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“Our ultimate objective is to enhance the outcomes of existing legacy processes, systems and teams, that currently suffer from inefficiencies.”

Sreerupa Chowdhury (Founder and Director,

The ever-evolving landscape of technology is reshaping the way legal teams work and provide their services to the business community. In this dynamic scenario, emerges as a pivotal player, offering legal-tech consulting services and a marketplace of diverse cutting-edge legal-tech products. 

In a candid conversation with Sreerupa Chowdhury, the mastermind behind, she unveils valuable insights about her venture and its ambitious vision.

  • Shed light on and what it offers to the legal industry.

We aim to be at the forefront of pushing innovation into the legal industry, providing top-notch legal-tech consulting services along with an impressive range of cutting-edge legal-tech products. As a trusted advisor, we empower clients to embrace technological advancements, propelling them towards a future of enhanced efficiency and innovation. We have also offered both temporary and permanent staffing options to in-house legal departments of prominent organisations and intend to continue expanding on this. Contract lawyers are gaining popularity due to the multiple benefits of flexibility to both organisations as well as professionals. 

I have a strong belief in the power of leveraging automation and data-driven decisions, while always focusing on ‘human’ capital.

  • Could you share some insights into the firm’s clientele? 

Our team has worked with many emerging startups and large organisations from diverse fields like automobiles, IT services, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, finance, and venture capital

Understanding an organisation’s needs is our first commitment. If a product does not align with the requirements, we explore other available products in the market and can even customise the same.

  • How would you describe the composition of your company’s team? How do they contribute to the company? 

We are equipped with young and experienced professionals with expertise across law, compliance, risk, technology, data, and operations. Our legal operations team and legal partners exhibit an insatiable appetite for case laws, legal journals, and amendments, as well as exploring technology tools for managing their work. The Founding team and the Product team always stay at the forefront of technology trends, pushing new updates to enhance the product offerings, while generating a deeper understanding of other offerings in the ecosystem. 

We have learnt to infuse digital technology in our day-to-day work, and in our offerings to those who we engage with.

  • What is innovative in the way your firm will deliver solutions?

We aim to optimise costs, reduce timelines and drive efficiency in legal processes, through customisable tech solutions that work for each individual team. 

This enterprise legal-tech journey began with the creation of a SaaS-enabled platform for process automation with Roopa Doraswamy, an industry veteran, on which organisations could acquire verified curated talent and work with them. While we engaged with more than 50 enterprises, we had the privilege of looking at many other law-tech offerings, which offered different value additions, and I decided to create a separate marketplace and be a trusted advisor to clients (

We have 2000+ legal partners worldwide for the execution of any legal tasks, whom we curate based on skillsets, experience, and peer reviews. 

  • What do you envision for the future of your firm? Are there any specific growth plans or expansion strategies you have in mind?

India is a huge market with immense potential, but its adoption of technology in legal teams and processes is still in its nascent stage. I believe that there is ample room for growth and progress within the country itself. Moreover, we have already started expansion efforts for the Middle East and Europe. We have partnered with renowned names in the legal-tech industry and look forward to partnering with more legal-tech players to increase visibility and growth.

The Masterminds Fuelling’s Success

Sreerupa Chowdhury

Founder and Director

Sreerupa Chowdhury is a seasoned lawyer turned law-tech entrepreneur, who started her journey in 2013 as Deputy Manager (Legal) at Mahindra & Mahindra’s corporate headquarters and was in the core team that enabled an ISO Certification as a first for any legal department in India. In 2015, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding, India’s first digital lawyer aggregator platform, which was later acquired by Sugar Ventures Singapore, and remains the only legal-tech acquihire in the world, to date. 

The year 2019 became another turning point in her life as she joined BW Businessworld, India’s leading digital-first media company, where she led all aspects of business and growth for BW Disrupt, BW People and launched the leading legal media vertical, BW Legalworld., which she co-founded, is a SaaS-enabled professional discovery and management platform. Now, Sreerupa has created a separate vertical for a legal-tech marketplace –, that would bring the ecosystem together and create a larger impact.

Her remarkable achievements have earned her several prestigious accolades, including India Today’s Top 42 Changemakers recognition in their 42nd-anniversary issue, being a sponsored delegate for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hague in 2019, one of Westerwelle Foundation (Government of Germany)’s Top 25 Global Young Entrepreneurs, the distinction of being the youngest speaker at the World Justice Forum in Hague, recognition in the list of Asia’s Top 100 Rising Women Leaders by Whitepage International (Dubai, September 2023), and her work being featured across 30+ leading media publications across India, UK, USA, Singapore, and Germany.

Anandamayee Ghosh

VP-Legal Operations

Anandamayee Ghosh VP-Legal Operations

Anandamayee Ghosh embarked on her legal journey in 1999, starting with ground-level litigation work that took her from the Sub-Divisional Court to the High Court in Kolkata. She ventured into the domain of corporate law in 2006 by working with ICICI Bank as an in-house counsel, where she dealt with all kinds of legal matters. 

Following this stint, she joined Magma Fincorp Ltd (now Poonawalla Fincorp) in 2009, where she handled a national portfolio exclusively for arbitration, heading a team of 21 lawyers. Continuing her corporate journey, she also served at Antwerp Diamond Bank as AVP Legal & Compliance, where she headed operations for India, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Over the years, Ms Ghosh has established herself as a tech-savvy legal professional having a strong understanding of litigation management, contract management, advisory, risk management, and legal partner management across locations and jurisdictions. 

She is currently drawing on her extensive experience by working as Head of Projects at and VP of Legal Operations at also has a passionate team for optimising operations and delivering technology. They also pride on having former general counsels, expert technology leaders and legal-tech product owners as advisors, mentors and partners.

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