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We give utmost attention to every detail on each project because we believe that for any homeowner, a home is the best and highest investment. – Mohamed Imran (Managing Director, Skyline Spaces)

Skyline Spaces is a Bangalore-based Interior Design Firm specializing in residential and commercial design. It understands the importance of innovative and inspiring design, with a focus on quality and brand integrity to stimulate clients.

It is known for its reliability and attention to detail on every project making the client’s experience with the company authentically different. The company designs both modern and traditional designs with a unique twist, turning any space into a powerful expression of the client’s personality. 

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“We give utmost attention to every detail on each project because we believe that for any homeowner, a home is the best and highest investment,” says Mohamed Imran while mentioning the USP of the company. Skyline Spaces is unique in the market because of its:

  1. Creative Thinking: The company is highly creative as its strength and success come back from recognizing that every client, site, and location has a distinctive personality. It tends to create contemporary, inspiring, and bespoken spaces and environments that are tailored to each client. The company’s ability to adapt to completely different designs and a willingness to collaborate with the client ensures that no two projects look identical.2. Concept and Details: The company is highly passionate about what it does for its clients. The team arrives at work each day inspired and more passionate than the day before. It is open to challenges. Skyline Spaces constantly explore global design trends and procure innovative materials, process and technologies in the world of designing.3. Architecture and Design: The company delivers the best services to its clients. It aims at building partnerships with clients and delivering ideas of substance.skyline spaces


Skyline Spaces promises on-time delivery, reliable quality services, and products, and exclusive 3D designing services. Its main services are:

1. Residential Interior Solutions

Skyline Spaces has a dedicated team of designers who are committed to achieving an aesthetically pleasing environment and comfortable interiors for their clients with design innovation and expertise in applying the latest trends, finishes, and technology to exceed client’s expectations. Under residential interior solutions, the company offers:

a. Modular Kitchen Design Solutions: The company has different modular kitchen designs to help people optimize on their own and get themselves a glamorous treat. From uber-glam countertops to classic backsplashes to whimsical lighting, the company has got all the kitchen revamping inspiration.

b. Wardrobe Design Solutions: The company offers a thoughtfully curated wardrobe collection. Their range includes a wide choice of materials and colors to suit every mood, and different sizes to suit every nook. From free-standing wardrobes with both sliding and hinged door options to the PAX system, Skyline Spaces delivers the best wardrobe designs.

c. Living Room Design Solutions: It designs harmonious and elegant living rooms and customizes any living rooms design based on the functional needs of that space.

d. Bedroom Design Solutions: The company offers great designs comprising of headboard, paneling, adequate lighting effects with false ceiling. Also, the king-size beds that are perfect for snuggling. Many of its beds also have smart storage options to tuck away bed linen, extra pillows, and quilts. Its cots and children’s beds keep the kids safe and comfortable through the night. It also provides a great collection of sofa beds.

2. Commercial Interior Solutions

The company is specialized in commercial interior designing of office spaces, corporates, retail shops, and many more turnkey projects. Under commercial interior solutions, the company offers:

a. Corporate & Office Interior Design Solutions: The company offers corporate and office interior design professional services to office and corporate spaces. While designing the corporate spaces, it focuses on form, functionality, and flow to develop high levels of productivity.

b. Retail Interior Design Solutions: At Skyline Spaces, retail shop interior designers design functional demands of shop layout with an appeal that endears customers to stores. The company caters to a variety of retail environments including stores, spas, showrooms, and boutiques.

c. Hotel & Restaurant Design Solutions: The company creates modern, traditional, and contemporary interior designs for hotels and restaurants. Its professional Interior Designers make sure that the hotel or restaurant space decor matches the most desired design.

3. Construction Solutions

The company integrates both interior design and project management to manage all aspects of construction solutions for home and office spaces. It creates conceptual designs, detailed drawings, timelines and builds homes and office spaces in a fast-tracked and cost-effective method. Under construction services, the company provides residential and commercial building construction solutions.

a. Commercial Building Construction: The company specializes in designing, developing, and building restaurants, retail outlets, shopping centers, hospitality, office, and industrial projects across the country. As a renowned construction organization, it adheres to strict project guidelines and schedules and helps the clients in acquiring setups that are well within their budgets. It aids the clients with exceptional commercial building construction solutions and helps them in acquiring functional, unique, and futuristic commercial centers that are architecturally beautiful and impeccable at the same time.

b. Residential Building Construction: For each residential construction project, the company handles everything from purchasing the perfect land to constructing and designing the building. It designs single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and multi-family homes.


Mentioning the clientele of the company, Farhan says, “We cater mostly to IT professionals, doctors, and working professionals. We ensure the unbreakable faith of our clients by providing good quality as promised and sticking to timelines.”


Farhan highlights the team ethos of the company and says, “Scaling new heights in creativity and carving a niche in interior designing space is the motto of our team.” 

As the team is highly passionate, dedicated, and focused on offering excellent services, it allows the company to handle the projects from the beginning till the end. 


The company’s philosophy is to work in close collaboration with its clients to design a unique space. Its tailor-made approach ensures that clients gain appreciative value to their homes, establishments, supporting their corporate identities, and strengthening their brands.

When asked about the biggest opportunities facing the interior designing industry, the Managing Directors said, “Because it’s an open market and homeowners having a wider choice to select the best interior designers for their dream home is the biggest opportunity.  Our Customised approach with the best designs and services is the key.”


“To me, success means design the best home, convert the same into reality, and bring joy to the homeowners’ faces. But as a company, we aim to become one of the trusted Home Interiors brands for homeowners and we are inching towards it,” says Imran.

Skyline Spaces is emerging as one of the leading firms specializing in providing end-to-end Interior Solutions. It is bringing out the true essence of interior designing by constantly creating, innovating, and delivering the best quality services.



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