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Gauri Awasthi: The Zealous Entrepreneur

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“When you work towards your goals with the right attitude, success will follow you while you chase the world.”

Gauri Awasthi
(Founder, CEO & Chief Curator, The Artisan Street
Co-Founder & MD, Digital Edify)

Time has changed for the better. Women today are unstoppable, they are coming to the forefront and making it to the list of achievers. Among many names, one iconic personality that bears testimony to this is Gauri Awasthi. A digital transformer, growth hacker, mentor, storyteller, brand consultant, investor, start-up evangelist, and omnichannel expert, Gauri is a woman of substance.

Every day Gauri wakes up in the morning, she hears a voice inside whispering, “The woods are lovely dark & deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep..” She believes in setting priorities and pondering where she sees herself five years from now. This practice helps her reset the way she is working towards her goals.

The five superpowers Gauri possesses include her charisma, headstrong nature, leadership skills, teamwork, and optimism.

Additionally, Gauri is a passionate blogger, avid reader, and travel enthusiast. She is a successful woman of the 21st century; the greatest struggle that she faces daily is balancing the work-life equilibrium. “Maintaining a to-do list helps me sustain this balance,” asserts Gauri.


With commendable success, Gauri has led digital transformation strategies and marketing brand advocacy along with programmatic media for Fortune hundred companies. Dedicated to bridging the gap between digital innovation and the organisation’s business objectives, she is an innovative go-getter with a passion for creating a great user experience.

Digital Edify

Gauri started her journey of entrepreneurship in July 2020 when she established Digital Edify, a one-stop digital transformation facilitator for all business needs. “At Digital Edify, we grow your online sales up to 5X with our proprietary Performance Marketing Algorithm and Tools. We also deliver Performance Marketing Solutions on Google Ads, Facebook Adverts, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and SEO,” explains Gauri.

The Artisan Street

Gauri spread her wings further with a soft launch of her next venture in 2021 – The Artisan Street, an e-commerce marketplace which offers a plethora of handcrafted Apparels, Home Decor, and Fashion accessories, beautifully created by Women Artisans.

“The Artisan Street aims to provide customers with ‘Dazzling Traditional’ and ‘Handcrafted Essentials’ all in one place. It is a marketplace created for all women artists and artisans to exhibit their handcrafted skill-sets in the form of crafts in traditional, contemporary, and modern, fashion under the Make in India & Vocal for Local Mission.

The venture’s ideology is based on 3 pillars – delighting the customers, embracing Indian ethnic arts and culture, and blending traditional regalia with trends of the modern world. The ultimate vision of the venture is to “Empower the Artisans”. Additionally, Gauri hopes to create a world-class marketplace ecosystem that will allow importers and customers to reach out directly to artisans. Without any middlemen involved in the process, breaking down all barriers between importers and artisans would greatly benefit the artisan community.

Jewels In The Crown

Gauri’s farsightedness, prompt, innovative and solution-centric approach have won her quite a few awards and accolades. Some of the notable ones are:

  • In 2021, acquired Certification in Professional Corporate Training IN #DIVERSITY, #INCLUSION, #POSHACT2013
  • Honoured with Prestigious titles in 2021 & 2022 – ‘Women Influencer Of The Year’ Award & ‘Excellence in the Field of Social Media’ Award
  • Received the Prestigious ‘Most Admired Global Indian – 2020’ Award by Passion Vista Magazine
  • Nominated as one of the ‘Top 35 Women Achievers in New-Age Media’ by Google in 2019
  • Recognized as the ‘Superwomen Class’ of 2020 & 2022 on International Women’s Day by Social Samosa

Gauri has just entered the world of entrepreneurship and she is quite optimistic about this ride. Empowered, diligent, and self-assured, Gauri Awasthi is no less than an idol for other aspiring women.

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