The Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon

IIT Kharagpur’s Data Science Hackathon Ends With An Energetic Finale

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With 3500+ of the sharpest minds, 700+ of the best teams, two gruelling online rounds and a challenging presentation round, the country’s biggest hackathon – the Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon – finally reached its grand conclusion with an explosive Finale! Kharagpur Data Analytics Group, IIT Kharagpur successfully conducted the 3rd edition of its flagship event – the Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon, sponsored by Axtria, Ingenious Insights, media partnered with The Global Hues & OpIndia and in collaboration with Kshitij, Asia’s largest Techno-Management fest. The Hackathon aims to bring together some of the brightest minds in the country to compete on challenging real-world problems and transform their innovative ideas into practical solutions.

This year, powered by our sponsor – Axtria, Ingenious Insights, the hackathon reached even newer heights as it saw an overwhelming response by teams competing from some of the best institutions in the country, such as IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad etc. The problem statement was immensely challenging and stumped even the best of the teams. For the Final Presentation round, the teams had to present their solutions to some of the country’s most experienced and knowledgeable panellists.

IIT Kharagpur Event

Mr Puneet Singh Bhatia, Senior Director, R&D at Axtria, graced the Tech-Summit – an event featuring some of the most prominent industry leaders across different companies and sectors – as an esteemed panellist. Speaking at the event, he shared his vast knowledge and invaluable insights on various topics like Industry 4.0, Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and its rapidly growing influence on IoT Integration, Automation, Supply Chain and Commercial Operations across different industries – small and big. 

Mr Joginder Tuteja, Head – Campus Recruitment at Axtria, also shared his valuable thoughts: “Axtria has always been supportive of talent and opportunities for people to excel in the field of data analytics and machine learning. IIT Kharagpur has been shaping young minds and moulding them for the future. Courses like data analytics and machine learning are what Axtria has been focusing on and has built its business on, as they are the needs of the future. We are delighted to encourage and interact with such brilliant minds.” 

Kharagpur Data Analytics Group heartily congratulates the winners –

  1. Lunatic Bytes 
  2. StatisticalBros
  3. Data Hackers

for their incredible efforts and hard work that went behind the Hackathon. We also thank all the participants for their time and effort and wish them the best. 

Kharagpur Data Analytics Group thanks Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur, for providing us with a platform to conduct this event.

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