

Marcadors offers comprehensive digital marketing services including social media management, influencer campaigns, paid advertising, content creation and more. The company focuses on in-depth audience insights to create targeted strategies that deliver ROI for brands. Among a plethora of digital marketing firms, Shoileyi makes her Marcadors stand out by blending creativity and analytics that shape its integrated branding and marketing strategies.

“We also have a sharp focus on genuine engagement, not just vanity metrics. This results in stronger connections between brands and audiences” mentions the Co-Founder while also sharing that the firm has served over 60 brands across diverse sectors, including Hospitality, Food and Beverage, E-commerce, Fintech, Renewable Energy, Media, Real Estate and many other industries.

Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore The Marketing Genius

Shoileyi believes in the words of Tom Freston – “Magic happens when you combine creativity with commerce,” as these words of wisdom remind her to never lose sight of imagination and innovation even as she focuses on business growth. For her, this work is not just a career but a calling. In a world where people may be indifferent to the importance of connecting with people, Shoileyi values human connections. 

She measures success not through vanity metrics but focuses on helping brands establish genuine bonds with their communities. This honest empathy and compassion establish her as a reliable growth partner in this competitive business landscape.

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