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“Waste is not what it seems like, your waste can be a useful product for someone else. People are very reluctant on waste management. We have made this whole concept very innovative and scientific to change the mindset of people.”
Chandan Hait (Founder, Shuddh Sustainable Solutions)

Have you ever taken another and longer route to reach the main road? Certainly Yes! The stench of rotting and perished wastes and the rats & stray dogs roaming around forces us to divert from the habitual route we take. This is not new. The corners of Indian roads and cities are packed with heaps of garbage and overflowing bins. 

Currently, as per government estimations, about 65 million tonnes of waste is generated annually in India, and over 62 million tonnes of waste is Municipal Solid Waste which comprises plastic material, wood, organic waste, and recyclable materials like paper. By 2031, MSW is expected to increase to 165 million tonnes and even further up to a shocking 436 million tonnes by 2025.

The situation is worsening. India’s population is set to cross the one billion mark. Other disturbing factors like unplanned development, urbanization are contributing to exacerbating the prevailing condition. Moreover, the kind of garbage and waste being disposed of is also undergoing a noticeable transformation due to the increased use of electronic equipment and gadgets.

Waste management is essentially becoming an obligatory duty and the need of the hour but moving towards sustainable waste management requires deep-rooted efforts to bring a change in the society. Chandan Hait, a certified Environment, health, and safety professional was ready to begin his exciting and inspirational journey. His enthusiasm and passion for making Earth a beautiful place again led to the creation of one of the renowned waste management companies, Shuddh Sustainable Solutions in 2015. He believes that waste management is not a technology or a method, it is a “Thought” that has to be embraced. It’s a matter of believing not adopting. 


Shuddh Sustainable Solutions is a solid waste management startup that provides 360 waste management solutions. It is one of the leading suppliers of waste-associated solutions, technologies, and operations & maintenance.

It is a young group of engineers and entrepreneurs dedicated towards making a green and clean tomorrow for future generations with a strong belief in sustainable development. At Shuddh, a strong Research & Development team, with a scientific approach and mechanized actions blended smoothly with sustainability is functioning towards a wide range of customized solutions with the sole aim of renovating the waste thereby creating resources for the world. 

The tech logistics department of the company is manned by qualified and senior expertise to achieve “ZERO” tolerance.


Shuddh Sustainable Solutions is a pioneer of innovative ideas and converts those creative and well-thought ideas into reality by using the skills & knowledge of experienced and trained multi-technology systems engineers & technicians at the company. 

“There are a lot of companies entering the waste management sector. What makes us unique is our focus on changing the mindset of the people. Shuddh totally focuses on the concept that any kind of waste can be converted into a useful product if we manage it properly on time,” Chandan Hait explained the USP of the company.

The Shudh waste processors manufactured by the company are way more efficient than any of the waste composting machines available in the market.

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Shuddh Sustainable Solutions provides a broad range of products and services. Some of them are:

  • Shudh Food Waste Processor (SWPᶠ) 

Realizing the importance of sustainable management of food, the company has designed a food waste processor. It is scientifically designed for processing all kinds of food waste into high-quality organic compost. It uses a special micro-organism to break down and decompose all kinds of food waste into compost within 24 hours. 

  • Shudh Horticulture Waste Processor (SWPᴴ)

Horticulture waste includes plant parts, dead plant material, tree trunks, and waste generated during the pruning of trees. To ensure its disposal in a responsible manner, Shuddh Sustainable Solutions has designed a Shudh Horticulture Waste Processor. It is an automatic and highly compact customized design composting machine that processes all kinds of horticulture waste into fuel sticks or organic manure.

  • Shudh Temple Waste Processor (SWPᵀ) 

Temple waste largely comprises organic waste like coconut shells, flowers, residues of incense sticks, and leaves. To preserve the faith of devotees, the company has designed a Shudh Temple waste processor that processes all kinds of temple waste into high-quality havan samagri. It is an automatic and highly compact customized temple waste composting machine. 



