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Creativity is not just restricted to aesthetically beautiful things that are pleasing to the eye. It can be in any form and in any profession as long as there is joy in creating what one has done. – Lipika Sud (Director, Lipika Sud Interiors)

Design is not a static profession. It changes when styles evolve, technologies advance, and challenges propel. Interior design companies nowadays understand the importance of modern designs. One such company that not only values modern designs but also combines traditional aesthetics to design creative spaces is Lipika Sud Interiors.

Lipika Sud Interiors is a popular interior design company founded by Lipika Sud, a renowned Interior Designer and a leading entrepreneur with an expertise of more than 3 decades in the field of interior design, Project Management, and Sustainability. She is widely recognized for her unique design sensibilities. Her passion for design is reflected in each and every project she handles, be it residential, corporate, or a hotel. 

She is a design thinking expert and is known for her creative imagination, and has designed several prestigious projects in India and abroad. She is also a famous design strategist and a Trend Analyst. Her firm, Lipika Sud Interiors offers interior and furniture designing and styling services and consultancy services with turnkey design solutions.

Lipika also runs Art n Aura, an art services company. She is currently serving as the President of The Guild of Designers and Artists. She is also the International Executive Council Member of the SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council (SCWEC). Not only this, she is also the Co-Chairperson of The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (Infrastructure) and a Past Chairperson of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers – DRC.


Lipika Sud used to win many prizes in painting competitions. One of her paintings was released as a stamp on Children’s day. 

Her college background does not resonate with the profession she is pursuing right now. Lipika is an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce. She is a postgraduate from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and also holds a degree in Law from The Law Faculty of Delhi University. Initially, she gravitated towards a corporate job because of her qualifications. 

But a corporate job could not satisfy her creativity. She enjoyed doing interior designing. While she worked at the Taj Hotels, she enjoyed doing the project and thus, understood the right career for her i.e. interior designing. That’s when she left her job and took to interior design. She opened her own Design studio in 1989 and never looked back. 

Lipika Sud Interiors


The company believes that good design is about understanding people and creating delight and pleasures for them to cherish. It provides many design services.

  • Residence Design Solutions: Designing a residence, be it a villa, apartment or farmhouse, is always a challenge. The company carefully understands the client’s dreams and translates them into a reality.

  • Corporate Design Solutions: A good corporate space leads to greater team productivity. The company understands the need to create and design a comfortable working environment to help employees reach their full potential, thereby ensuring increased productivity.

  • Hospitality Design Solutions: Offering turnkey solutions to the people, the company specializes in designing hotels, stores, restaurants, salons, and spas.

  • Institution and Hospital Design Solutions: Realizing the importance of designing an institution or a hospital, Lipika Sud Interiors creates welcoming spaces that showcase the brand and its dynamics in a sophisticated interior environment. 
  • Furniture Services: A good furniture is a feeling. Realizing how important it is to make the right choice for furniture, the company delivers a comfortable, classy, and charming setup. 
  • Art and Craft Services: The company provides out-of-the-box art and craft services. Lipika’s signature is to combine traditional aesthetics with modern design. This service is a step towards celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India.


Lipika’s campaign “Proud to be Indian by Lipika Sud” is a step towards keeping the dying crafts which is a part of India’s rich cultural heritage. It provides design intervention to Indian craftsmen and creates market linkages for them in order to keep the rich Indian cultural heritage alive.


Lipika Sud Interiors works with many prominent and big clients like Havells, Hyundai, Daikin, Nerolac, Ericsson, Hindustan Unilever, Study Mate, Sharda University, Hindustan Times, Lalit Great Eastern Hotel, Bloomberg Technology, DMRC, Omaxe, Taj Hotels, and many more. 

kid room interior


According to Lipika, design is creativity put in perspective that touches the inner core of a human and translates into a visual delight for other people to enjoy. She says creativity leads to business, but business affords creativity. For her, design is everything, it should meet new requirements or current market needs. Every design should be out-of-the-box and futuristic.


Lipika Sud has a unique definition of creativity. She believes that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul and is very important. The human mind is creative; it can create so many beautiful things. Creativity can be in any form as it is not just restricted to creating aesthetically beautiful things. It is an out-of-world feeling to be able to make something extraordinary, something out of nothing, starting from imagination to translating it into a reality. 


The challenge according to her is to create something new and unique each time from the start to the finishing process but the company enjoys creating unique and creative designs for the clients. According to Lipika, the delight of transforming a completely blank space into a three-dimensional livable space can’t be defined. It’s inexpressible. This kind of creative satisfaction is just similar to giving birth to a child.


Lipika Sud has been awarded with many prestigious awards because of her exemplary work in the field of interior designing:


  • The FICCI FLO Outstanding Women Achiever Award 
  • Woman Achiever Award by Amity University
  • Designer of the Decade Award 2021 by Eldrok India
  • Design Professional of the Year by Indian Home Congress
  • Best Designer for Creative Excellence by Society Interiors
  • WCRC Excellence in Women’s Empowerment Award 
  • SRCC Professional Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013
  • 50 Most Talented Green Leaders in India by World CSR Forum

Ever since the inception of Lipika Sud Interiors, the company has been using the rich cultural heritage of traditional Indian art and craft to create unique and mesmerizing designs. Today, because of its philosophy, the company is reaching new heights every day and is considered one of the top interior designing companies.  



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