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अतुलं तत्र तत्तेजः सर्वदेवशरीरजम् । एकस्थं तदभून्नारी व्याप्तलोकत्रयं त्विषा ॥

That incomparable radiance that was born from all Gods and pervaded the 3 worlds, came to one place and took the form of a Woman.

Nari Shakti translates to “Women Power” in English. The phrase epitomises the strength, resilience, and indomitable spirit of women. It encapsulates her extraordinary capabilities and contributions in her personal and professional domains. Moreover, the phrase celebrates her courage to break barriers, challenge norms, pursue her dreams, and create a better & equitable society.

Women have the ability to bring about changes and break the glass ceiling to emerge as determined, powerful, and confident leaders. Let’s explore and learn more through these success stories of renowned women symbolising power and showcasing the true power of ‘Nari Shakti.’

Alaknanda Das

Alaknanda Das The Kathak Genius Who Danced Through Cancer

Alaknanda Das is an unstoppable Kathak dancer who has been dancing since she was four years old. She got bit by a bug of dancing after seeing Pandit Biruj Maharaj Ji perform in the Kamani auditorium. Even after being diagnosed with cancer and going to chemo sessions regularly, she didn’t give up dancing and danced in front of everyone with a shaved head. Alaknanda Das is the true epitome of Nari Shakti.

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Dr. Ankita Singh

Dr Ankita Singh, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dr. Ankita Singh is a pioneering leader in Human Resources. She epitomises resilience and innovation. With over two decades of experience, she transformed CIGNEX by introducing innovative and competitive initiatives that helped establish a robust performance-driven culture.

She is also the founder of the HR Association of India, which aims to create a community of professionals, learners, and mentors. It is an NGO that enables people to explore, discuss, and understand the latest industry trends and business scenarios.

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Anita Sachdev

Anita Sachdev, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Anita Sachdev is a Leadership Coach and Cross-Cultural Communications Consultant. Her expertise lies in building global leadership capacity with systematic coaching with inner-outer success strategies and culturally specific programs that help foster meaningful collaborations across borders. Anita sees herself as a catalyst that helps clients become bold thinkers and strong and successful leaders.

She incepted her company in 2006 when she realised the power of coaching. The company provides methods for enhancing performance with clarity and weaving personal growth and business success into the fabric of work and life.

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Aparna Vishwasrao

APARNA VISHWASRAO, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Aparna Vishwasrao is an experienced and highly skilled HR professional who has worked in different areas for over 25 years. She has handled different leadership roles in domains such as Strategic HR business partnerships, critical post-merger integration initiatives, leadership development, start-up HR, and Diversity & Inclusion.

She has mentored and guided multiple students and young professionals from underprivileged backgrounds and helped them find their forte. She currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at USV Private Limited, a healthcare company.

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Aruna Desai

Aruna Desai: Embracing Motherhood Like No Other

Coming out to your parents, especially about your sexuality can be a nightmare for a child. Aruna Desai’s son faced the same fears, but even after coming out to his mother as gay, she supported him. Researching homosexuality helped Aruna realise the need for a platform that would help parents understand the right way to deal with their kids when they open up about their sexuality and how to support their kids.

It led to the formation of Sweekar: The Rainbow Parents of India. The support group plays an active role in fostering acceptance and understanding by supporting and advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Arundhati Bhattacharya

Arundhati Bhattacharya, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Arundhati Bhattacharya is a trailblazer in the business industry. She shattered stereotypes by becoming the Chairperson and CEO at the age of 64. From being the first female chairperson of SBI and serving in groups such as Piramal Group, Wipro, Reliance Industries, SWIFT Industries and now Salesforce India; she brought in transformative changes and introduced innovative policies.

Her company makes cloud-based software designed to help companies connect to their customers to find more prospects, close more deals, and provide customers with efficient services. The company’s integrated CRM platform- Customer 360 helps companies and customers unite.

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Astha Jain & Pawanjot Kaur

Astha Jain & Pawanjot Kaur, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

When Astha’s friend Pawanjot started developing eczema, they started looking for alternative solutions that brought them to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and led to the creation of Ayuvya in 2020. The company blends tradition and innovation and sources exceptional Ayurvedic products from families, creating products for generations.

