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What Are the Best Methods for Weatherproofing an Outdoor Kitchen?

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When the weather is fantastic, having an outdoor kitchen expands the living area, provides room for entertainment, and allows anyone to cook amazing meals without having to go inside. When the weather isn’t so great, though, it’s important to make sure the outdoor kitchen is protected. Since the kitchen will be exposed to the elements, make sure it is designed carefully with the weather in mind so it will be protected and last as long as possible. 

Plan Properly for the Weather

The considerations for the weather should begin during the planning process. Make sure the plans for an outdoor kitchen include weatherproofing where possible. Plans can include covering the kitchen to help prevent direct rainfall or snowfall, adding weatherproofed materials, and more. When this is done during the planning stage, the kitchen is protected from the start, minimizing any potential issues like rusting or rot. 

Choose the Right Flooring

The flooring in the kitchen needs to be rated for outdoor use. This doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or plain. Make sure it is safe to walk on the flooring when there is rain. If the flooring is too slick, it’s going to increase the potential for someone to slip and fall, which could lead to serious injuries. Instead, opt for something that is naturally slip-resistant, so it’s safe to walk on no matter the weather. If you are looking for the perfect flooring options then you can choose from a wide variety of Ceramic Kitchen Tiles, Vinyl Flooring, Marble Flooring and Bamboo Flooring for the outdoor kitchen.

Pick Weatherproofed Appliances

There are tons of unique and fun outdoor kitchen appliances to choose from. When picking out appliances, opt for stainless steel or other durable materials. These materials stand up to the weather better, so they’ll last longer. Make sure the appliances are designed to be used outdoors, as these have additional waterproofing measures in place to protect the electrical components. 

Choose the Right Hardware

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, even the smallest details matter. Picking out the hardware might seem like a monotonous task, but there are plenty of unique options to choose from. Just be careful to pick out hardware that is designed to be used outdoors. This prevents rust, rotting, and other damage from the rain, snow, and sun. 

Weatherproof the Lighting

waterproof light bulbs

The lighting should be rated for outdoor use. Make sure the lighting fixtures are designed to be used outside to protect the electrical components from the weather. There are various types of outdoor lightbulbs, as well, to look into when planning for lighting. Make sure there is plenty of lighting and that it’s in the right place to illuminate the kitchen if it starts getting dark, but everyone is still having fun outside. 

Use Outdoor Furniture

Furniture can be easily and quickly damaged by the sun and rain if it’s not designed with the weather in mind. Even in a covered area, unless there are walls blocking the sunlight and rain from the area completely, it’s best to stick with furniture designed for outdoor use. There are plenty of options that look amazing and don’t look like the plastic and metal chairs that everyone used to have on the patio. 

If you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, keep the weather in mind. By planning for the weather from the start and choosing weather-friendly options for the design, it’s easier to be sure everything will last for many years and you’ll be able to use the outdoor kitchen again and again. 


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