3 Things Women Should Do to Keep the Romance Alive After Having a Baby

3 Things Women Should Do to Keep the Romance Alive After Having a Baby

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Are you losing the spark in your relationship after having a baby? Reports suggest that divorce after childbirth is prevalent in America. The BBC also reports that the arrival of a child causes many conflicts in a relationship. Couples often forget to show affection to each other and stop making efforts.

But did you know that women are the ones who initiate divorce more often in heterosexual relationships? You can start putting in effort and making little changes to bring back the lost passion and prevent that from happening. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss a few tips to keep the romance alive while raising a child. 

#1. Get a Birth Control Device

Women usually don’t take birth control pills while breastfeeding. Hence, couples often avoid intimacy after having a child because of their fear of unplanned pregnancies. Thankfully, the medical industry has introduced various birth control devices that you can use. 

One of the most common forms of contraception is implanting an intrauterine device (IUD) because they are 99% effective. There are two options: hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs. However, recent events have stopped women from putting their trust in non-hormonal copper IUDs sold by Teva Pharmaceuticals. 

Their T-shaped device (Paragard) broke inside the uterus upon removal and migrated to other organs. Women suffered internal bleeding, organ perforation, infections, infertility, and ectopic pregnancies. 

Unfortunately, the manufacturers knew about the potential risks. However, they intentionally withheld information to increase sales. That’s why the victims filed a Paragard lawsuit.

They are seeking compensation for medical expenses, injuries, suffering, lost wages, etc. TorHoerman Law states that 2,444 lawsuits are still pending. The victims need solid evidence to prove liability and win this civil litigation. 

This incident proves that you need to be super careful about the birth control devices you use. Instead of IUDs, you can try vaginal rings, cervical caps, vaginal gel, or spermicide.

#2. Self-Care Is the Way to Go

Women go through intense hormonal changes and have increased responsibilities after having a baby. Hence, it can be hard to adjust to this new life, and you might ignore your partner. 

Your better half will often see you in sweatpants, messy buns, no makeup, and unshaven for many months. Focusing on hygiene can also be hard when raising a baby if you don’t have proper motivation. 

While your partner loves you no matter what, there can be suppressed negative feelings. For instance, they might think you aren’t putting in enough effort to feel and look confident. 

Thankfully, these self-care activities can make you feel happy, positive, and stress-free during this phase:

  • Pampering yourself at the salon to feel confident
  • Eating healthy meals prepared by your partner to show love
  • Performing exercises together to stay healthy and spend some quality time
  • Prioritize your and your partner’s needs and desires to ensure balance

All these can help bring the spark back into your relationship and prove that you care. These can also make your mental health better and give you the ability to care for your newborn.

#3. Go on Date Nights

Couples have complained that it’s hard to find time for romance after having a baby. That’s completely normal because you both will have added responsibilities. According to an article by Parents, couple time often turns into family time.

To solve this, you’ll need to schedule time together and discuss your concerns. Kelsey Jean cracked the code on dating after having a baby to rekindle the romance. Her tips for spending one-on-one time include the following:

  • Forget what dating used to look like before having a baby.
  • Ensure to schedule everything beforehand to avoid last-minute mishaps.
  • Try having a date night at home while the baby is sleeping.
  • Ask for assistance from friends and family who went through the same thing.

Before the date, you can get some self-care done, like styling your hair, wearing makeup, and getting a beautiful outfit. Once you’re ready, you can channel your flirtatious nature and make the most of that night. For instance, you can go on a dinner date, have a game night at home, choose couples massage therapy, etc.

In summary, approximately 2.4% (among 1000) of people get divorced. Two main reasons are the lack of intimacy and too much conflict after having a baby. But if you want your relationship to return to what it used to be, you must follow the tips mentioned in this blog. 

For instance, you can get birth control devices to initiate a better sexual relationship with your partner. You can also practice self-care to keep yourself feeling confident. Being flirty, going on dates, and planning trips can also help bring back the lost spark in your marriage.

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