Ayuvya offers a diverse range of Ayurvedic products containing 100 per cent natural and chemical-free ingredients. From natural weight gainer Ayuvya i-Gain +, which supports muscle building and improved digestion, to naturally sourced Shilajit and Skinklean oil that helps fight skin issues like psoriasis and eczema, the brand believes in providing gentle and effective relief.

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Bharathi Kamath

Bharathi Kamath, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Bharathi Kamath runs Carewel Facilities Pvt Ltd. She has infused her heart and soul into the business, which has made Carewel one of the well-known companies specialising in facility management for corporates, property management, malls, or manufacturing in Bengaluru. Bharathi is currently a governing council member of the Academy for Workplace Excellence. 

Carewel Facilities aims to redefine workspace excellence and become a trusted leader in Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services. It commits to quality, scale, and customer-centricity. Carewel is the first choice in creating exceptional office environments that drive productivity and success.

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Brinda Goswami

BRINDA GOSWAMI, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Brinda embarked on her entrepreneurial journey fueled by a passion for creativity and innovation. Even though she faced several challenges in starting her business in a new city, she never gave up and established her company in 2010. The triple III stands for Infinite, Ideas, and Interiors. Initially, she started by offering design consultation and project management services.

Under the leadership of Brinda, the studio expanded its offerings- residential & commercial interiors, styling & decor, and sourcing & renovation. Additionally, the company offers several modern, ergonomic, and inspirational designs with the help of cutting-edge technology, innovation, and creative design strength.

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Dr Deepa Malik

Dr Deepa Malik, Nari Shakti

Dr Deepa Malik is a true warrior. She is India’s first woman to win a medal in the Paralympic Games. Deepa is also a paraplegic Indian woman biker, a swimmer, a car rallyist, an entrepreneur, a social activist, a motivational speaker, and an independent Director.

She is one of the ten most inspirational para-athletes in the world. She has many awards to her name- Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Padma Shri, Arjuna Award, President’s ‘First Ladies’ Award, Karamaveer Chakra Award, and many more.

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Deepika Mhatre

Deepika Mhatre The House-Maid Turned Comedian

Before becoming a comedian, Deepika Mhatre was a housemaid and sold artificial jewellery in trains. However, showcasing her talent in the talent hunt organised by Ms Sangeeta (where Deepika used to work as a housemaid) opened new doors of opportunity for her. Rachel Lopez, a renowned reporter in Hindustan Times, saw her talent and took her interview afterwards. She also published Deepika’s interview in the newspaper and contacted Aditi Mittal, who then mentored her to become a better comedian.

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Dhriti Nidarshana

, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dhriti Nidarshana has worked in multiple companies and performed roles such as BFSI recruiter, technical recruiter, corporate relationship manager and corporate culture agent at an automotive mechatronics R&D organisation. Working in these roles helped her sharpen her entrepreneurial instincts and laid the company’s foundation.

The company organises mega spiritual events like Maha Yaga Anusththans, Navratri Dandiya Nights, Janmashtami Mahotsavs, and more. While Dhriti observed people in these events, she realised the supreme of all experience is the spiritual connection. It led to the inception of the flagship brand of devotional merchandise by the name ‘Sampoorn Aradhna’ in 2019.

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Dipti Vaidya

Dipti Vaidya, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dipti always wanted to do a job that challenged her and allowed her to innovate and make a difference. So, she transitioned from the hotel industry to the ever-evolving tech industry. She established her company, Investronaut in 2017 and it has become a leading integrated marketing agency in Pune.

Investronaut follows core principles- Imagination, Innovation, Interaction, and Integration. The company offers its clients diverse services, from baseline business consulting to integrated marketing and branding solutions. Furthermore, it helps to enhance the brand value, increase its reach and engage with the clients.

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Ekta Viiveck Verma

Ekta Viiveck Verma_ The Catalyst for Change in Gender-Based Violence

Ekta’s NGO Invisible Scars fights gender-based violence, workplace sexual harassment, and rape culture. Her NGO guides domestic violence abuse victims to resources such as police, legal help, medical, and shelters. It also provides financial assistance for food, rent, medical, legal help, and skill & capacity building.

