Deepali Chauhan (KV Associates)

KV Associates: Driving Legal Excellence

“The firm reflects the objective to provide clear, concise, cost-effective, and pragmatic legal advice.” Deepali Chauhan (Founder & Managing Partner, KV Associates) In India’s Silicon Valley lies KV Associates, a fast-emerging full-service law firm engaged in rendering legal consultancy, advisory services and handling litigation. The objective stands clear from day one- To provide clear, concise […]

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Manish Singh (The Precept-Law Offices)

The Precept- Law Offices: Illuminating the Way in Legal Matters

“Today, our Firm stands as a paragon of legal excellence, bearing witness to the perseverance of its founders and the collective efforts of a brilliant team.” Manish Singh, Manish Kumar and Ritesh Singh (Partners, The Precept-Law Offices) In the annals of legal history, the inception of The Precept-Law Offices traces back to a serendipitous meeting […]

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Sreerupa Chowdhury (LegalCare) Unlocking the Potential of Legal-Tech

“Our ultimate objective is to enhance the outcomes of existing legacy processes, systems and teams, that currently suffer from inefficiencies.” Sreerupa Chowdhury (Founder and Director, The ever-evolving landscape of technology is reshaping the way legal teams work and provide their services to the business community. In this dynamic scenario, emerges as a pivotal […]

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Surbhi Ashri (Intelacia)

Intelacia: Transforming The Future of Innovation

“From developing IP strategies and building IP portfolios to generating ROI from built portfolios, Intelacia is the go-to IP consulting firm for everything you need.” Surbhi Ashri (Founder & CEO, Intelacia) Innovation stands as the cornerstone of triumph and success. Startups and established companies are constantly striving to bring groundbreaking products and services to the […]

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Dinesh Jotwani (Jotwani Associates)

Jotwani Associates: Empowering Businesses Globally with Legal Expertise

“Each global project, at Jotwani Associates, is staffed with the right mix of grey hair and young blood advocates.” Dinesh Jotwani (Co-Managing Partner (Corporate, IPRs and Litigation) Jotwani Associates Jotwani Associates is a trailblazing and multi-disciplinary global legal firm that has been making significant strides and shaping the legal landscape since its inception in 1998. […]

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