Tips For Finding an Affordable Coworking Space

Tips For Finding an Affordable Coworking Space


Whether you work for yourself or if you work within a company operating a remote employment system, you may be considering coworking spaces for yourself or others. In the present-day working landscape of remote and home working, you feel isolated when not working with colleagues. 

This scenario has given rise to coworking spaces becoming available across the country to enable those who would ordinarily work from home to work in an office environment. You can choose the type of environment you or your staff will be working in and the tools available for the kind of space being hired. 

We will help you to find affordable coworking spaces depending on your location, needs, and budget.

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is an office setup that is not owned by any one business but hired by companies on a desk basis. This means that workers are able to work in an office environment with other people, but the people they are working with may not be employees of their company. This can be an excellent option for those who are self-employed too as if you have a desk-based company and do not interact face-to-face with clients, it can be difficult to work in isolation. 

With an increasing focus on mental health in home and remote workers, we have seen a rising need for coworking spaces across the county. With more people than ever working from home and having little to no interaction with their coworkers, this is the next best option for a lot of companies. 

The best thing we have found with coworking spaces is that they suit the needs of every individual employee within a company. If some staff are better suited to lone working, you do not need to book them a desk in a coworking space. Those who require an area for whatever reason, can be booked a desk as often as they need one. This means that companies can reduce their own overheads, removing rent for full office buildings and utilities.

Affordable Coworking Spaces

As mentioned above, you can save a considerable amount of money by closing down your traditional office workspace and removing rent and utility costs that have to be paid year-round. You can then hire the number of desks for the number of days you need. This means you will not need to pay for desks for those who are now permanent home workers or for those who are on short or long-term leave. 

When choosing which coworking space you will be using, it is important to look at where your workers are located and where their closest coworking space is. We recommend that you use a company that has multiple coworking locations to enable staff to travel to a convenient location. 

Being able to take out a larger contract will give you a better negotiating point to make the contract more affordable. You can also look at longer-term desk hire rather than day-by-day, which again can reduce the cost.

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