Ekta believes there should be additions and amendments to the Domestic Violence Laws and safe spaces should be created where one discusses domestic violence abuse as a behavioural issue. She also believes that there is a need to build more sensitisation and develop an understanding that domestic violence is not a war between men and women; it is a real problem that impacts everyone in the family.

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Ira Singhal

Ira Singhal India’s First Physically Disabled IAS Officer To Top UPSC Exam

Ira Singhal yearned for a career where her efforts would improve the world, and she decided to join the civil services. Even though she passed the exams, she got rejected due to her disability. Ira challenged the judgement and filed a case in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). After four years, she became an IAS officer.

She wants to create a more empathetic and inclusive society where, from childhood, kids with disabilities mingle with normal children in school, as it helps bring in a sense of normalcy and integration.

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Kamalini Paul

Kamalini Paul, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari ShaktiW

Kamalini Paul’s entrepreneurial journey began when she took over her father’s real estate projects after his demise. Despite initial challenges and without formal hospitality management education, she learnt everything, and with sheer determination, she ran the hotel and led it towards success.

She proudly manages the hotel and its affiliated brands, which include a cafe, food kiosk, and budget hotels. The hotel offers executive suite, deluxe and standard rooms and provides Wi-Fi access, in-room twenty-four-hour dining, a swimming pool, a gym and other amenities.

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Kanchan Gupta

Kanchan Gupta, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Kanchan Gupta has worked for two decades in IT giants like Cognizant, Sapient, and Max Life Insurance and specialises in Process Management, Program Management and Digital Transformation. With the experience she gained in these roles, she created CADRE ODR, one of the simplest online dispute resolution platforms.

She wants to use CADRE ODR to make dispute resolution easy, transparent, fast, and cost-effective. The company operates in the newly emerging online dispute resolution space. ODR covers different disputes like debt recovery, employment issues, service delivery problems, confidentiality breaches, and consumer grievances.

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Manju Mastakar

Manju Mastakar, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Manju Mastakar decided to start her professional journey with a Chartered Accountancy firm during her articleship to understand the accounting world. In time, she worked in several financial institutions, mastering accounts, trading, research, and client relations. She incepted Armstrong Capital & Financial Services in 2010.

It is now a venture with over 1000 clients and assets under management of 400 crores. The company provides financial services ranging from wealth management, investment advisory, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance solutions, and financial planning. What makes the company unique is the promise to stay transparent, focus on clients and the urge to deliver the best.

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Nafisa Afnan

Nafisa Afnan, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

From being a law graduate to a skincare entrepreneur Nafisa Afnan aims to redefine beauty standards and foster self-confidence among women. Her brand, Earthy by Ellenza, offers products that are luxurious yet contain natural-looking ingredients. She leads her brand with innovation, continuous learning, and empowerment.

Nafisa spends her time doing market research to create new products for the ever-evolving customers’ needs. Her skincare brand is a plant-based, fruit-forward skincare brand that offers several skincare products like serums, toners, facewash, moisturisers, night creams, cleansers, sleeping masks and other products.

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Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Namita Thapar is known for her strategic thinking and strong leadership skills. She is passionate about improving women’s health in India and promoting youth entrepreneurship. Namita is a beacon of leadership in India’s male-dominated pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, she champions women’s health initiatives and youth entrepreneurship.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals has 350 plus brands, five R&D centres, and thirteen facilities established pan-India. Furthermore, the company aims to develop, manufacture, and market several pharmaceutical products worldwide. In addition to this, she has penned a book named, “The Dolphin and The Shark.” The book imparts invaluable entrepreneurial wisdom backed up with personal experiences and influential insights.

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Neehaari Mandali

Neehaari Mandali The Healer For Burn Survivors

Neehaari Mandali runs the Burn Survivor Mission Saviour (BSMS) Trust. She intends to bring free reconstructive surgeries to burn survivors. The trust has facilitated surgeries with 200 plus cases from different parts of India. After the trust’s inception in 2014, she collaborated with the NGO Mana Janam to organise a mega health and burns awareness camp in the tribal area with a team of 32 doctors from seven different specialities, resulting in the treatment of over 1050 patients.

Neehaari plans to add rehabilitation services to help empower burn victims in their physical, mental, and societal recovery. Furthermore, her trust is working towards establishing a hospital in Hyderabad.

