Volt Mobility, Shadab Shaikh, best cleantech companies building a greener India

Volt Mobility: Enabling Clean-Energy Transition of Corporate Mobility Landscape

“The future impact of our today’s investment matters to us in Volt.” Shadab Shaikh (MD & CEO, Volt Mobility) With a mission to mobilize clean-energy transition in corporate transportation, Volt is contributing to rebuilding a greener planet. Volt has positioned itself as a frontrunner in eco-conscious transportation solutions by servicing 50% of its duties through […]

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Triumph Sustainability, Ashrut Gholap, Best Cleantech Companies Building a Greener India

Triumph Sustainability Building a Sustainable World for Generations to Come

“Sustainability isn’t just a goal—it’s a journey. At Triumph Sustainability, we’re not just walking the path; we’re paving it, one eco-friendly step at a time.” Ashrut Gholap (CEO & Co-Founder, Triumph Sustainability) “I am reminded of a quote by Sadhguru, where he says that merely “Good intentions are not enough. It takes the right action, […]

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SayTrees Environmental Trust, Kapil Sharma, best Cleantech companies building a greener India

SayTrees Environmental Trust: The Green Crusaders

“We are intensely chasing the water intervention projects as the irregular weather patterns with degraded water sources are leading to increased inequity and scarcity.” Kapil Sharma (Founder, SayTrees Environmental Trust) Way back in 2007, Bengaluru’s lush green canopy was fading under the weight of urbanisation. The city fondly known as the ‘Garden City of India’ […]

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KARDLE Industries, Vijay Komagan M.S, Best cleantech companies building a greener India

KARDLE Industries: Building Carbon Capture Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

“We strive to contribute to the global net zero initiative and support India’s mission for zero emissions.” Vijay Komagan M.S (Founder & CEO, KARDLE Industries) KARDLE Industries shines brightly in the world of environmental innovation, led by the visionary team of KARDLE. The company lives by the mission to create a world where air is […]

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Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions, Jayateerth Nadgir, Best Cleantech Companies Building A Greener India

Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Innovating For Cleaner Industries with R&D (Revolution & Disruption)

“We have you covered for every water challenge and they are Nature Restorative.” Jayateerth Nadgir (Chief Executive, Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions) With communities at large and specifically industries worldwide recognizing the urgency of adopting eco-friendly practices, the CleanTech Sector has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. As nations like India embrace the challenge of […]

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