Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj The Crafty Entrepreneurs Bonding Generations

Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj: The Crafty Entrepreneurs Bonding Generations

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You might have often seen your grandmother doing knitting and weaving, but did you ever think that you could make a business out of it? We have a real-life example of a grandmother and granddaughter duo- Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj who not only turned their hobby into a business but revived a dying art form.

When Yukti saw her Dadi’s passion for crocheting, she helped her start her own business and created an online store for her on Instagram named Caught Craft Handed. The store opened in November 2020. Initially featuring Sheela’s creations such as headbands, scarves, sweaters, frocks, and warmers, the store has now expanded its offerings.

Their journey began with receiving five to six orders when they used cushion covers and toys as product displays. However, by September 2021, the tide turned, and the business saw a surge, receiving twenty to twenty-five orders. The store is now home to crochet earrings, bags, scrunchies, toys, warmers, and home decor items. The Global Hues connected with the duo to explore more about the inception of the online store, how it feels when customers receive the products, and the plan to revive crochet as an art again.

The Inception of Caught Craft Handed

“Before the lockdown, dadi used to go to the temple and spend the time praying. When the lockdown started, she started creating new things from old stuff. What began as a simple pastime evolved into an idea to create an Instagram page, ‘Caught Craft Handed,’ in November 2020,” shares Yukti. The idea to create the page was quite spontaneous. Sheela would ask Yukti to give her old mufflers to detangle them and make something new. When the page and the business started, it started with things available in the house, such as cushion covers and coasters, as the market was closed and yarn wasn’t available. Sheela utilised all the old things and created the products. 

Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj

“I created the page, and slowly, the orders started coming; there was a point when there were so many orders that it became difficult for daadi to finish all the orders alone,” shares Yukti. “I started looking for more dadis and nanis, getting yarn from the market, handling the page, packing & shipping, and contributing ideas.” While Yukti handles the entire operations, Sheela takes care of the manufacturing. Three more grannies help Sheela in completing the orders. This business is building a community of more grandmothers, not only from the neighbourhood but also from different cities and states in India. They all contribute to making the page successful and help the business flourish.

“I feel very happy and motivated to make new and better designs when customers praise my work,” shares Sheela. “Dadi keeps asking me whether the customers have received their products. She remembers all the orders and asks whether the customers like the products. When I show her reviews and pictures sent by the customers, that smile on her face pushes me to work harder for the business,” adds Yukti.

Plans To Revive Crocheting and Knitting

While emphasising the growing interest in learning more about crocheting and knitting, Yukti says, “Nowadays, people are showing curiosity about the techniques, materials, and processes involved in creating crochet items. They are now appreciating handmade products. Traditionally, this art was passed down through generations, but it was gradually fading away. However, the younger generation is now showing a keen interest in understanding the craft. In response to this interest, we are planning to launch online classes within a year to share the knowledge and skills involved in crocheting.”

A Business That Has Strengthened Family Bonds

Caught Craft Handed

Since the duo started Caught Craft Handed, their family dynamics have experienced a positive shift. The family members have been incredibly supportive and take pride in Sheela Bajaj getting recognition and winning awards at such an age. The business has not only allowed them to spend more quality time together as a family but has also provided a platform for planning and strategizing collectively. Yukti’s Paternal aunt, who already knows how to crochet, occasionally visits Sheela to learn and share insights about crochet. 

“Our business has deepened the family bonds as we feel more connected to other family members. Even the other nanis and dadis who join us feel proud that at this age, they are independent and earning income and supporting their family,” Yukti says proudly.

Message From Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj

We believe that there will be difficulties in any work in the initial stage. You need to tackle those difficulties methodically and continue doing your work. If you are passionate and stay consistent, you will definitely be successful. Life presents both favourable and unfavourable phases, it’s crucial to never lose hope, stay positive, think positive and be optimistic.

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