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Many transformations are taking place around the globe. Coding is centering a lot of them. It’s not new, the first coding program was developed by Bill Gates when he was only 13. It took years afterward to develop the importance of coding. Now, various education-based institutes are up and coming in the markets to secure their place in coding. But the question remains, is coding the future? Stay connected with us to find out about WhiteHat Jr.

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About WhiteHat Jr

If you live in India, you have probably heard about it on the news. This new Edtech startup has stayed in the limelight on the internet since it’s public release. A Mumbai based start-up by Karan Bajaj, that educates young kids about basic and advanced coding concepts. The start-up was launched in December 2018. It was already a huge success by 2019 as it claimed to have engaged with 20,000 students, 300 teachers conducting 1,000 classes per day. In 2020, the number doubled with 20,000 students, as per the company.

It claims to make the young generation well knowledgeable and equipped to develop their app. The hustle has already begun and has been proven successful I might add. This program only entertains children of age group 6 to 10. They are supported and encouraged to express their ideas in a computer language to process a final output such as games, animations, and various applications.  

Courses offered by WhiteHat Jr 

WhiteHat Jr is currently offering three types of courses. It covers a wide area in the field of basic to advanced coding. The range falls from 8 classes to 144 classes, all of which are easily accessible online. The package includes an introduction to coding, App developer Certification, and Advanced coding with space-tech. The cost varies with the complexity of programs. Currently, this start-up works in an online mode with one on one tutoring classes.

A particular course curriculum is followed to ensure the best results. They cover a wide array of subjects such as data structure, app, and game development to machine learning and space technology.You can visit their official website to know more about the courses

Who bought WhiteHat Jr?

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WhiteHat Jr is acquired by BYJU’S on 7th August 2020 for $300 million in an all-cash deal. This was a major deal breakthrough. WhiteHat Jr is a blooming platform for young minds, helping them to become tech creators with various in-house programs such as Silicon Valley Challenge, Fellow 15Under 15.  There are amazing offers and opportunities that this company provides to winners of the Silicon Valley Challenge such as visiting Googleplex and interacting with their engineers.

They are also given a chance to experience driverless cars with Waymo facility and have a conversation with product managers. The Fellow 15 Under 15 program under the umbrella of WhiteHat Jr gives a platform to top 15 children to showcase their talents and begin their start-ups with a fellowship of $15,000. 

Reach and Expansion

WhiteHat Jr has received a growth rate of 100% month-on-month. It has been expanded to the US initially. Even during the pandemic and global lockdown, its rates kept rising. Recently, in 2020, the company announced a further geographical extension to the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It also landed in the LinkedIn Top Startups of 2019 list, under the 25 hottest Indian companies to work with. 

Discovery of WhiteHat Jr

Karan Bajaj came with the idea of WhiteHat Jr while researching through early childhood coding. He noticed that when a child learns to code early in life, they start to think of themselves as a creator or builder. It boosts their morale. 

 “They experience the joy of coming up with an idea and bringing it to life versus consuming things passively. The core idea of our company is that kids will become builders for life,” says Bajaj.

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This company encourages students to create an application of their own under their guidance and well-trained tutors working even in remote locations. “Today, technology is at the center of every household, yet it is taught in less than 1 percent of the school curriculums. Even if schools want to, they will not have a curriculum because tech is changing so fast… by the time they start teaching, the curriculum is already obsolete,” says Bajaj.

WhiteHat Jr is on the staircase of success ever since it was launched in December 2018. There has been a huge success. 500,000 students have been involved in trials. “We have been booked out every day. Now there are thousands of classes, and we are booked out within an hour. There is a lot of consumer demand,” says Bajaj. He gives all the credit to the unique coding curriculum followed by the company. 

Do you think coding is the future?

The Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum has anticipated 65 percent of youngsters entering grade school today will eventually wind up working in totally new position types that don’t exist yet. 65 percent of the present positions won’t exist for a long time from now. 800 million positions in 2020 will be affected by AI Technology. Essentially, any activity that doesn’t include creation will be robotized.

So the mission of the WhiteHat Jr is to engage an age to be makers in this world with the assistance of coding. Other than this, coding causes children to improve their consistent and expository reasoning and builds innovativeness and fixation — which are all abilities that can be applied in the domain of software engineering. 

Is coding a must-have life skill of the future

Not every person’s equivalent, not many children get coding effectively and appreciate it, while others do excel in this tech concept, some find it hard to pick up the concept. Nonetheless, they have educators who are exceptionally prepared in getting children to learn as well as appreciate the way toward coding. This makes companies such as WhiteHat Jr to train children and guide them for making some incredible applications. 

More about coding

Innovation is an exceptionally developing field. Various programming languages are stylish and continue changing relying upon the adjustment in PC engineering and other advancements.  

Syntax and semantics are two center parts of any programming language. The sentence structure is the syntax of any programming language and is distinctive for every language. The semantics is the intensity of any language — what you can do with the language. All programming dialects have similar semantics which allows you to do nearly anything with any language. 

The centerpiece of composing programs isn’t learning the language structure. It is having the option to solve an issue — how to separate a mind-boggling issue into more straightforward little issues.

Indian education system recently declared new changes in the curriculum, which will now include coding in the school syllabus. Industries like WhiteHat Jr are looking forward to expanding in schools and universities. 


There is no denial of the rise in artificial intelligence. As of 2040, the world will be more technologically advanced and driven. It is very important to move ahead with the world. WhiteHat Jr is going to achieve great heights in the coming years with its innovative approach and successful application developments. 

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