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SkinYoga had to happen. It was ingrained in us to always go the natural way. Since childhood, we were treated with natural remedies for fever, cough, and more. We lived a chemical-free life and the same applied to our beauty and skincare ritual.”  – Radhika Choudhary (Co-Founder, SkinYoga)

From acne to pimples, yoga can keep skincare woes at bay. Every person faces skincare issues but does not find solutions very easily. When Choudhary sisters faced the similar issue they thought of establishing their own brand that can solve the issues of all the people facing skincare problems. And that’s how SkinYoga was born. 


SkinYoga was founded in 2013 by three sisters, Radhika Choudhary, Jagriti Choudhary, and Deepika Choudhary.  SkinYoga is a beauty brand based in Ahmedabad. The idea of SkinYoga came when Choudhary sisters moved to different parts of the world for studies where they struggled to find 100% natural products and realized their importance. This struggle prompted them to do a survey asking friends and classmates whether they would be interested in buying natural products. The results of the survey came in their favor. Following this, the Choudhary sisters started working on launching the brand with ample family support and some savings. Their promptness to launch modern products that draw from traditional approaches led to the launch of one of the best organic skincare brands, SkinYoga.

The sisters control everything from sourcing to research to formulation and manufacturing. They have one aim in mind: to make every household and vanity bag chemical and paraben-free. They believe that there is a dire need for businesses today to contribute to the changing mindset of people who want to live a natural lifestyle.

Skinyoga products


SkinYoga offers a unique and exotic range of face care products (Green Tea face mask, Almond Orange face scrub, Sandalwood Saffron face mask, Facial repair oil, and Avocado Skin oil), hair care products (Avacado Hair Oil, Hair treatment oil), body care products (Massage oil, Coffee body scrub, Fresh orange body scrub, and post-workout neem body purifier) and foot care products (Marigold foot soak). 

SkinYoga also provides different kinds of skin care programs like 14 days skincare program, Face, body and hair 21 days personal program, Transform your skin in 14 days program, Haircare remedies 9 days program, Natural skincare days program for kids (6-12 years), 30 Days weight loss and skin care program, 6 weeks personal facial massage program, and 7 Days skin detox program.


SkinYoga’s commitment to delivering the best products to their consumers has resulted in their recognition all over the world. They have received:

  • UK Glamour Wellness Award in 2021
  • Feature in Forbes magazine in 2020

SkinYoga has also been featured in Grazia, Verve, Femina, Elle, City Life, Wedding Vows, Vogue, and Hindustan Times.

SkinYoga is one of the best companies in the organic skincare industry as every product is made using the principles of Ayurveda. They use rich and pure ingredients procured from their place of origin where nature plays its role in producing them without pesticides and plant growth hormones. Their products are dry which keeps the ingredients fresh and active for a longer period. With the belief that simplicity is the key to beauty, SkinYoga is making a prominent contribution to society. 



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