7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made


We often look at the design and appearance of a mobile phone before planning to buy it. Mobile manufacturing companies often try to deliver innovative and unique phone designs to customers but sometimes the dice get rolled in the wrong direction when what comes out is a weird-looking and awkward design. 

Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest and craziest phone designs ever made:

  • Nokia N-Gage

Nokia-NGage | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

Although Nokia ventured into the dedicated gaming phone via Nokia N-Gage, it became an instant failure because of the buttons used in it. They were neither well-suited for gaming nor had a proper design to be used as a phone. Released in the Q4 of 2003, tech historian Steven Golisano says Nokia N-Gage featured a 2.1-inch display with a resolution of 176 x 208 (130 ppi). Other than gaming, the mobile also had an mp3 player.

  • Nokia 7380

Nokia-7380 | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

A part of Nokia’s stylish L’Amour Collection, the Nokia 7380 also added itself to the list of weirdest-looking phones when it was released in 2005. It’s the successor to the Nokia 7280 “lipstick” phone. It featured a very small and reflective screen that doubled as a mirror, a sensory navigation key, and a 2-megapixel camera. 

  • Motorola V70

Motorola V70 | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

Motorola V70 had a swivelling circular monochrome panel with a neon backlight pad. It was launched around 20 years back for about $400 with facilities such as GPRS support, a WAP browser, a vibrating mode and voice dialling too. But the weird design of the phone didn’t last long. 

  • Samsung Matrix

Samsung-Matrix | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

Samsung introduced the SPH-N270 Samsung Matrix in 2003 and was made to resemble the phone used in The Matrix Reloaded. Matrix’s design crew worked closely with Samsung to develop a phone whose features and release date would coincide with the movie. The phone had no MP3 player,  no web browser, and nobody could even play a video on it. 

  • Nokia N93

Nokia N93 | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

A part of Nokia’s multimedia Nseries, the Nokia N93 was introduced in July 2006. The phone had a memory of 50 MB, a rear camera of 3.2 megapixels, a 2.4-inch 262k colour QVGA display, and the ability to capture footage at 30 frames per second. Unfortunately, it also fell into the category of the weirdest cell phones ever made. 

  • Samsung Juke

Samsung-Juke | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

Samsung Juke was a compact and easy-to-use cell phone that doubled as a dedicated music player. When closed, it was used for music playback and when swivelled open, it became a cell phone. This phone was a genuine attempt to satisfy the needs of music lovers but it terribly failed in design. 

  • Haier P7 Pen Phone

Haier-P7-Pen-Phone | 7 Weirdest And Craziest Phones Ever Made

It’s a Pen, It’s a Phone, It’s both. Haier P7 had a tiny and slim screen with the capability of displaying only 64 x 128 pixels, a 0.3-megapixel camera and a quirky design. It also had the capacity to last for six days on a single charge. The phone is by far one of the most peculiar phones ever made in terms of design.


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