10 Best Online Courses To Boost Resume

List of 10 Best Online Courses to Boost Resume

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A resume not only reflects your qualifications and education but also projects light on extra skills and specializations. There are many online courses available on different websites that help a person to learn something new and extra to their resume. It also helps in boosting up the resume. Enrolling in skills will boost brain functioning during the holidays and free time. Here’s a list of online courses to enroll to add extracurricular skills to your resume and impress the company you wish to apply in.


Definition: Social media marketing, in simple terms, is a form of internet marketing in which content is shared on social media platforms to achieve certain marketing objectives.

Nowadays, if you apply to any business company, they want their employees to have basic knowledge about social media marketing. If you apply for any SMM course, you will learn all the fundamentals of the course.

In the era of the contemporary world, most of the customers today interact with different brands and companies through social media. Therefore, learning the social dynamics of social media marketing has become very significant. SMM also teaches you how to take your company to heights.


Definition: HTML is a simple and standard markup language that we use to create web pages. The language describes the structure of a web page.

It may sound a little complicated to learn a coding language but HTML is a very basic language that requires a simple system. HTML is used in many professions because it requires basic knowledge. So, it is vital to learn some fundamentals of the language. You don’t need to learn it at an advanced level to enter the job market.

You need a desktop or a laptop and some free time to learn this new skill that will help you to boost your curriculum vitae.You can use free resources like W3school and html.com


Definition: As the name suggests, Adobe Photoshop is a software that is used to edit, create, enhance, and retouch images. You can use it on both Windows and macOS computers. Adobe Photoshop is a very in-demand skill in the market nowadays. If you apply to any company for any kind of job, Photoshop skills will make an excellent impact on the mind of the employer.

Basic photography and image editing skills are always preferred in the market as visual content is becoming extremely significant. Visuals help a lot in analyzing and interpreting any content easily.


Definition: Microsoft Excel is a software that uses spreadsheets (made up of rows and columns) to organize numerical data by using formulas and functions. It is used by various companies to maintain records and reports.

We usually think that we know enough about Microsoft Excel, there is no need to learn it. But learning more about MS Excel causes no harm instead will add more valuable skills. When you are free at home, you can register yourself for an online MS Excel course that will help you to learn its fundamentals at an advanced level.

Undoubtedly, an MS Excel course in your resume is going to impress the employers and will immediately prompt the employer to hire you.


Definition: Communication is the first and foremost tool to interact with your audience. Public speaking helps you to communicate with a larger audience. It develops your confidence as it sharpens your critical thinking and verbal and non- verbal communication skills.

By learning this course, you will learn how to speak confidently in front of your target audience and deliver arguments (basic as well as complex), opinions, facts, and informative presentations.

Therefore, enrolling yourself in an online public speaking course will boost your resume and will always encourage you to become a self-assured being.


If you are born with business dreams and passionate about sales and marketing then a crash course in entrepreneurship is going to help you a lot. This course will guide you on how to find early customers and maximize customer feedback.

The course is also beneficial as it directs you on how to avoid the most common early-stage mistakes and painful pitfalls of running a business. So, if you want to make your entrepreneurship skills then a business course certification is the rational choice. It will immediately impress the employer as you have already taken the initiative to try and understand how businesses work.


Definition- It is a software designed for creating drawings, illustrations, and artwork using Windows or macOS computer. It is specifically used by designers to create posters, logos, symbols, icons, and patterns.

This course can boost your CV if you are planning to become a graphic designer or you love designing. Furthermore, this will also help you in designing infographics, vector illustrations, and colorizing traced hand drawings. You will also learn useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices. So, if you want to learn illustrator from the start the way a professional would use it then, apply for a beginner-level course.


Definition- Digital marketing is a strategy in which businesses leverage social media, email, and other digital channels to connect with their customers.

Digital marketing is going to boost your CV. It will help you learn social media marketing using all social media platforms, helping you grow your business. It will increase your email list, website traffic, subscriber count, social media following, and many other vital skills.

If you want to apply as a digital marketer or have an interest in this profession then don’t waste your time. Do an online course in digital marketing.


Definition– Business communication is the process of sharing information between people within and outside a company. One needs to do effective business communication, it is all about how employees and management interact to reach organizational goals.

We think that it is easy to communicate with a person but business communication is somewhat different. It helps you in writing business letters, professional emails, and other business-related pieces. Most significantly, it teaches you how to conduct yourself professionally. So, applying to this course is a rational choice to make.


Definition– These are the skills that you need to deliver effective and engaging presentations to a wide audience.

Good presentation skills not only help you in presenting an idea clearly and understandably but also boost your confidence. You need to develop skillful presentation skills no matter what the profession is. Any profession demands presentation skills that you can easily learn by applying to an online course.

It is not always vital to pursue courses that are related to your field or subject. You can always choose to learn different skills that give a good impression about you. Give a try to the above-mentioned courses to boost your resume.

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