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Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Innovating For Cleaner Industries with R&D (Revolution & Disruption)


We have you covered for every water challenge and they are Nature Restorative.”

Jayateerth Nadgir
(Chief Executive,
Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions)

With communities at large and specifically industries worldwide recognizing the urgency of adopting eco-friendly practices, the CleanTech Sector has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. As nations like India embrace the challenge of building a sustainable energy future, attention turns to innovative solutions that address pressing environmental concerns. Amidst this burgeoning movement, Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Private Limited (MWTS) stands tall. It is part of the esteemed Multinational conglomerate Murugappa Group and has been providing total water solutions since 1981.

MWTS steers into formidable industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Metals & Mining, Sugar, Automotive, Semicon, Alternate Energy, and Chemicals to name a few. Being the leader in the cleantech industry, it seeks technological advancements and tailors solutions to meet regional needs, driving forward sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Under the guidance of Jayateerth Nadgir, the company prioritizes customer-centric value delivery by leveraging two decades of expertise in B2B operations. “As a part of the 742 billion diversified Murugappa Group, MWTS has cultivated a global presence while remaining deeply rooted in addressing the unsolved water sustainability challenges,” says Jayateerth. The company provides services ranging from raw water treatment to ZLD and desalination.

Jayateerth has over 23+ years of experience in end-to-end operations in the water management industry. His expertise ranges from strategic planning, team management, pre-sales, key account management, sales, market analysis, and relationship management, primarily within water and wastewater, specialty chemicals, and purification.

Ultra KLEAN UF and Ultra pRosep Ro by Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions
Ultra KLEAN UF and Ultra pRosep Ro

With over 40+ years of expertise, MWTS has commissioned over 650+ major projects in several industries. Its products include traditional offerings like Ultra Series Membranes, Aerators, Clarifiers, Thickeners, Flash Mixers, Flocculators & Agitators, and Packaged STP Systems. 

“We as a company, care deeply about the environment and ensure that everything we do is eco-friendly. While being transparent and honest in our dealings, we try to keep our clients happy and treat them respectfully. These values drive us forward and help us make a positive impact,” explains Jayateerth.

Through its 4 ACES (Automation, Chemistry, Engineering, Services), MWTS excels in providing turnkey solutions from conceptualization to commissioning across diverse industries. Offering excellent solutions aids the company in addressing the pressing water management needs of the present and the future.

Transforming & Revolutionizing Water Recycling

“MWTS has become a trusted partner to several industries by offering sustainable water management, and turnkey solutions encompassing water, wastewater, and sewage treatment for industrial segments,” says Jayateerth. “We provide a diversified spectrum of water treatment and utility segment chemicals that enhance the efficacy of our solution packages,” he adds further.

The company believes in cultivating long-term relationships with end-users through its commitment to delivering operational and maintenance services. It supports manufacturing products & systems for sustainable water treatment, thereby making it easier to cultivate a long-term relationship with its end-users.

MWTS’s approach lies in pursuing sustainability and cost efficiency relentlessly. It prioritizes reducing ownership costs and improving the client’s ownership by aligning its solutions with their long-term objectives. The company constantly upgrades its offerings based on industrial feedback and anticipates challenges. It uses the latest technologies to tailor innovative sustainable solutions in comparison to the current ones.

MWTS is in partnership with Pani Energy Inc. which helps businesses improve their efficiency, and uptime in their water treatment plant through holistic data measurement and predictive optimization. “Through this partnership, we streamline the adoption of our solutions by digitizing operations, maintenance, monitoring processes, and empowering end-users to embrace sustainable water management practices,” emphasizes Jayateerth.

From its humble beginnings as an efficient aerator and clarifier manufacturer for wastewater treatment, MWTS has undergone significant transformation. Since its inception, MWTS has introduced waste management solutions that evolved with the user’s needs and helped the company evolve from a concept-to-commissioning company that offers solutions for total water management. The company expanded its horizons by shifting its focus beyond water recycling and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and championed circular economy principles.

Through its strategic partnership with Aqverium, the world’s first digital water bank, MWTS revolutionizes water recycling by turning it into a capital gain model from an expenditure model. “Through water conservation, businesses can start their journey towards water positivity,” says Jayateerth proudly.

