Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation

Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation


Getting bored with your daily routine and planning a vacation to refresh your mood? Adventure sports are the best way to keep your adrenaline rushing and showcase the daring side of you. Adventure sports are not just a fun activity but also a life-changing experience that gives you a sense of accomplishment and refreshes your mind and soul. 

With a vast geographical diversity, India offers a wide range of adventure sports that engages you in thrilling activities and help you to explore nature. We bring you a list of some thriller adventure sports that you must try once in your life. We are sure that you will not regret making this decision:

  • Scuba Diving 

Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation - Scuba Diving

Best Time To Do: All Year Except Monsoon

Best Place For Scuba Diving: Goa, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar

If you are a water baby and want to experience a whole new world of marine life, you should definitely try Scuba Diving. This therapeutic and calm adventurous sport lets you witness the amazing world beneath the water. There are professional instructors and trainers who will guide and teach you the correct methods and techniques of scuba diving. So, it is a safe yet thrilling sport. We have good news for all the non-swimmers! It does not require swimming proficiency to do scuba diving. You just have to follow the instructions carefully and you are ready to experience a new world. 

  • Paragliding

Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation -Paragliding

Best Time To Do: October and Mid-June

Best Place For Paragliding: Bir-Billing, Manali, Ranikhet and Shillong

Paragliding is one of the most popular adventure sports. Through paragliding, you can experience the thrill of flying. Paragliding satisfy your soul with the achievement of conquering the world. It fulfils your fantasy of being able to fly high in the sky and give you a bird’s view of the entire world. There are two kinds of paragliding; one is Solo Paragliding and the other is Tandem Paragliding. In solo paragliding, a trained paraglider can paraglide alone. In Tandem paragliding a trained paraglider tags an amateur enthusiast along who loves to indulge in paragliding. 

  • River Rafting

Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation - River Rafting

Best Time To Do: Mid Septemeber To Mid June

Best Place For River Rafting: Rishikesh, Kullu-Manali and Tons River, Uttarakhand

If you are seeking an adrenaline-rush experience this vacation then River Rafting should be on your bucket list. With the various difficulty levels, a rafter can enjoy the numerous moods of the river. The most popular destination for river rafting in India is Rishikesh where thousands of tourists come every year just to enjoy the river rafting experience. It is an extremely fun and thrilling activity, you just have to follow and keep the instructions and safety tips in mind and you are good to go. 

  • Rock Climbing

Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation - Rock Climbing

Best Time To Do: May-October

Best Place For Rock Climbing: Mahabaleshwar, Miyar Valley, Sattal and Sar Pass

For all those fitness lovers, this is the time to check your muscular strength! It’s time to give Rock Climbing a try. This amazing adventurous sport will make you stronger than ever before. And you will feel a new power in you. There are many natural and man-made sites available for rock climbing. This activity will surely boost your morale and gives you the confidence of conquering the world overcoming all the obstacles. If you think that climbing a mountain is just too dangerous then you can also start with indoor climbing activities. They are equally thrilling but less dangerous. 

  • Mountain Biking 

Adventure Sports You Should Try On Your Next Vacation -Mountain Biking

Best Time To Do: Mid-June To September

Best Place For Mountain Biking: Ladakh, The Western Ghats and Khardungla

Mountain Biking has been a recent hit among travellers and tourists. It is like an addiction for all those thrill-seeking people who just don’t want to stop. The rough surfaces and bumpy roads fuel the thrill in your body and leave you feeling energetic. The tough roads challenge you to move forward making the memories of a lifetime. Mountain Biking satisfies the enthusiasm of all those bikers who crave speed, nature and adventure. So, if you love biking, you must try Mountain Biking once. We are sure that you will definitely love the experience.

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