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“Each global project, at Jotwani Associates, is staffed with the right mix of grey hair and young blood advocates.”

Dinesh Jotwani (Co-Managing Partner
(Corporate, IPRs and Litigation) Jotwani Associates

Jotwani Associates is a trailblazing and multi-disciplinary global legal firm that has been making significant strides and shaping the legal landscape since its inception in 1998. Founded by the visionary legal expert and experienced Advocate, Dinesh Jotwani, the firm has risen to become a leading force in the entire legal arena. 

Over the years, this multi-specialist law firm has garnered a huge reputation for its excellence in providing legal expertise to Fortune 500 companies, Indian Business Houses, Academic and Research Institutes, Startups, and Individuals. The firm possesses the right set of expertise to handle several hundred cases each year related to Government and Regulatory Affairs, Litigation, Intellectual Property Laws, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Government Relations, Data Protection, Banking, Insolvency Proceedings, Company Formation and Compliances, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Real Estate, Inheritance, Criminal and Civil Cases in the Supreme Court, High Courts and District Courts of India, Family and Personal Laws.

“To ensure impeccable client service, we employ sophisticated time-tracking tools, allowing them to manage each process efficiently and adhere to committed time frames. By providing top-notch legal solutions at affordable fees, we have garnered immense satisfaction from our international clients, leading to a significant increase in reference clients,” mentions Mr Jotwani with pride. 

The Founding Genius Behind Jotwani Associates

Mr Dinesh Jotwani passionately reveals the motivation behind the birth of Jotwani Associates, saying, “The insatiable desire to deliver exceptional legal solutions while upholding the desired principles and values compelled me to present Jotwani Associates to the world.”

He carries with him over 30 years of legal experience with a focus on Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate, Litigation, and Government Relations. He is a man with remarkable background and achievements in diverse domains. He holds two US Patents on e-discovery processes (7831544 & 8380687) used in litigation/ investigation. Besides, he is an accomplished author, having penned the book “Interface between Competition Law and IPRs: A global perspective,” published by GIIP in 2012. He has donned many hats in his career, including serving as an in-house Counsel, Partner in various Law Firms, and working as an Independent Consultant for many technology companies like NCR Corporation, Techorneys LLP, Microsoft Inc., Symantec, Evalueserve Pvt Ltd, to name a few. 

Furthermore, he has held executive positions in trade coalitions such as the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, The Indian Legal Foundation (earlier called NBAI Foundation) and the Business Software Alliance.

Educationally, he is an Honours Graduate in Economics from the University of Delhi (BA, 1991), followed by a post-graduate qualification in Information Technology & Software Development from NIIT in 1992. Later, he obtained a law degree (LLB) from the University of Delhi in 1994.

A Power-Packed Team of Professionals

Today, Jotwani Associates houses more than 50 Associates who cater to different aspects of business and personal laws. The firm’s Advocates work in the areas of cutting-edge technology, supporting modern business practices and challenges faced by businesses.

The firm runs various employee benefit schemes, such as funding higher education, a five-day working week, daily lunch allowances, billing incentives to Associates, a growth plan, monthly birthday parties, get-togethers and other team-building activities to strengthen bonds among the team members. 

Moreover, the firm also encourages its Attorneys and Associates to subscribe to official online education platforms. To encourage continuous learning, it subscribes to platforms such as Udemy, IALM, and Coursera on behalf of its Associates and provides reimbursement. 

Expansion of International Client Base

Jotwani Associates boasts a widespread international clientele in the jurisdiction of the United States, UK, Dubai, Korea, Canada, Australia, India, England, Europe, Singapore, China and Japan.

When Mr Dinesh incepted the firm, he focused on working in-house for several Fortune 100 tech companies but his wife Ms Harpreet Oberoi Jotwani, Advocate, took charge of expanding the firm’s international client base. Mr Jotwani shares the due credit of the firm’s international expansion with his wife.


Jotwani Associates stands different from the rest market players. Here’s how:

  • Pioneering AI for Patent Applications

Jotwani Associates is the first law firm in India to leverage Artificial Intelligence to draft Patent Applications, Diagrams, Prior Art, and Background searches. This cutting-edge approach helped the firm draft one of the fastest and best patent applications that were approved by the client and filed at the Indian Patent Office.

  • Ethical and Transparent Services

Jotwani Associates’ commitment to providing legal expertise transparently and ethically makes it the preferred choice of many. An example of this is their collaboration with the Big 4. The Government of India’s policy on Production Linked Incentives for manufacturing in India invited several PLI applications where Jotwani Associates worked with all the Big 4 to provide solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Industries jointly.

  • Reliance on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Jotwani Associates stands out for its strong focus on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), deeply ingrained in the firm’s daily operations. The firm goes beyond by conducting training sessions to educate clients in these critical areas of doing Business.

“Foreign companies trust us because of our ethical ways of dealing with the Government of India, both at the Central and State level,” mentions the Founder.  

  • Global Representation for Positive Impact on India

The firm’s Associates and Partners have represented clients worldwide, addressing the challenges they face in India. This well-thought practice has resulted in businesses framing positive opinions about India and seeing it as an attractive destination for doing business, which further leads to India’s economic growth. 


Besides offering best-in-class legal services to businesses, Jotwani Associates also contributes in several ways to the growth and development of the legal profession in India. 

  • Active Engagement with E-Court Committee

The firm’s partners provide several suggestions for improving the E-Courts within India. The integration between E-Courts (Headed by NIC) and Video Conferencing Platforms is being recommended by them. They are also proposing transparent methods of recording evidence sitting in lawyers’ offices.

  • Contribution to Academics

Dinesh Jotwani teaches in several universities and institutions including Amity, Delhi University, Vivekanand, and Symbiosis, fostering knowledge and awareness about intellectual property rights as a guest lecturer.

  • Free Online Education For Needy Lawyers

In partnership with the Indian Academy of Law and Management (IALM), Mr Jotwani provides free online education to aspiring lawyers in need. He offers free courses in Drafting Legal Pleadings, Contract Drafting, and Intellectual Property Laws.

  • Pro Bono Legal Services

To help underprivileged and marginalised communities, the firm follows a policy of taking 20 per cent of cases on a Pro Bono basis. It believes that everyone should have access to justice. 

The Client-Focused Vision 

“What matters the most in the legal industry?- Transparency and ethics. Right from our company’s inception, we have vowed to provide ethical, transparent, and cost-effective legal services to our clients. Rather than focusing on acquiring new clients, we focus on fostering long-term relationships with existing clients. A client is not merely there for billing but is a lifelong partner who shares all the difficult situations with an Attorney,” reiterates Mr Jotwani. 

Jotwani Associates understands the increasing relevance of training and technology. Therefore, it uses modern IT Collaborative technologies to facilitate seamless interaction among its Attorneys. The firm does not shy away from the newer legal challenges being posed due to Social Media, the use of Crypto Currencies, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, instead it addresses the technology challenges head-on and in the most practical ways.

The firm takes immense pride in being recognised as one of the Top 50 Law Firms in India for three consecutive years (2020, 2021, 2022) by Forbes India. This prestigious recognition, based on international and domestic client reviews, highlights the firm’s expertise in the areas of Technology, IPR, and Corporate Law.

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