Workforce Modernization Conference Is Set To Define The Importance of Reskilling

Workforce Modernization Conference Is Set To Define The Importance of Reskilling

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The Workforce Modernization conference is set to take place on 26thApril at the Coutyard by Marriottin Mumbai. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Reinventing the Employee Experience with Tech’ and it will address the elements like use of technology and strategic services to make work better to make jobs easier, safer, to enhance employee productivity, customer experience and to make companies more efficient.This conference will bring together 150+ CHROs and Head of Workforce Transformation, VP- HR, Talent Acquisition, and Learning and Development Head from various industries in the region.

The Workforce Modernization conference will provide a platform for industry leaders where they  will discuss the best measures to align technology with HR strategy to churn a successful human-machine collaboration. The conference will be led by industry leaders like – Yashwant Mhadik –  President of Global Human Resources at Lupin, Dr. C. Jayakumar-  Executive Vice President & Head – CHRO at Larsen and Tourbo, Amit Ahincholikar – Global CHRO at Yokohama, Smita Puranesh – CHRO at Viocom 18, Chandra Bhattacharjee – CHRO at Aditya Birla and many others.

One of the key topics that will be discussed at the conference is Reskill; The new Recruit. This session will focus on the importance of Reskilling as an essential component of career development in today’s rapidly evolving job market, and how the new recruits who are willing to embrace reskilling opportunities will be well-positioned to succeed in their careers. Attendees will learn about why upskilling and reskilling are good alternatives to hiring in today’s talent landscape and whether AI and Automation are eliminating certain roles.

Another important topic that will be covered at the conference is Employee Well-being a Significant Aspect of your Company Culture. Culture is a manifestation of the people who are in the organization at the time; it cannot be something rigid or removed from the people. The importance of championing employee wellbeing will percolate deep into the health and satisfaction of employees – creating a company culture that grows in strength as companies scale and face new challenges. In this discussion between HR leaders from some of the most successful cultures.

Working the Talent Strategy for the Future is another key topic that will be discussed at the conference. This session will explore the impact of a talent strategy for the future and how organizations can position themselves for success in a rapidly changing business environment, and ensure that they have the talent they need to achieve their goals. The speakers will also discuss the key challenges of how relevant and personalized training helps talent acquisition and retention.

The Workforce Modernization is sponsored by Adrenalin, Visit Health, Disprz, Zoho Connect and BetterPlace. This conference is an opportunity for CHROs and HR heads who are decision-makers looking to learn, explore and enhance their digital capabilities, streamline the HR function and optimize business outcomes. 

In conclusion, the Workforce Modernization the conference is a must-attend event for  CHROs and HR professionals. The Workforce Modernization is organized by NetNex Global. NetNex is an integrated marketing solutions company that specializes in B2B conferences.

For more information on the Workforce Modernization conference, please visit the official website at []. Register today to secure your spot at this exciting and informative event.

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