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Diacare Solutions and its newest wing Quality Kidney Care is one of the leading companies dealing in the trading of dialysis disposables & equipment in the country. It was started in 2015 by eminent professionals- Rakesh Mittal, Santosh Dwivedi, Jigar Shah, and Ajeet Mishra, with a vision to provide Dialysis Disposables Equipment & Services at affordable prices to the customers. They have successfully established their company as a distinguished organization on account of its premium quality products, timely services, and cost-effectiveness. Places that benefit from their products include – Government, Dialysis clinic chains, medical institutes, and corporate hospitals. The company associated itself with many international companies to procure goods directly from them under OEM contracts and long-term sales and marketing rights.


The Dire Scenario Of Dialysis Treatment In India

The cost of each hemodialysis (HD) session in India varies in different hospitals. In a government hospital, it’s free whereas in a corporate hospital it can go up to Rs 2500 per session. The monthly cost of HD in most private hospitals on average is Rs 25,000. Since subsidized Dialysis or Dialysis at government hospitals is not available everywhere so most of the dialysis patients depend on private dialysis and i.e. the reason why more than 90% of the population of India cannot afford it.

Thus there was a genuine need to introduce products that were not only qualitative in nature but could also help in reducing the dialysis cost. This is what makes the ‘Dialyzer Reprocessing System’ by Diacare Solutions a much-needed technological innovation.



Since dialysis is a continuous process and patients have to incur heavy expenses on a weekly basis, so to reduce the burden of such patients, the company invested almost 2 years in R&D to develop a world-class “Diacare – Dialyzer Reprocessing System”. This machine supports in providing quality and cost-effective dialysis.

Dialyzer (artificial kidney) is an integral part of dialysis. It carries out the main function of dialysis via the dialysis machine. Dialyzer reuse is common practice in the US. In India, it can play a major role in keeping the cost to a minimum for the common public. Dialyzer Reuse has other benefits like –

  • Reduction of carbon footprints 
  • Fewer Landfills

The Product “DIACARE- DIALYZER REPROCESSING SYSTEM” performs this crucial task automatically with complete adherence to the international guidelines for ‘Dialyzer Reprocessing’. The System not only reprocesses the dialyzers for them to be used again effectively but also keeps track of the reprocessing via an inbuilt report generator and label printer.



Incredible Features of The Dialyzer Reprocessing System

Ideally, a Dialyzer Reprocessing System involves the following steps-

  • Flushing Dialyzer: This removes excessive blood from the dialyzer membrane.
  • Cleaning Dialyzer: Cleaning the dialyzer thoroughly.
  • Testing Dialyzer: Testing the dialyzer for its operational efficiency in being reused.
  • Disinfecting Dialyzer: Filling the dialyzer with a cold sterilant (Reagent) for its disinfection.
  • Record Keeping: Tracking the steps of dialyzer reprocessing in the machine itself.

However, most machines currently available in India only perform the first four steps listed above in the process of dialyzer reprocessing. The fifth step- Record-Keeping is often brushed

aside despite the chances of human error being the most here. While developing the Dialyzer Reprocessing System, Diacare Solutions has laid great emphasis on the fifth step through a mechanism that tracks the steps of the dialyzer reprocessing in the machine itself while eliminating the need for an operator to keep a record. Operator safety, ease of operation, providing a simple and effective user interface, and effective cleaning techniques for better clearance during dialysis have also been ensured.

The machine is sold as a complete system with barcode, label printer, car code scanner, battery backup, and an inbuilt report generator as standard accessories. This makes the machine a world-class product that has advanced features and is cost-effective. All the parts used in the machine are designed and developed in India, adhering to the “Make In India’’ initiative by the Government of India.

This product has the best in segment features like inbuilt report generators, which eliminates the need for an operator for record-keeping. Effective cleaning of the dialyzer is ensured so that it provides maximum clearance (removes toxins) during dialysis. It also has a system check cycle that ensures operators’ safety. 

For the first time in the industry, revolutionary features have been introduced such as, battery backup (Inbuilt), barcode label printer, scanner (directly controlled by the machine), and Sterilant consumption monitor that keeps track of reagent consumption by the machine.

As kidney patients are growing tremendously there is a huge shortage of qualified technicians who can operate this machine. The user interface boasts of a 7 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen and a graphical user interface that works magically. A layman can easily use the machine without any difficulty. Voice assistance and a smart alarm system have been implemented for ease while operating.

