Suryan Organic: A One-Stop Shop For An Ethical, Premium Organic & Best Quality Products

Suryan Organic: A One-Stop Shop For An Ethical, Premium Organic & Best Quality Products

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“We firmly believe that embracing modernity while reviving Bharat’s traditional & vibrant cultural traditions holds the key to solving the challenges of the country as well as the entire humanity.”

Gopesh Sutariya
SOSE – Sidha Kisan Se,GIR Gauveda
(Suryan Organic)

With an aim to make a positive difference in rural economies by empowering farmers and helping them adopt ethical farming & production practices that are friendly to the ecosystem, Suryan Organic was founded by a family of farmers who are engaged in Bharat’s traditional & fully natural farming practices for at least the last 11 generations. 

Suryan Organic is inspired by Bansi Gir Gaushala which was established in 2006 by Shri Gopalbhai Sutariya as an effort to revive, regain and re-establish Bharat’s ancient Vedic culture. In Vedic traditions, the Gau was revered as Divine Mother, the Gaumata. With her blessings, Bansi Gir Gaushala is relentlessly working as a living laboratory to bring back Bharat’s ancient Vedic “Gau Sanskriti”, and introduce time-tested Vedic paradigms in all aspects of contemporary life.

Suryan Organic: A One-Stop Shop For An Ethical, Premium Organic & Best Quality Products


  • Health and Wellness

Suryan Organic, when thinks about Health and wellness for all, realises the importance of food. The ultimate aim is to make Ethical Food production and distribution more sustainable. 

  • SOSE – Sidha Kisan Se (Directly from farmers)

Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Under this domain, the mission of the organisation is to assist farmers in winning back the respect and prosperity they once enjoyed in ancient Bharatiya society.

  • An Agent of Constructive Change in Society

Suryan Organic is focused on creating a convenient and affordable service for delivering fresh, safe, natural, and healthy food straight from the farm to the consumer’s plate.


Suryan Organic is associated with thousands of organic and natural growing trusted farmers, from all over India. This is highly inspired by the idea of ‘Samruddh Kissan, Samruddh Bharat’ (Prosperous Farmer, Prosperous Bharat). 

 For farmers, Suryan Organic is:

  • Resourceful Knowledge Partner, committed to helping farmers understand the importance of organic farming and improve the productivity of their farms. Suryan Organic also lends a helping hand to small farmers by assisting them in acquiring organic certifications. 
  • Reliable Market Maker and Buyer to help them find the best price for their best quality organic produce. The brand also lends help in developing the business of farmers with new products and marketing. 


The brand shows the same level of commitment to consumers and resellers as it has to the farmers. With the idea of ‘Swasth Parivar, Swasth Bharat’ (Healthy Family, Healthy Bharat), Suryan Organic serves them as:

  • Extremely Dependable Suppliers to help them leave the unhealthy and lead an organic lifestyle. Suryan Organic leaves no stone unturned to determine if the products being offered by the brand to them are purely natural and organic. 
  • Creative Knowledge Partners with a purpose to help consumers enhance their well-being in line with Bharat’s ancient Vedic traditions. The brand is involved in designing new products which are in line with ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, while still being appealing to modern youth.


Suryan Organic is a one-stop solution for all kinds of organic products ranging from offering groceries, healthy snacks, tea & coffee, Gir Gau Products and immunity boosters to catering to personal care and health care requirements. 

  • Gir Gau Products: This includes a complete range of Beauty Care, Herbal Care, Home Care, Herbal Food, GIR Ghee, and GIR Ayurvedic Supplements.
  • Health Care Products: The brand offers Eye Care, Fertility Care, Child Care, Kidney & Liver Care, Joint, Muscle & Bone Care, Weight Gain/Loss, and Respiratory Health care products.
  • Tea, Coffee & Cocoa Products: Here are some products to start the day with an energetic and refreshing breakfast – Organic Tea, Coffee Powder, Coffee Beans, Cocoa Products, and Herbal Coffee are offered under this category.  
  • Personal Care Products: The brand offers fresh personal care products with the best of heavenly fragrances that come together with the best of Earthy Natural Ingredients. This includes a wide range of Body Care, Face Care, Oils & Aroma, Dental Care, Hair Care and many other Personal Care products.

“It gives me immense delight to mention that our Ethical and Herbal Products like Ghee, Medicated Ghee, Herbal Beauty products, Herbal Supplements & Medicines have helped bring lasting health to thousands of people over the last few years,” says Gopesh.


Suryan Organic: A One-Stop Shop For An Ethical, Premium Organic & Best Quality Products

Hailing from the house of  Suryan Organic, SOSE is an organic foods, natural home care and handmade personal care brand. 

“At the heart of SOSE – Sidha Kisan Se, is our unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable development for the entire nation through organic agriculture; wherein we make sure to operate an ethical and sustainable business that harms no one and benefits all,” mentions Gopesh, Founder of SOSE – Sidha Kisan Se.

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