Meraki The Annual Cultural Fest of Narsee Monjee College is Back Again

Meraki, The Annual Cultural Fest of Narsee Monjee College is Back Again

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Meraki, the annual cultural fest of NMIMS KPMSOL is back again. Be it a gender-sensitive and proactive movie premiere filled with dancing with the icon, Madhuri Dixit or the Dance ka Bhoot flash mob collaboration with Brahmastra, Meraki has done it all. 

The word Meraki means doing something so passionately that you leave a part of your soul with the work you present and that is exactly the sort of spirit that our Organising Committee has embodied this entire year. Everyone is extremely excited to witness the biggest scale that Meraki has reached yet! 

This year the fest brings to you a mixture of events ranging from dance, drama, poetry, gaming and music to marketing and business for the nerds, all under the theme of Navrasa, the nine human emotions with alluring chaos and a new spin on traditional competitions. Much like this fest, Navrasa is the state from which an emotion is born, emotions that last as long as memory does and the organisers want to make this the most important and fond memory of yours. 

In addition to cultural events, Meraki also took the initiative to contribute to social causes in the form of a beach clean-up drive at Juhu Beach and a clothes donation drive in collaboration with the lega laid clinic of the college. In the attempt to reach new heights, the organisers will also be collaborating with Zen Digital Media as ‘Outdoor Digital Media Partner’. The student would love for you to watch out for pronite announcement in a few days! Meraki is moving to an open-ground event for the first time ever and it’s definitely going to be an event to watch out for! 

With only a few days remaining for all the craziness to start, the team ranging from the Performing Arts department and their interpretation of events following the theme of Navrasa or the Literary Arts department with their murder mysteries and slam poetries – they all have been diligently working to create the best experience for all attendees. Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the best college fests in town!

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