MWTS regards its clients as partners rather than service providers. Whatever challenges the clients face are co-discussed and the solutions are tailored according to their needs. The company aims to provide consistency and credibility. It ensures that the services provided to the customers are the best and helps with business retention and opening doors for new business avenues. It has served many eminent companies such as United Breweries- Heineken India company, TSL, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, EID Parry, and Tube Investment.

Embracing Greener India Through Water Treatment with WATER TIME MACHINE – AQUATRON

Aquatron by Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions

Sustainability is about living in harmony with nature, not exploiting it. Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions focuses on water treatment and reuse and its integration with sustainability. Yet, the path to sustainability had been filled with hurdles. Established in 1981, the company faced a dearth of awareness and discussion around the water treatment issue. “No one was willing to engage in meaningful discussions about the need to prioritize water treatment. With no multinational water engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies operating in India, we had to start addressing climate change and water crisis well ahead of our time,” puts Jayateerth. 

MWTS thinks of sustainability not as a goal but as part of every aspect of its operations. Sustainability is the guiding principle of core processes to technology selection. Its flagship technology, Aquatron revolutionizes wastewater treatment to potable water standards while minimizing chemical dependence and hazardous sludge treatment. Using the best available technologies, MWTS addresses industry challenges by reducing carbon footprint and promoting water positivity.

Aquatron treats wastewater to its elemental level and reduces the dependency on grid power by replacing energy-intensive processes like extended aeration and multiple-effect evaporators. It also minimizes reliance on chemicals and produces non-hazardous sludge as a byproduct.

Another crowing jewel in MWTS’s portfolio is the UltraC-Mem series which offers eco-friendly filtration and solid separation Ceramic membranes, ideal for treating highly polluted and corrosive fluids. 

MWTS’s Vision For Sustainable Solutions

As India becomes more self-reliant in crucial resources like Copper and LIB derivatives, the company spearheads initiatives for high-purity copper recovery and battery-grade derivative production. “We ensure efficient recycling of LIBs and microelectronics through strategic alliances like ElectraMet, USA,” mentions Jayateerth.

MWTS aims to emerge as the leader in providing solutions for complex water and process challenges faced by the industrial sector and promote a circular resource economy. It is committed to going beyond problem-solving. It aims to deliver tangible returns on investment (ROI) and return on environment (ROE).

The water technology industry is being presented with significant opportunities, largely due to the investment in the manufacturing sectors. It has led to an increased demand for water within industries. Industries are now focusing on recycling and reusing water to alleviate pressure on freshwater sources. MWTS recognises these emerging trends and aims to capitalise on them.

MWTS was one of the first companies to install a membrane bio-reactor for the pharmaceutical sector in 2009. The company offered a complete ZLD solution to the brewery segment in 2015 and continued to offer ZLD systems for renowned pharmaceutical and F&B companies. While the company has recorded incremental growth, it also embraced breakthrough technologies to create value addition to the customer. In 2018, MWTS successfully set up a high-speed dissolved air flotation system as part of their treatment solution for a leading automobile giant. 

Understanding the need for an efficient water recovery plant, in 2022, MWTS became the first company in India to introduce a flow reversal-based high recovery RO system for their long-term brewery customer. The company has achieved new feet by implementing Aquatron, a Nature restorative technology which is the most revolutionary & disruptive ZLD solution. It is a universal technology which can be applied to any kind of wastewater to achieve Zero liquid discharge. MWTS is also keen on its commitment to delivering water & resource circularity.

With its recent partnership with Electramet, USA, the company has become the only high-purity metal recovery technology provider in India, guaranteeing recovery of copper from CMP slurry, LIB recycling process and more, at an astonishing purity of 99.99%. With the same technology, it also sets its eye on the recovery of Manganese, Silver, Cobalt, Lead, and Nickel to pure reusable grades.

The company is also the first to disrupt the water chemistry space with its Green Approach. It is the first to implement the high-recovery reverse osmosis through flow reversal technology in India.

MWTS aims to become the top choice for industries that face water and process challenges. The company relentlessly focuses on innovation and adaptability & remains committed to staying ahead of the changing and evolving economics and environment. By innovating continuously, MWTS aims to become the preferred partner for industries that seek sustainable water solutions.

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