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CFO StraTech 2023 ME: Igniting Transformation in Financial Leadership


After the resounding success of twelve consecutive CFO events, NetNex Global is poised to raise the bar even higher with the exclusive CFO StraTech 2023 ME conference. This exclusive gathering unites the brightest minds in business and finance, transcending the boundaries of a conventional conference. It serves as a nexus of brilliance, a platform where C-level Executives and Financial Leaders converge to engage in profound discussions and establish invaluable connections.

The core ethos of CFO StraTech 2023 ME revolves around ‘Learn, Leverage, Lead’. We understand the evolving landscape of financial leadership, where data is the linchpin of informed decision-making. This conference is tailored for CFOs who not only appreciate the power of data but also embrace strategies and technology to enhance visibility and control across their organizations.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of emerging trends and prioritizing digital transformation is not just a strategic advantage, it’s a necessity. CFOs need to be equipped to meet rising expectations, providing pertinent data and timely insights that drive organizational success. CFO StraTech 2023 ME is crafted to provide a platform for precisely this – a space where financial leaders can immerse themselves in cutting-edge insights and actionable strategies from collective experience.

The CFO StraTech 2023 will explore the wide-ranging challenges and opportunities facing today’s finance leaders. The sessions will draw insights from both expert speakers and attending delegates, offering a comprehensive perspective on the topic.

– CFO’s Role in Advancing the Sustainability Agenda
– Strategic Utilization of Data Analytics
– Mastering Change for Digital Financial Excellence
– Harnessing the Power of Scenario Planning 
– Leveraging Cost Optimization for Growth Initiatives
– Digital CFO: Objectifying the Digital Business Strategy

A stellar line-up of CFOs and leaders on the speaking panel from…

Olam Group | Al Shirawi Group | Dubai Holding | L’Oréal Luxe | Emaratech | Hitachi Energy | Baker Hughes Africa | | Martrade Group | Uber Middle East & Africa | Schneider Electric | Lesaffre | Thomson Reuters | Udrive | SNASCO

We are pleased to have partnered with leading solution providers who cater exclusively to CFOs or provide essential financial services. Gold partners include Jedox, Qashio, Thomson Reuters and Nexdigm. JSS Pro joins us as a distinguished networking partner.

Mark your calendars for an event that promises to shape the future of financial leadership. CFO Stratech 2023 ME is not just a conference; it’s an experience, a platform for forging connections that lead to lasting impact.

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