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You are reading this because

  • You are a small business owner wanting to make the most out of your marketing efforts.
  • You constantly keep comparing yourself to other brands in the same line of business.
  • You have been introduced to integrated marketing but still wondering whether it’s your game. 

Well, it’s time to up your thinking! 

You see, for any small business owner, it is pretty apparent to think otherwise in adapting integrated marketing strategies. No wonder, with all the web, social media, email promotions, video creations, press releases, ad campaigns for multiple audience segments, and more, things can be a tad bit overwhelming. 

Nevertheless, with customers as the centerpiece, small businesses can significantly benefit from integrated marketing. In the past, we’ve had public relations as well as digital marketing working in silos. However, in time, things have changed. Now, marketing in startups has a chance to even it out all for maximum impact. 

In this post, we take a closer look at the key benefits from integrated marketing strategies streamlined for small businesses. 

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It’s all about brand visibility- everything and

Undeniably, one of the delightful takeaways of integrated marketing for a small business is the freedom to do away with the dilemma of traditional vs. digital channels.  Whether print or web, with integrated marketing strategies, you will always be a step ahead with your brand aiming for business automation directed towards seamless, omnipresent brand visibility across all channels.

Imparting a consistent voice for your brand

When you are looking to make an impact, the tone and voice of your brand play an important role. Now, it’s always good to change your style and voice to cut off the monotony, but too much change can be detrimental for potential leads. Thus, hiring an integrated marketing agency can help you line up your efforts right. Instead of working on setting the tone right separately for different channels, an integrated marketing agency can help coordinate the public relations and digital marketing doings to ensure consistency all the way.

Saving huge bucks

Besides imparting clarity to your brand, integrated marketing strategies can also help save money.

Consider what all goes into making a marketing campaign for a while – starting from the content, graphics, and implementation- everything costs money. With an integrated marketing approach, you can get more functional as it offers a unique chance to create such components more than once.

Say goodbye to creating new content each time to leave an impact across different channels. With integrated marketing, you can repurpose the same content, thus saving a lot of money fitting your budget and keeping your brand voice kicking.

Besides, integrated marketing strategies can help target your niche audience across PR and digital domains, thus doubling up your leads and boosting the chance of a conversion.

With each day, come-of-age consumers are craving for more. It is precisely why you need to brace up and put your best foot forward with a  slew of integrated marketing strategies. With marketing leaders 1.5 times more likely compared to mainstream marketers to adopt integrated marketing strategies, the story is due for a solemn turn.

Here’s a handful of best practices examples of integrated marketing strategies that you ought to embrace.

Customer Outreach For Recipes 

Brand: Pret A Manger 

Pret A Manger, which happens to be a natural food store brand, went ahead to ask their customers for their input across their menus and recipes. Then, they shared the same across their social media platforms. On finding their inclusions mentioned in the brand’s menu both digitally and in print, the customers instantly took to liking. They made it possible for the brand to form a connection that would last for long and engage even newer prospects.

And that’s not all! 

The company also launched their second all-vegetarian outlet in London, where they chose to include twenty such new items on their menu suggested exclusively by their customers. 

That’s the magic of customer outreach right there, working to build a solid brand presence.

“Change the Way You See Disability” Campaign 

Brand: ESSC 

“Don’t Exclude. Include,” – such as one of the many slogans that the ESSC (Easterseals Southern California) used in their integrated marketing campaign to feature people who sought to benefit from the brand. The slogan made it possible to resonate with their doings both across social media and reach thousands in print.

A Giant Story 

Brand: Intuit 

The power of narration comes the full monty in a video by Intuit, which saw a pivotal character as the centerpiece focused on their integrated campaign. Reportedly, the company is focused on targeting no less than 750 million people who are a part of a global workforce working independently. The company made it a point that every small business has something to take away from this meaningful video. 

Condoms For Pets

Brand: SPCA

In 2015, the San Francisco Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals came up with an advertisement highlighting the need to neuter one’s pet. To get the message across to the target audience, they also developed a website and printed brochures carrying mock condoms. 

Wrap up 

So, you see, integrated marketing strategies, when done right, not only put a different spin to your brand tone and voice but help establish an omnipresent brand identity. 

Besides, it also does away with the need to invest in PR and digital marketing separately, which significantly lowers your budget. In today’s connected world, where every customer is craving for more from brands, hiring an integrated marketing agency will always work towards bettering things on your behalf. 


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