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Neeru Yadav 

Neeru Yadav The Hockey Wali Sarpanch

Neeru Yadav, famously known as ‘Hockeywali Sarpanch,’ stood in the Sarpanch elections and became the Sarpanch of Lambi Ahir to alleviate women’s conditions in the village. As a Sarpanch, she aims to create a positive change and ensure that the women of Lambi Ahir have a voice, access to essential resources, and a Sarpanch they can approach without hesitation.

Furthermore, Neeru being a hockey player herself, encourages the girls to come out and play. Hesitant at first, the girls are now playing and practising hockey in the hockey ground. She has even appointed a hockey coach for the girls.

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Dr Neeta Nargundkar

Dr. Neeta Nargundkar, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dr Neeta Nargundkar started her career as a general practitioner and slowly established, herself as a leading medical professional. However, she wanted to create a balance between her familial responsibilities and professional responsibilities. After doing thorough research, she chose the field of clinical research.

As the Director of Biosphere Clinical Research Pvt Ltd, she looks after project handling, implementation, and delivery in a time-bound and quality manner. Moreover, the company provides top-notch facilities that ensure successful clinical trial management, data collection, and documentation for clinical trials spread globally.

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Nisha Manghnani

Nisha Manghnani, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Nisha Manghnani started her entrepreneurial journey to blend global design aesthetics with Indian culture, inspired by her time in Milan, Italy. She leads SCASA with innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in her mind.

Furthermore, as the Founder, she takes all the decisions related to market trends, customer feedback, and her long-term vision of revolutionising luxury living in India. Moreover, the company is a pioneer in the luxury designing and manufacturing of wardrobes, kitchens, doors, and systems.

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Major Nithi CJ

Major Nithi The Mindful Guardian of Holistic Well-Being

Major Nithi CJ isn’t just an Army veteran. She is a certified Yoga instructor, FIT India ambassador, and the founder of Nira Wellbeing. Nithi explores the deep connection between the mind and body through Yogic practices. To become a dedicated yoga instructor, she underwent 200 hours of basic training as a Protocol Instructor and 400 hours of certification in Yogic Wellness. Nithi is the founder of Nira Wellbeing. She aims to make it a fitness and lifestyle option that helps people feel good about themselves.

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Nitu Agarwal

Nitu Agarwal She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Nitu Agarwal became a first-generation lawyer and broke free from the confines of conventional roles for women. She had faced several challenges in her journey, such as making substantial investments to set up an office and pay salaries and starting with no established clientele.

But, she didn’t let these challenges bog her down and slowly developed a good network. Her law firm, YNSS Law Offices has offices in Mumbai and New Delhi and is a full-service corporate law firm. Its clientele includes multinational corporates, funds, small & medium enterprises, public sector units and start-ups globally.

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Nivedita Bhasin

Nivedita Bhasin The Youngest Woman Pilot To Command A Commercial Jet

Nivedita Bhasin is the youngest woman pilot to command a commercial jet. When she was 15, she joined the Delhi Gliding Club and later enrolled in a flying school in Patna. She has continuously excelled in her career by flying gliders to the enormous Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Even though she faced many setbacks, it only drove her harder to prove herself, and with time, earned recognition and respect for her work.

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Noor Shekhawat 

Noor Shekhawat The Leading Activist For Transgender Rights

Noor Shekhawat became the first person in Rajasthan to have ‘transgender’ on her birth certificate in 2023. She is also the first transgender to receive a driver’s license after the National Legal Services Authority’s (NALSA) 2011 judgement. Noor is a leading activist, working on documentation and education of the transgender community. She was also named the district icon for the work she was doing for her community. She also wishes that people would stop judging a person based on their sexuality and gender.

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Payal Kapoor

Payal Kapoor, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Payal Kapoor is a pioneer with over three decades of experience in the interior design industry. She views herself as her competition and aims to surpass her achievements in every project. Working at several sites and handling projects allowed her to execute her turnkey projects and helped her develop her skills and knowledge. These skills led to the inception of VISIONS in 1991. The firm is known for its expertise in turnkey projects.

