Full-Fledged & Easy to Navigate Tools for SVG Vector Files

Full-Fledged & Easy to Navigate Tools for SVG Vector Files

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Converting SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format into certain other supported formats is pretty simple with the assistance of a free SVG converter, a tool that permits you to convert different vector and raster files to and from SVG vector format. The below-mentioned SVG vector file converter allows you to make smooth and instant SVG conversions. 

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is referred to as the image-to-SVG converter that is packed with extensive functionality. It also comes with different photo editing options, which means you could sharpen every part of your photo without any issues. You can find that its interface is simple to use that lets you make the SVG conversion process straightforward. You simply have to import your existing images into this vector converter, launch the conversion and save the newly converted file. 

Additionally, once the SVG files are generated through this vector converter, make a single click to share it on social media. You can even navigate with its built-in editing features that assist to delete or alter the background, highlighting subjects, and more. 


  • This free SVG converter capable to convert your vector graphics into raster files
  • Straight-forward vector conversions 
  • Lets you resize files
  • Multiple editing options


  • None

The Online Converter

Get this noteable free SVG converter that functions to convert compatible files to and from SVG vector format. No matter whether you want to make SVG vector file conversions for your website or other platforms, this SVG file converter processes efficiently. You can create SVG files from existing raster graphics anytime and anywhere with this online vector SVG converter.

Although it is a freeware utility for making conversions for Scalable Vector Graphics, it still provides you with full-fledged outcomes. You can quickly convert SVG to JPG, PNG to SVG, SVG to EPS, SVG to PDF, PDF to SVG, SVG to AI, etc.


  • Make SVG vector files with high-colour and black-and-white tracing presets
  • Supports conversions for all well-known vector file formats
  • Convert SVG logos and drawings within a matter of seconds
  • Loaded with advanced settings for SVG files


  • No colour palette detection
  • No auto-generate vector file sample


Start using this open-source vector graphics tool that comes with a variety of graphics conversions and maintenance features. They include graphics rendering, text support, tracing presets, object creation and management. This is one of the best and free SVG converters for professional uses, it takes a matter of seconds to import and export SVG vector files. It not only permits importing Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw files but also lets you proceed with different other popular formats.

You can easily export a variety of formats as full-optimized SVG, HTML, and PMG files quickly. It also entertains you with the Clear Document features that function to enhance a file by deleting the unnecessary data that are packed from earlier design steps. To proceed with it, you ought to start editing the code directly in the XML editor panel.


  • Efficient vector positioning and pathing tools
  • Loaded with PMG, HTML, and certain other formats
  • Feature-rich source
  • Offers you document cleaning function


  • No keyboard shortcuts supported
  • Not at all support CMYK colour types


If a batch of vector file conversion is your goal, then you should proceed with Converseen right now. All the conversions for SVG vector files are only a couple of steps away with this fully free SVG converter. You can find that this platform uses ImageMagick, a tool to make conversions fast, reliable, and secure. 


  • Uses an efficient package named ‘ImageMagick’ for better outcomes
  • Set compression level for the vector files conversions
  • A process with background-colour management
  • Functions for importing Windows icons


  • No advanced tools are provided for editing
  • Does not let you add watermarks

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