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“From developing IP strategies and building IP portfolios to generating ROI from built portfolios, Intelacia is the go-to IP consulting firm for everything you need.”

Surbhi Ashri (Founder & CEO, Intelacia)

Innovation stands as the cornerstone of triumph and success. Startups and established companies are constantly striving to bring groundbreaking products and services to the market. However, before unveiling their revolutionary ideas, they need to safeguard their innovations through Intellectual Property (IP) protection. This is where Intelacia, a distinguished technology research and IP consulting firm, steps in to provide customised and winning patent solutions.

“When businesses innovate a revolutionary product/service, the first step that they should take is to establish IP to safeguard their innovation from being copied and also attain a legal monopoly over their groundbreaking invention. Through patenting, they gain exclusive rights over their product/service, ensuring that no one else can practise it without their permission or obtaining a license,” explains Surbhi Ashri while highlighting the power of intellectual property. 

Incepted in 2021, Intelacia is a renowned IP Consulting firm that offers guidance and support to assist clients in protecting and benefiting from their IP Rights. The firm’s expertise is to support its clients right from the inception of the client’s innovation. Supporting the clients in initial innovation mining and identifying technology gaps where they should secure IP, the prime focus of the firm is always towards brainstorming and building patent portfolios that can bring returns on the client’s investment. From building a patent portfolio that can be monetized to doubling down on opportunities to bring that ROI, Intelacia masters it all. 

Guiding Innovation To Success- Intelacia’s Unique Approach

Intelacia comprises a team of highly qualified and skilled techno-legal professionals with over 12 years of experience in delivering meaningful IP services. Here’s the step-by-step process that the firm follows:

  • Step 1: Building The Patent

First and foremost, Intelacia performs knockout searches to ensure that the proposed idea is novel. “If we find an existing patent that matches their invention, we guide our clients on how to tweak their idea to make it eligible for patenting,” explains the CEO.

  • Step 2: Managing The Patent

The team then assists their clients in drafting the technical and legal documents required for the patent application. This involves navigating the complexities of patent jurisdictions and ensuring that the patent application is filed strategically, be it in the US, Europe, or any other region of interest.

  • Step 3: Monetizing The Patent

The firm’s focus now shifts to helping the clients achieve a return on investment (ROI) from their IP, which is done in three primary ways: 

  1. Utilising the patented innovation to build unique in-house products
  2. Selling the patents to other firms, individuals, or inventors interested in utilising the technology
  3. Opting to lease/license it to other parties

“We aim to revolutionise the IP consulting space by focusing not just on building portfolios but also on unlocking their true value. We assist our clients find that specific niche in their domain where they should be filing a patent, ensuring maximum value for their intellectual property,” says Surbhi.

Intelacia – The Brainchild of an IP Veteran


Surbhi Ashri is a biotechnologist and medical devices expert who carries with her 12+ years of experience in the patent industry. She has deep expertise in medical devices, stem cells, tissue regeneration, neurostimulators, implants, spinal stabilisation systems, renal ablation technologies, imaging techniques, and related healthcare domains.

Before beginning her entrepreneurial career, she served as Business Head, Senior Consultant, and Monetization leader at UnitedLex Corporation and other Global Legal process outsourcing firms to understand the corporate world. While her research spans some of the core life sciences fields, including stem cells, industrial enzymes production, embryo biotechnology, and vaccine production, she also has mastery in handling cross-domain projects from Hi-Tech, Automotive, Sustainable Energy, Robotics, and related industry sectors.

She incepted Intelacia, a leading IP leader in the medical devices and life science space, in 2021 intending to provide customised and advanced patent solutions with the mainstay of ‘Building IP portfolios that generate ROI’. 

Strategically Differentiating from the Masses

As pioneers in their field, Intelacia understands the paramount importance of differentiation. It places itself different from the crowded industry by:

  • Building Patents With Value

Intelacia is committed to developing patent strategies that yield three times the value for its clients when put into action. With a team of experienced experts in patent analytics, Intelacia possesses profound knowledge that enables them to identify potential licensees or buyers at very early stages of building portfolios. They skillfully construct licensing packages that truly reflect the value invested in creating the patent.

  • Focusing on Lifesciences

Being in the industry for more than a decade, the firm has identified a few gaps in the quality of IP services delivered to life sciences companies. While many companies concentrate on semiconductor and high-tech domains, Intelacia emphasises strategic consulting for life sciences companies, spanning biotech, pharma, and biosimilars.

  • Spearheading IP Awareness

The firm also collaborates with government initiatives and industry leaders to promote and spread awareness about IP, especially in countries where knowledge in this domain may be limited. 

Client Success Stories

Intelacia’s successful endeavours highlight the value that the firm brings to its clients. One such instance involves a US startup seeking funding, where Intelacia’s expert guidance in strategic patent filing played a crucial role in securing the necessary funding from investors. In another example, the firm collaborated with a US university to monetize its IP assets. Intelacia also collaborated with an automotive giant early this year and supported learning and development initiatives for their in-house R&D teams in the field of IP. 

Exponential Growth and Team Expansion

Intelacia will complete its two years in September this year. Since its inception as a bootstrap company, the firm has achieved profitability from day one, a remarkable feat in the competitive landscape of technology consulting. As the firm looks ahead, it envisions a future where it remains at the forefront of IP consulting, aiding companies and inventors in securing their ideas and innovations that generate value.

“We are looking forward to doubling our team size by the end of the year, continuing to add diverse expertise that supports our clients at the forefront of all their IP needs,” emphasizes Surbhi while signing off.

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