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Today we bring you an interesting development going on in roadways safety. Everyone knows that airbags have been made mandatory in cars. However, the nature of roadways still required more precautionary measures for motorcycle riders. Take a look at this technological device which can keep you safe on the road if you’re buying or selling used motorcycles. Did you know, Motorcycle riders are 28 times more prone to accidents than car drivers? So here technology introduces airbag jeans.

The whole experience of riding a bike or two-wheeler feels exhilarating but it’s very dangerous when considering the accident-prone areas. But now two-wheeler riders can be protected too with help of airbag jeans. They are like parachute pants, which open like balloons when pressure is applied. 

Who is making the Airbag Jeans?

Sweden is leading the market in this discovery. Airbag Inside Sweden AB is a company designing new prototypes for safer motorcyclists. They look just like a normal pair of jeans, you would wear on a regular day. The inner side of jeans is carefully lined with airbags that will bloat in case of any fall, crash, or accident, saving a rider in an adverse situation. For additional safety, a cord- looking just like a puller or zipper is added to self-operated the opening of airbags.
A French Company- CX Dynamics also tried their luck in the airbag pants department. The prototype is in progress. It’s a common understanding that two-wheelers’ lower body is highly impacted in case of accidents due to lower protective equipment available in the market. But that’s going to change now. 

Airbag Jeans
Image: SCDaily

Are you wondering how is it possible to fit an airbag Inside normal pair of jeans?

The jeans can be deflated and refilled with gas. This also saves by being reused again and again. No need to buy new jeans every time there’s something wrong, just replace the bags. The jeans are not made of normal cloth but strong strengthened material is known as Aramid fibers to last longer. That’s not new for the founder of Airbag Inside Sweden AB. The Founder- Moses Shahrivar has been trying to bring a noticeable change in two-wheeler safety for 16 years. He started by bringing leather-lined jeans for Harley-Davidson.

The company has successfully raised 1,80,000 dollars from the European Union for its out-of-the-box idea. The European health and safety standards will certify the jeans after proper testing. This can be a revolution in the safety of Motorcycle riders. 

Air jackets already available in markets

Although the Airbag jeans are still under process and not available for sale in markets, the air vests are. Sadly, they aren’t common among riders, however, their safety has been tested. Other protective gears are also available in the market for two-wheelers like helmets and gloves. 


The working efficiency and market availability of airbag jeans are not fixed yet. It will be interesting to see if these jeans are equally comfortable. Some companies are suggesting zip-up to be from the bottom for the airbag jeans. The easy wearability of these jeans will be a deciding factor in their acceptability among the common public. All these projects are still in early phases. It will be exciting to see what will unfold in this innovation in the coming years.

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