How to Create a Loyal Fanbase for Your Live Stream

How to Create a Loyal Fanbase for Your Live Stream


A loyal fan base is the dream of every podcast host. People who regularly listen to the podcast and view the videos are important to the people who work hard and create informative content which would eventually be viewed around the world. A live stream app is needed to host your own podcast, and that live stream would be viewed by new as well as regular viewers. The higher the number, the higher the success rate of the podcast. There are a few things which you can do to increase the number of the loyal fan base, such as: 

How to Create a Loyal Fanbase for Your Live Stream
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1. Value the viewers

Every viewer is valuable, and the host should understand that. A person who spends time on the podcast, even if it is for a few minutes, should be valued as it would reflect on the podcast matric. The duration for which people stay on the podcast gives the host an idea about the expectations of the viewers and the areas to improve upon. Their feedback and thoughts should be valued and responded to in the casts to follow so that the viewers feel their opinion is valued. Every minute the people watch or the comment they make should be encouraged and appreciated. 

2. Provide value

The purpose of the podcast should be clear, and the content should provide value to the viewers. The content should be well-thought and planned, not just a random video to fill the slot. When the content provides value to the people, the fan base starts growing organically. The viewers should feel that the time they spend listening to the podcast is fulfilling a purpose, in either their learning or entertainment. 

3. Music and animations matter

The music and the animation in the podcast matter a lot. No one wants to sit through a monotonous session where the host speaks, and the people listen. Adding high-quality music and graphics grabs the attention of the people and makes them stay on the podcast for its entire duration. One should also understand the difference between music and noise; you don’t want to add music that eventually overshadows the content and reduces its impact. Creating the right balance is important, which would make the people enjoy their time at the podcast. 

4. Collaborate with others

Lastly, collaborating with others is also very important if you want to increase the fan base of your channel. When influencers come together, sharing the same ideas and thoughts, the chances of attracting common subscribers start increasing. It also improves the authenticity of the channel as the viewers find it easier to trust the information they get through collaborated efforts. Invite influencers to your channel, let them share their stories with your subscribers, and develop a collective approach to get a more loyal fan base. 

These are a few things that one can do to significantly increase the loyal subscribers and fan base. Loyalty needs time and consistent efforts by the host in the right direction. There should be no shortcuts or quick ways of increasing the subscribers, as those would not be counted as a loyal fan base. 


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