The attributes behind the company’s success are state-of-the-art production facilities, a quality management system, extensive R&D, and a customer-oriented approach. Furthermore, the company is dynamic enough to meet the ever-changing requirements of the healthcare market. Diacare solutions are a new startup business in the healthcare industry by a group of well-educated young and experienced professionals, who have more than 15 years of experience in the renal industry. With the timely planning of required disposables, a good network of dealer associations, and a supply chain service provider, the company has been able to provide timely delivery of equipment and services.



Diacare Solutions was registered in July 2015, backed with the expertise of its founders from their 15 years of market experience in the renal industry. The management team includes highly educated, young, and experienced professionals who researched the market and realized the need for a piece of advanced medical technology equipment and products to improve the healthcare infrastructure. The management team members come entirely from the renal industry. Diacare Solutions’ aim is to reach out to maximum renal patients and around most of the Indian cities by the end of next year. The mission is to give healthcare providers the tools they need to serve more patients. They are passionate about connecting patients with their required healthcare resources. While Diacare Solutions’ current focus is on India, its future roadmap includes an extension of its business to other countries especially Asia pacific regions, and also enter into its own manufacturing setup.

Their ambition is to work with staff, patients, and hospitals to improve the quality and safety of existing services and also introduce them to the latest equipment they make. All the founders have rich experience in working with MNC companies, especially in the healthcare domain. Their last assignment was with “Fresenius” which is a world leader in the dialysis domain. After working for almost 10 years in senior management positions, the founders decided to start their own company.

After a successful journey for three years (2015-2017), Diacare Solutions decided to strengthen its vision by entering into the dialysis service business in order to expand its reach to potential customers. In May 2018 the founders started another wing under the brand-




In the opinion of the founders, success is nothing but the satisfaction one gets with the achievement of one’s desired and planned goals. There is no end to the path of success as it is a continuous process. They believe in feeling successful with every milestone achieved.



Following are the key features of the company that makes it stand out from the rest-

  • It is a one-stop source for superior quality dialysis products
  • It promises standard and customized products
  • It uses Hi-end manufacturing facilities
  • Continuous upgrading of technology & product designing is ensured
  • Certified quality products with CE marking are produced for safety
  • Qualified and experienced professionals are employed
  • Competitive pricing is practiced



In the year 2020-21, the company has achieved a growth of 88% over the previous year. The founders believe that the medical industry in India needs a stimulus for its growth. After the first covid wave, India has shown some great potential for ‘Make in India’ products. Even today India is mostly dependent on other countries to meet its demand for medical devices. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the need for India to develop in-house strength and capabilities for the development of medical devices and reduce its dependency on other countries. The company is well prepared both in terms of providing dialysis services and products supplies in a timely manner. Even in the first and second waves they never closed their clinics or supplies offices. In fact, during the Covid-19 many of the dialysis patients were unable to visit hospitals to avail treatments. At this time, the company reached out to patients through their door-to-door services. All their staff has been vaccinated for covid and also a special training session for Covid-19 precautions is conducted from time to time to eliminate all chances of infection.



According to the company, the following are the biggest challenges of Products Business in India today-

  • High dependency on other countries for resources to create the product.
  • Inconsistent purchase prices due to FX issues.
  • Market domination by big players, especially MNCs.



Listed below are the biggest challenges in ‘Service Business’ as per the company-

  • Limited government and insurance support for dialysis patients
  • Patients have to incur most of the expenses from their own pocket
  • Lack of awareness/education among kidney patients about the utmost importance of dialysis in their treatment.
  • Limited dialysis centers and quality dialysis

To overcome the challenge, the company has developed products under OEM, has signed long-term procurement agreements, focused on R&D to participate in the ‘Make In India’ theme and entered into the service business to provide affordable dialysis.



  • Quality Excellence Award for Product Development for Diacare – Dialyzer Reprocessing System by Global Awards-2019
  • Product Innovation Award for Diacare – Dialyzer Reprocessing System by India Excellence Award-2020.
  • Emerging Dialysis Service provider of the year by Business Leader-2021.
  • Best Patient care company of the year by SMEBIZZ entrepreneur’s Star awards-2021.


As the rates for dialysis treatment in India skyrocket further with the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, a native initiative like Diacare Solutions that provides affordable, high quality, and easy to use equipment has been effective in saving countless lives of kidney patients throughout the country.




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