Best Ravencoin Mining Pools

Best Ravencoin Mining Pools


Ravencoin is a decentralized digital network with RVN cryptocurrency. Some people prefer to exchange crypto online, and some mine cryptocurrency. Currently, mining is considered an excellent option for passive income, which attracts an increasing number of novice users every day.

A couple of years ago, when the cryptocurrency industry was only at the initial stage of its formation and development, any miner could make a decent profit. At that time, solo mining brought a stable and decent income even by mining on a processor. But then, due to the growing popularity of mining, the difficulty of mining cryptocurrencies began to skyrocket, and competition in the industry intensified.

It led to the fact that the computing power of the miners was not enough to find the coin. Similar trends have led to the emergence of such a phenomenon as mining pools. Such popular coins as Bitcoin can be mined on almost all mining pools. But what about other coins, in particular, Ravencoin?

Ravencoin Pools: 4 Best Places to Mine RVN

Why is it more profitable to use pools? The explanation is simple — when using a mining pool, your earnings will be more stable than other types of obtaining coins, for example, exchanging USDT to BTC. There are many pools, and if you don’t know anything about mining, it can be pretty challenging to decide which one to choose. So, read all the information below carefully.

  • 2Miners

It is a popular pool, which entered the market only 2 years ago, but is already well-known to many. 2Miners is a multi-currency pool with support for various mining algorithms. The 2Miners team created the project from scratch without using other open-source developments. The project is distinguished among competitors by open statistics and concern for the education of its users.

The 2Miners team is actively developing its blog, which offers many posts for dummies about mining cryptocurrency, in particular, Ravencoin. The team considers it its duty to share knowledge with the audience and teach various mining chips.

  • P2pool

It is a Chinese service that has been operating since 2014. The resource has ⅕ of the entire global network hash rate. It is more suitable for devices located in the Asian part. It recommends withdrawing funds immediately because they will be debited after 90 days and will go to the development of the pool. You can mine Ravencoin with a commission of 3-5%.

  • Flypool

It is a structural unit of the company Ethermine, which provides services for mining Ravencoin. The convenience of the resource is its complete anonymity. There is no registration in the usual form on Flypool. Users don’t need to create an account with personal data. To access your settings, just enter the number of your ZCash or Ethereum wallet in the search field.

  • Nanopool

It is one of the most popular pools for getting Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. It also features ZCash, Monero, Ravencoin, and Conflux. The reward system on the pool is PPLNS (20 minutes). That is, the pool distributes the reward for mining proportionally among all miners who participated in the block mining. The minimum payout on Nanopool, set by default, depends on the selected coin. The minimum payout on Nanopool can be changed. The commission is 1%.

Pools are one of the components of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Everyone wants to get the maximum profit through mining. So, when choosing a pool, review the list of available coins. Is there Ravecoin among them? Also, you should take into account the payout model and commissions as the ideal choice is a pool offering the lowest commission for transactions.



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