Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Hyderabad presents E-Summit 2024 Aarohati

Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Hyderabad presents E-Summit 2024: Aarohati

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E-Cell IIT Hyderabad combines the emotions of passion and resilience, an unquenchable thirst for the future of entrepreneurship. It shines like a confluence of sparks that light up the entire world.

It is the place where passion mingles with the cold calculations of the brain. It is the horizon where dreams intersect with truth. We are an organization that is thrilled with the concept of entrepreneurship and working as a team. We are Team E-Cell.

E-Summit ’24 – Aarohati: The Ascent of Entrepreneurship

Due to the feeling of commitment we feel towards promoting entrepreneurship. We are hosting Aarohati -Ascent to the Summit where this grand celebration aims to unravel the essence of the entrepreneurial journey, showcasing how individuals navigate the challenging path to reach the summit of excellence. We plan to celebrate the unwavering dedication in the pursuit of Ascent in Entrepreneurship.

Startup Fair-Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

E-Cell IIT Hyderabad has cultivated an environment that fosters mutual collaboration. In line with that, we are organizing a Startup fair which will be visited by top-notch Startups, Investors, Speakers, Organizations, and attendees from all over India.

The Event holds its excellence being based on 14+ specialized tracks. Each one holds its mark of excellence, whether it’s tech, sustainability, healthcare, or any other niche, there’s a track tailored precisely according to your requirements.

The Startup fair would be a crucial juncture of innovation where startups exhibit their groundbreaking thoughts, cultivating collaboration and speculation openings. This includes a layer of dynamism to E-Summit ’24, giving a stage for entrepreneurship to sparkle and an incredible chance to network.

Fetching Fortune by NPCI

One of the highlights of the E-Summit will be the Fetching Fortune Startup Pitch competition. It is a platform where ambitious entrepreneurs present their startup ideas for a chance to secure investment and support to turn their dreams into reality. This event is designed to foster innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and provide a platform for talented individuals to showcase their groundbreaking ideas.

On the last day of the E-Summit the shortlisted startups will pitch their in front of an audience of 3000+ people and a panel of judges in a nerve-racking 10-minute pitch. The excitement is palpable as these budding entrepreneurs vie for funding and cash awards in front of a live audience, making Fetching Fortunes the star attraction of E-Summit ’24.


To foster creativity and ideation, we have also brought a panel of esteemed guest speakers:

  • Acharya Prashant: IIT-IIM-Civil Servant 
  • Dr. Vijender Chauhan: Interviewer, Influencer, and Academic 
  • Dr. RadhaKrishnan Pillai: Author of Corporate Chanakya 
  • Amb. KP Fabian: Former Ambassador of India to Qatar, Kuwait Airlift Hero 

Other Exciting Events: 

  • Panel Discussions and Speaker Talks: Insights from renowned individuals shaping the Indian business and entrepreneurship landscape. 
  • Food Festival: A 3-day food fiesta featuring food startups, live cooking, engaging games, and diverse activities to please your taste buds.
  • Competitions: We also have a lineup of 9 incredible competitions for participants to show off their entrepreneurial skills.
    Win Prizes worth 1 Lakh +

What’s in it for Students? 

IIT Hyderabad E Summit

E-Summit ’24 offers students exclusive opportunities: 

  • Exclusive Workshops

They get to engage in hands-on workshops conducted by industry experts, empowering you with practical skills. 

  • Networking Hub

Students get to interact with professionals, startup founders, and like-minded peers in our dedicated networking zone. 

  • Career Guidance Desk

We can help them to seek guidance from experienced professionals on career choices, education paths, and entrepreneurial endeavours. 

  • Interactive Exhibits

They get to immerse themselves in interactive exhibits showcasing the latest technological advancements and startup innovations. 

You don’t want to miss the chance to be a part of E-Summit ’24 at IIT Hyderabadan event that transcends the boundaries of conventional entrepreneurship gatherings. 

Join us in celebrating the ascent of entrepreneurship, where ideas become reality, and innovation knows no bounds. 

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