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Features to Check in Sydney Student Housing

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The city of Sydney has a vibrant student community. Studying at one of the top Universities in the world gaining global exposure to all-around development opportunities are some of the reasons students choose Australia for education.

By staying in the heart of Sydney, you can explore and get inspired by the architectural brilliance, scenic nature spots, and welcoming community. You can visit to know more. The article will introduce features that your student housing should offer.

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Features to Check at a Sydney Student Housing

Room Type

The student housing provider should offer you different room options to choose from. For example, you could select to share a large apartment with 2, 3, or 5 other students. In this case, you can have your bedroom with a private bathroom and share other facilities like a kitchen and dining area.

You also have options of standard, superior, and premium studio apartment rooms. These rooms follow an open living area plan. You will have a spacious bed, a well-appointed kitchen, and a study area. The prices will vary depending on the room type.


Safety is undeniably a significant concern when it comes to living off-campus. Look for a property that offers security in the form of CCTV cameras and 24/7 onsite support.

Your rooms should be accessible through electronic cards allocated to you. Even in the case of shared apartments, your bedroom space should have a secure entry.


Look for a property that is located nearby to your University. The campus should be easily accessible through public transport if not close by. In addition, the commute time between campus and your accommodation should be minimal.

Several student housing properties are located within 2km of the University of Sydney. You can cycle over to the campus in 5 minutes with such a convenient location.  


Some of the standard facilities that you should be expecting at your student housing are:

  • Free and unlimited wifi throughout the property
  • Air conditioning
  • High security
  • Gym
  • Lounge areas

Other facilities such as cinema rooms, game areas, and communal kitchens offer you the opportunity to meet and interact with other students. Onsite laundry is another service you should look for as it can add convenience to your routine.

Outdoor Spaces

Open spaces such as a lush green courtyard or terrace make for an excellent place to hang out with other students. You can cook up a barbeque with friends or take a stroll by yourself and get some fresh air.

Outdoor spaces are essential as Sydney is a city that receives sunshine over 200 days a year. The pleasant weather and outdoors can do wonders for your spirit.  

Rental Assistance

There are student accommodations available in Sydney under various rental assistance programs. Moreover, there are also student housing provider-specific scholarships available. For example, NRAS is an initiative by the Australian Government which allows housing providers to offer students a discounted market rate.

If you plan to study in Sydney, consider features such as room type, facilities, security, location, and rental scholarships when looking for student accommodations. 

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