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Major Prajakta Desai

Major Prajakta Desai First UAV Observer Pilot of The Indian Army

Major Prajakta Desai decided to become an army officer after she saw the first scene of the ‘Border’ movie in 1995 (when she was only eight years old). Prajakta’s parents have always supported her dream. She served in the Indian Army from 2010 to 2021. She is the first UAV Observer Pilot in the Indian Army and a motivational speaker, mountaineer, skydiver, and hot-air balloonist. Major Prajakta was guided by her mother’s NCC experience and decided to join the NCC herself. It further cemented her decision to join the army.

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Preeti Das

Preeti Das, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Preeti Das has nearly four decades of experience in the business industry, with a focus on technology. After understanding the role of Profit and Loss dynamics in the business, she embarked on her corporate career journey, positioned herself as a branch head in a leading insurance firm and dived into a P&L leadership role.

She leads Inginetech Solutions which helps customers build the “right digital strategy” to ensure they don’t spend time on mundane tasks like data entry or updating customer information. It allows people to focus on key business tasks that lead to productivity, reduce costs and grow revenues.

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Preeti Phuskele

Preeti Phuskele, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Preeti’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2017. Today, she successfully runs her two brands. Concord Talent Hunt focuses on permanent staffing, leadership hiring and training while Pinacolish provides temporary staffing, training, organization development, and more.

Recently, she has started a new vertical- ‘Personal Branding.’ The idea stemmed from the realisation that senior professionals now need personal branding which helps them in expanding their network and attract new opportunities.

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Capt. Radhika Menon

Captain Radhika Menon India’s First Woman Merchant Navy Captain

Capitan Radhika Menon is India’s first Woman Merchant Navy Captain. She started her career as a trainee Radio officer with the Shipping Corporation of India. After transitioning to the deck side, she quickly ascended the ranks and became the first female captain of the Indian Merchant Navy.

Radhika received the Nari Shakti Award in recognition of her outstanding work for women empowerment by Former President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, on International Women’s Day in 2022. Furthermore, she co-founded the International Women Seafarers Foundation on November 3rd 2017, along with Ch. Engg. Suneeti Bala and Ms. Sharvani Mishra.

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Radhika Mukhija

Radhika Mukhija, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Radhika grew up in a socially and environmentally aware landscape. All these years of influence have made her more aware of the environment and made her fall in love with nature. Her brand, The Bare Bar creates handmade sustainable beauty and wellness products. All the ingredients created by her brand are free from artificial colours, bleaches, fragrances, parabens, harmful chemicals or preservatives. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Furthermore, she rums a Bangalore-based socially responsible organisation that aims to spread the love of art and give back to society.

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Cdr Rajeshwari Kori

Cdr Rajeshwari Kori_ The First Women To Have Sailed Onboard A Warship In Uniform

Rajeshwari Kori currently serves as the Commandant of The Civil Defence Staff College under the Government of Maharashtra to empower the younger generations. She deals with the Home Guards and Civil Defense Corps, which are emergency management forces that protect citizens from any kind of military attacks natural or man-made. She has been awarded the President’s Meritorious Service Medal on 26th January 2024.

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Reshma Nilofer Visalakshi

Reshma Nilofer Visalakshi India’s First and Only Woman Marine Pilot

Reshma Nilofer is India’s first and only woman marine pilot and became a full-fledged pilot in 2018. She also received the Highest Civilian Award from the Government of India. Moreover, she is a motivational speaker who advocates for women in shipping and women’s rights and encourages women seafarers to join the industry.

As a marine pilot, she is responsible for bringing ships in and out of the ports and handling several kinds of vessels such as Cargo, Navy Coast Guard, Tanker, and Gas Carrier. Reshma advises other women to stop questioning their abilities, believe in themselves and try to apply for jobs in the Maritime industry.

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Ria Sharma

Ria Sharma The Voice for Acid-Attack Survivors

Ria Sharma transitioned from a fashion student to a leading social activist and started the NGO for Acid-Attack Survivors. ‘Make Love Not Scars’ works on all aspects of rehabilitation for acid-attack survivors pan-India. It provides life-saving treatments and funds specialised procedures to save vision. Furthermore, the NGO funds the education of small children whose mothers fell victim to acid attacks and provides a monthly stipend to ease their financial burden and focus on their recovery. The NGO equips them with skills and vocational training that can help them resume their studies and find employment opportunities.

