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“The best part of being an entrepreneur is you can inculcate your own value system in the organization while taking each step towards your ultimate goal.”
Koheli Puri (Founder & MD, StudioXP)

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Follow your passion — and if you don’t know what it is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.” Unlike many, Koheli Puri, the Founder and Managing Director of StudioXP was convinced about her goals from a very young age. She had always dreamt of owning an empire in the corporate real estate world that was entirely her creation. With ample zeal and dedication towards her target, she started working towards it from a really young age. In order to create her own enterprise in the corporate real estate world, Koheli Puri aligned her educational background in a way that would assist her in achieving this goal. With a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and an M.tech in ‘Building Engineering and Construction management’ from IIT Delhi, she comes with an exceptional educational foundation.


Koheli Puri is no less than an inspiration. She believes that if the goals are worked for with a needle-sharp focus, nothing is impossible. 

Koheli, a dynamic personality, has worked at leadership level in one of the top Multinational Company in her relevant field for over 7 years and has two decade-long experience in the real estate and the construction industry where she has delivered multiple large-scale commercial developments. 

In 2011, she began her ultimate entrepreneurial journey by launching StudioXP, a renowned Real Estate Development Management and Design & Build Firm. While launching the company she, as an entrepreneur, was aware that running a business is hard and running a successful business is even harder. Therefore, she developed different stocks of information from various organizations to influence her ability to launch and act on entrepreneurial opportunities. The Skillset & knowledge that she derived from these companies, helped her in creating a brand of paramount importance. 

StudioXP has successfully completed 10 years of working with the best of the clients and is growing with them multifariously. Despite a myriad of uncertainties and socio-economic turmoil over the decade, the company has managed to consistently grow multi-fold due to an unstoppable and passionate team. 


When it comes to running a burgeoning business, the right mindset and persistent values are as pivotal as earning profits. For Koheli, the best part about being an entrepreneur is to be able to inculcate her own value system in all levels of the organization. 

She has set trailblazing goals for her company and working with a team that is in alignment with her vision helps her work towards the goals bit by bit each day. 

Koheli is emerging as a visionary and takes immense pride in embracing and building her own business empire, StudioXP. Facing the successes and failures of her company has made her a resilient, strong-willed, and determined entrepreneur who has seen all the ups and downs during the journey.


“In my opinion, a good leader should emerge as a good human being first with qualities like Empathy, Resilience, Decisiveness, Clarity in thought process and Strategic thinking. They should have the prowess to emerge as a visionary,” Koheli remarked.

While taking business decisions, Koheli always takes into consideration three requisite aspects: Humanity, Integrity, and righteousness. She also believes that it is imperative to know the competitors, their value-added services & innovative approach, which helps one to take a strategic decision towards business expansion, development, and growth. 


StudioXP, established in 2011, is a highly acclaimed Real Estate Development Management Firm, with multi-disciplinary specialist skills and experience in Architecture, Interiors & Construction of Corporate Campuses/offices, Commercial Projects, I.T. Parks, International Schools, Hotels, Healthcare, Industrial & Data Center Projects. An ISO-9001 certified company accredited for Quality Management in providing exquisite Services, StudioXP is currently providing comprehensive services to several Fortune 500 companies, National & Multi-national Corporate Clients, Developers, IPC’s, Private Equities in Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore region and Dubai. 

The company provides end to end hassle-free real estate solutions to its esteemed clients.  Some of the core offerings of the company include Development Management, Architecture & Interior Design, Funded Fitted out Model, Design & Build services.


Koheli devises and implements well thought out strategies to set her company’s services apart from similar-sized players in the market. The exceptional services and prime verticals of the company are the company’s USP. StudioXP is the only company where the Owners and Directors hail from the same background in their respective verticals. There are very few companies in the market that have Architectural design and Construction/Construction management as their prime verticals providing individual services as market leaders. That is one of the reasons, the company is able to provide clients with well-informed quality services and end-to-end solutions. The company believes in ‘word of honour’ which is quite rare in the Real Estate industry. 


“Integrity, accountability to quality services, a commitment to timely delivery, and trust & transparency in relationships across all levels from clients to the entire team at StudioXP are our core values. These values are the essence of our identity,” Koheli asserted. 

StudioXP ensures that its ethics and principles are briefed to all the employees who join the organization and are provided with proper orientation. The company has a process of checks and balances in place to ensure that its values are carried forward by each and every team member across all regions as it takes up assignments in Pan India.