ISWM is a first of its kind decentralized method to solve the serious problem of solid waste in a comprehensive and robust manner. Under the ISWM services, the company provides end-to-end waste management services based on the concept of 5Rs- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle. This model is specifically designed for Private Societies, Government Organizations, Private Organizations, Army Cants, Municipal Corporations, and others.

ISWM provides a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Free Composting Machine which means very small capital investment
  • A complete single-window solution ensuring better accountability and execution
  • Better management and well behavior due to a skilled and properly trained workforce
  • High-quality microbic culture made by experienced experts
  • Very minimal charges for complete waste management
  • Only 5-10% dumping in landfill i.e. reduction of 70-80% waste dumping 
  • Education and awareness of waste management

The company follows a systemic process to ensure the optimum functioning of the ISWM method:

  • Door-to-door collection of wet and dry waste in closed vehicles
  • Multiple levels of segregation of waste done by highly skilled and passionate workforce
  • Processing of organic waste and converting it into high-quality compost
  • Segregation of dry waste and recycling it into reusable and useful products

The services provided under ISWM are:

  • Collection 
  • Segregation
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Shredding
  • Transportation
  • Recyclers
  • Composting Units
  • Organic Compost
  • Plastic waste management
  • Proper workers with personal protective equipment & ID cards


The company provides its machines to Aditya Birla Group, Panasonic, Municipal Corporations, Green World Compost, Zero Waste Inc, Indian Army, RSPL Group, and others. With the help of the company, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, a prominent religious institution located in New Delhi, has started managing its waste. “The waste which comes out of langar, the leftover food and other kinds of wastes are converted into compost and used in different gardens of the Gurudwara”, explained Chandan.


The issue of efficient composting and waste management needs special attention in the Northern and ecological regions of India. Shuddh is one of the companies that is working really hard in these areas. By developing into a world leader in the waste management industry, the company aims at providing complete Environment and waste management Solutions. It is committed to offering world-class products and services with distinctive quality and innovation. The company currently operates pan India but plans to offer its products and services to other countries like Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Singapore, etc. 


The startup’s vision is to integrate and bridge the relationship of Enterprises and Indian End-users to manage different types of waste more effectively and make use of modern technology for the integration of waste management. It aims to make the “Swachh Bharat Mission” a success through innovation and expert solutions working towards “A Shuddh India”. “Our vision is to clean up at least 10 cities by 2025 and make zero-waste cities aiming towards a Shuddh and sustainable tomorrow”, told Chandan.  

In the next 5 years, Shuddh Sustainable Solutions wants to emerge as one of the biggest solid waste management companies in India. 


Shuddh Sustainable Solutions takes pride in its talented and passionate team. It consists of two directors, two zonal managers, a logistics manager, two plant supervisors, and two city supervisors. Shuddh is also setting up one of the biggest waste management network so is welcoming the proposal to collaboration and distributing franchises. It has a labour force of about 50-60 people. The company also has a labour fund. The money it gets from the compost made in the company is stored in labour funds to be only used for their welfare, every person in the team plays a very vital role and is treated like family” Kundan Hait, the COO of the company added.

team work


“Firstly, all the startups and budding entrepreneurs should focus on team building. Finding the right team that is productive and motivated towards the goals of the company is the priority. Secondly, you should be familiar with each and every aspect of the product you are planning to offer to the society. All the very best for your journey be motivated, be shudh” replied Chandan when asked to share a piece of advice for emerging startups and entrepreneurs.


Till date, the company has processed more than 5000 tons of waste and disposed of 1500 tons of plastic waste. It has produced tonnes of organic compost using the waste and has also made hundreds of people realize the power of waste management.

The Shuddh had been featured in top 10 waste management companies recently. The company by its good work towards nature and nation keeps on featuring in different newspapers like TOI, Amar Ujala, Tribune, etc.

An immense amount of products are emerging in the market leading to an increase in the heaps of waste we produce. What we need to immediately understand is that waste is a resource. Our waste can always be a useful product for someone. All we require is the correct mindset and proper management of waste. The potential gains are immense. 

“Be Shuddh, Be Organic”



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