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Ronita Sengupta

Ronita Sengupta_ The IT Maven with a Pageant Spark

Ronita Sengupta has over nineteen years of experience in different organisations. She has helped bring positive changes. Apart from the corporate sector, Ronita was fascinated with pageantry and won the first runner-up and subtitle of Mrs. Beautiful Hair in the Jeeo King and Queen’s Mrs India International 2019.

When she started her journey in the IT industry in 2013, she combined her HR expertise, communication awareness, and dedication to employee upliftment. Moreover, Ronita has gained recognition as an exceptional communicator with strong relationship management, organisational, and leadership skills.

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Roshni Devi Sangwan

Roshni Devi Sangwan The 68-year-old Gym Enthusiast

Roshni Devi Sangwan is an example for people in their old age to make small changes, such as exercising and going out of the house for a walk or stroll to remain healthy. After developing knee pain, falling in the bathroom and injuring her spine, she became bedridden, but it was her son who motivated her to join the gym, and now she enjoys going to the gym and doing exercises. Initially, she felt awkward but with time, the 68-year-old woman enjoys doing workouts every day in the gym and now she encourages others to make it a habit to exercise every day.

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Dr Santoshi Kurada

Dr. Santoshi Kurada, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dr Santoshi Kurada is a highly accomplished doctor with an MBBS, MD Anesthesia and a fellowship in Chronic Pain and Critical Care (UK). She has also done an Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore. Dr Santoshi established ‘Alleviate’ to help people ease their chronic pain and regain mobility. Even after facing several obstacles, Dr Santoshi and her husband remained steadfast in offering top-notch services to people. Her clinic is dedicated to pain management in Bangalore which addresses pain without surgery and helps people with chronic pain regain mobility.

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Sheela Bajaj & Yukti Bajaj

Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj The Crafty Entrepreneurs Bonding Generations

Yukti Bajaj helped her grandmother, Sheela Bajaj, turn her passion for crocheting into a business and created an online store for her on Instagram. The store opened in November 2020, and initially, the page showcased creations such as headbands, scarves, sweaters, and warmers. The duo’s journey began by receiving five to six orders when they used cushion covers and toys as product displays. However, by September 2021, the business saw a surge and they started receiving twenty to twenty-five orders. Their business- Caught Craft Handed has allowed them to spend more time with family and help other nani and dadi to become independent and earn income.

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Shipra Rathi

Shipra Rathi The Rozgar Didi

Shipra Rathi established the Khajani Welfare Society to help empower women and girls from the weaker sections of society in Braj. Khajani Welfare Society provides classes in arts & crafts, stitching, computer classes, beauty parlour courses, traditional crafts, fashion designing and much more.

In over 16 years, the NGO has touched the lives of over 15,000 women and helped support over 25,000 families. After learning various skills from the NGO, several women have become entrepreneurs and are running parlours and boutiques in Mathura, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and overseas. It led to Shipra Rathi earning the title of ‘Rozgar Didi.’

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Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore

Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Shoileyi and her husband created Marcadors Marketing to help brands make their connection in the digital world by connecting them with their audience. Moreover, she loves to explore new possibilities and solutions and has an innate sense of curiosity that helps her connect with everyone.

She developed the acumen for entrepreneurship when she became an AIESEC Local Chapter Team Leader at IIT Kharagpur and engaged herself in organising events, recruiting members, and supporting startups. The company offers comprehensive digital marketing services, social media management, influencer campaigns, paid advertising, and content creation. Moreover, the firm has served over 60 brands across diverse sectors.

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Somya Thakur

Somya Thakur, Nari Shakti

Somya Thakur has a loco-motor disability and due to her weak leg muscles, she cannot bear her body weight. However, she has become a beacon of hope for people with disability. With grace and determination, she became the winner of Miss Wheelchair World in 2022. She aims to create a platform for other physically challenged people who want to become a part of the fashion industry or become models themselves. Moreover, she believes that governments and private institutions can help empower people with disabilities, who dream of becoming a part of the fashion industry.

