The Story Of Neetu Singh Whose Sabki Pathshala Is A Ray Of Hope For Many

The Story Of Neetu Singh Whose Sabki Pathshala Is A Ray Of Hope For Many


“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.” Neetu Singh, the Founder of Sabki Pathshala does not only preach this but practises it as well. Located in the slums near Pragati Maidan Metro Station Gate No 1, Sabki Pathshala was started by Neetu Singh to help many underprivileged children get access to education. 

Sabki Pathshala by Neetu Singh

Neetu has had a heart-wrenching childhood. She has grown up in a Delhi slum and for a brief time, even begged for survival. Some would hand over a few coins out of generosity while some would molest and touch her on the pretext of lending help. 

Neetu always knew that the only weapon which could take her out of her miserable life was education. She somehow managed to get basic education from a government school. She completed her Bachelor’s in Education from Haryana. Despite not receiving support from her parents, her teachers helped her a lot. 

Although it was quite challenging, Neetu didn’t give up. From primary schooling to high schooling to getting her college degree, she managed to educate herself. 


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When Neetu Got Her First Job

Neetu started her career as a guest lecturer in a high school for visually challenged boys. She put all her efforts and time into educating the students but Neetu’s life took a setback when the high school recruited other teachers. As she was a guest lecturer, she had to go. 

Neetu couldn’t take it and slipped into depression. She could see her dreams shattering and her years of hard work going into vain. 

A Ray Of Hope For Neetu Singh

Kobi Yamada has put it very precisely “Someday all you will have to light your way will be a single ray of hope and that will be enough.” The same happened with Neetu. 

“I was passing by my street when I saw one of my neighbouring kids begging for money. I was shocked to see the girl begging whom I knew personally. It was so disheartening for me,” told Neetu while recollecting the incident which made her think about the future of the slum kids. 

At that moment Neetu realised the importance of education. If she wouldn’t have got the education, she would also be found begging on the streets. That moment she decided to change the fate of these children and pull these innocent kids out of poverty through the power of education. 

The Inception of Sabki Pathshala

Sabki Pathshala by Neetu Singh

She started a school under the shade of a tree but the journey wasn’t easy. And by that, we mean changing the mindset of parents who weren’t ready to send their children to study. 

“It was extremely difficult to convince parents and explain the importance of education and the impact it can make in the longer run. I somehow managed to convince the parents of 12 students and started teaching them in Sabki Pathshala. Soon, other students also joined,” told Neetu. 

Another big challenge that obstructed Neetu’s journey was the local goons who threatened her as more children in Sabki Pathshala would mean fewer child labourers. She tried to contact the police but met with inaction. She had to face a lot of harassment until the Delhi Commission for Women stepped in to ensure the protection of Neetu, her children and the classes.

The Vision Ahead 

Today, Sabki Pathshala has grown into a social, educational and community development organisation which is registered in New Delhi. Neetu Singh envisions popularising Sabki Pathshala and promoting peace, tolerance, and understanding among the masses. This can only be achieved if people understand the potential that education holds. 

The trust focuses on four main areas of Child Education, Women Empowerment, Livelihood, and entrepreneurship (via developing and promoting Self Helf Groups) to bring an overall change in society. 

In October 2022, Sabki Pathshala Trust announced the launch of SAKHI KAUSHALAM which aims at motivating women to become entrepreneurs and build & scale their businesses. 

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