It is the company’s values of accountability, delivery commitment, innovative design approach, quality construction, and transparency that ensure a strong and repetitive clientele.   

The company is currently providing Development Management, Design & Built, and end-to-end real estate solutions to several Fortune 500 companies, National & Multi-national Corporate Clients, Developers, IPC’s, Private Equities in Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Dubai.

The list of esteemed clients includes Ultimate Kronos Group, Lumens Technology, Ericsson, Brookfield, Black Stone, DLF, Nucleus office space, Jaipur Development Authority, Trinity Life sciences, Religare, Ienergiser, HCL, RMS, AXA XL, Oyo, Three Pillars Global, JFL Group, Pine labs, Centrum, Bank of America and many others. 


No matter what struggles an entrepreneur goes through, they should not deviate from the focus necessary to keep an unwavering eye on the end goal. Koheli is one such personality. She strongly believes that hurdles stimulate growth and navigating one’s way amidst challenges and hurdles builds resilience. She always stays focused and never gives up. Having ventured into a stream that had a number of tough established competitors, it was her educational background, ethical policies, the experience of working at leadership levels in reputed companies, commitment, professionalism, accountability & a ‘never say never’ attitude that has helped in building client’s trust and taking the company to the next level. 



StudioXP is an organization where people, passion, and process meet to deliver the best solutions. The company desires to:

  • Be as receptive as possible as an organization so that it’s easier for clients to feel comforted during interactions.
  • Provide best in class services for complete Development Management including Architectural design & Construction and add real value to developers, funds, financial institutions, and Corporate/Commercial Occupiers to help them in taking well-informed quality real estate decisions.
  • Provide employees with best-in-class and specialized skills in a highly rewarding and caring environment to boost professional career and growth.


The vision of StudioXP provides a line of sight to the entire organization. StudioXP aims to:

  • Be the customer’s first preference in India to cater to large-scale development projects for corporates, IT, ITES, Commercial Projects in the next 5 years.
  • Create sustainable buildings & technologically advanced campuses, that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also create value for occupiers and investors.


“Brain is the best thing given to human beings that gets sharper the more it’s used. My advice to budding female entrepreneurs is–Dream Big to Achieve Big”, Koheli said with affirmation. 

Planning properly, thinking strategically, and implementing smartly are equally important factors for success. Qualities of dedication, patience, perseverance & inbuilt managerial capabilities are also important for any budding entrepreneur to make a mark. 


Koheli Puri and StudioXP have been the recipient of many spectacular awards and accolades. Some of the prestigious awards include:

  • Indian Achievers’ Award 2021 for Business Leadership by Indian Achievers’ Forum
  • Featured in Forbes India Marquee June 2021
  • Self Made Women Award 2021 by Digilive in recognition of extraordinary contribution to society
  • Winner of Women Leader in Male Dominant Industry – at Women Leadership Summit and Awards 2021 by Transformance Forum
  • Women Empowerment Leadership Award by URS Media and Asia one in 12th Asian Business and Social Summit 2019 in September 2019 
  • Times Business Award Reality for Commercial Architecture and Interiors in March 2018 and April 2019
  • Featured in Asia One, The Only Pan Asia Business And News Magazine – for Brand Image and Brand Leaders under the Category of Interior Infrastructure Projects in 2017
  • Featured in Silicon India Magazine on Women Entrepreneurs Building India Globally in 2017
  • Felicitated in Dubai as one of “The Greatest Brands & Leaders 2016-17 – Asia & GCC-in India UAE Business Forum – Process Reviewers PricewaterhouseCoopers PL” in May 2017
  • Received “Company of the Year” award in Design and Built Projects Category in 2016 for its Innovative design, quality, and on-time Project Delivery
  • Rated amongst the top 25 Architects for Corporate Office Project Pan India by Consultants Review Magazine in 2016
  • Featured in A+D (Architecture + Design) magazine containing Design with Edge – for its creativity excellence in 2015


When your goals and dreams are more important than your distractions, welcome to the 1% club.

With the core values of Transparency, Trust, and Accountability, Koheli Puri has been able to establish StudioXP as one of the prominent real estate development management firms in the country. She is indeed a woman of power, wisdom, and influence, making a bold mark in the corporate world. 



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