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Sonali Chitale

Sonali Chitale, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Sonali’s creativity, attention to detail and artistic abilities led to the inception of Kaizen by Sonali Chitale in 2011. It is a turnkey design studio that offers end-to-end design services and produces one-of-a-kind spaces based on design skills, trends, and client individualities. The studio has a collection of Indian and International brands and offers different fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, and accessories. It produces new and unique products created especially for clients or architects. Furthermore, she believes in delivering quality with no room for any shortcuts or compromises.

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Srusthi Sudhir Jagtap

Srushti Sudhir Jagtap The Dancing Queen Who Danced for 127 Hours To Break World Record

Srusthi made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by dancing for more than 127 hours. Her dance theme was ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav,’ and a way to showcase her love for India’s rich culture. She practised her dance steps and worked on mental strength for fifteen months, and not once did she think of giving up. She feels that whatever, she has achieved today is because of the support from her family. After breaking the Guinness World Records, she aims to clear the UPSC and become a collector.

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Suman Chhethnani

Suman Chhethnani, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Suman is an ambitious and result-oriented professional who began her career as a strategic business consultant and helped entrepreneurs grow and succeed. She understood that while India continues to become popular among global buyers, there are procurement challenges. This realisation led to the firm’s inception in 2019. The company streamlines procurement processes by finding reliable suppliers, finalising orders, ensuring quality control, and timely delivery. Suman and her team go to global trade fairs and keep themselves engaged with industry peers to stay updated on the recent industry trends.

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Suman Shanbhag

Suman Shanbhag, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

During the pandemic, Suman sensed a business opportunity where she could provide a place for young entrepreneurs with less financial burden on them, so she incepted the perfect co-working space by the name Kickstart Workhubs. It provides a home-like, fully furnished office that helps foster networking opportunities. Moreover, it has become the leading co-working space in Bangalore, known for its affordability and comfort in recent years. It provides amenities like a conference room, ample parking space, high-speed internet, printing/fax services, cleaning services, and beverages.

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Captain (Dr) Sunaina Singh

Captain Sunaina Singh ‘If Face Everything Head-on’ Finds A Face

Captain (Dr) Sunaina Singh is at the helm of ‘Mission Join Indian Army’ to raise awareness and inspire the young generation to join the defence forces. She also teaches Sports Psychology at the Sports University of Haryana. Captain Sunaina aims to reach students in rural India and help them pursue their dreams through her motivational talks and workshops. After she left the Army, she completed her MBA, taught at Delhi University and enrolled herself in PhD in Positive Psychology. Gradually, teaching became her passion. She loves being surrounded by the younger crowd.

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Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Vineeta Singh owns one of the fastest-growing beauty brands- SUGAR Cosmetics. She also comes on the popular television show Shark Tank, where she has invested in different businesses throughout the three seasons of the show. Before establishing the beauty brand, she and her husband started FabBag, a subscription-based customisable beauty kit. The kit provides cosmetic products from global brands every month at their doorstep.

Being one of the fastest-growing, premium beauty brands, SUGAR Cosmetics’ products have low-poly packaging, crafted in state-of-the-art facilities across several countries. Moreover, the company’s best-selling products are in the Lips, Eyes, Face, Nails and Skin Categories.

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Captain Yashika Tyagi

Captain Yashika Hatwal Tyagi From Battlefield Hero to Motivational Leader

Captain Yashika is famously known as the Kargil War Veteran. Her journey started at the Indian Army Ordnance Corps, a logistical wing of the Army. She has a mesmerising aura and instantly fills positivity wherever she goes. Captain Yashika is a Leadership and Warrior Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Defence Analyst.

As a motivational speaker, she shares the lessons she has learnt in her life with students, corporates, young professionals and women. Captain Yashika believes that Nari has the strength to multitask and use problem-solving approaches in any role, from CEOs to clerical positions.

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Zainika Jagasia

Zainika Jagasia A Dazzling Model and Baker with Down Syndrome

Zainika Jagasia is a cheerful young girl with Down syndrome who dreams of becoming a model since childhood. Her dream came true when she did her first-ever photoshoot with Abhishek Golecha in 2021. She is also a professional baker and helps her sister Gitika run a healthy bakery brand named ‘Homebred by G&Z.’ She has gained recognition as a fitness enthusiast as she inspires others with her dedication to health and wellness. For Zainika, her family is her biggest supporter as they encourage her to follow her dreams.

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